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Quirks & Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio

  1. Ancient gum preserves genome, a living robot, wolf puppies play fetch, rattlesnakes skin holds raindrops for drinking, science of imagination and quiet snow.2020/01/17
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  2. Fires in Australia, cuttlefish watch 3D movies, coal pollution harms crops, fossils show ancient parenting, first evidence of cooked vegetables, and why so much poop?2020/01/10
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  3. The Quirks & Quarks Listener Question show - where we answer your questions. Why dinosaurs are so big, why winter skies are so clear and much more.2020/01/03
    The annual Quirks & Quarks Listener Question show
  4. Quirks & Quarks year in review We look at some of the most significant science stories we covered (and one we didn’t) in 20192019/12/27
    Another tragic and destructive year for wildfires — is this the new normal?; Year of reckoning for nutritional science — red meat studies point the way forward; Arctic ice losses were at near record levels — with particular concerns about Greenland melt; Measles sabotages the immune system — so it’s much more dangerous than we’d realized
  5. Quirks Holiday Book Show: Three science books looking at forensic ecology, the many worlds of quantum mechanics and culinary extinction2019/12/20
    Exploring culinary extinction: the foods we have eaten out of existence; How quantum particles could spawn an infinity of new universes — and we never notice them; Tales of a forensic ecologist — tracking criminals with pollen and spores.
  6. Saving the ozone helped climate change, extra-solar comet, great auk extinction, rockets for Mars, concussions and brain hemispheres and a question of cloud cover2019/12/13
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  7. Inflammation and the brain, NASA visits the sun, climate shrinks birds, ancient paint from lake goo, smelling without olfactory bulbs and tweeting birds.2019/12/06
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  8. Tipping into climate catastrophe, blue whale heartbeat, thinking twice on fake news, a swift-swimming tunabot and the life of an ‘under-wolf’2019/11/29
    Climate scientists warn we’re on the precipice of disastrous ‘tipping points’; Thar she beats! The challenge of measuring a blue whale’s pulse; Think twice about posting once — breaking the fake news cycle; Imitating a swift-swimming fish helps researchers build a speedy 'tunabot'; The triumphant life of an 'under-wolf' in Yellowstone.
  9. Psychedelics and ‘waking-dreams,’ adding feeling to virtual reality, the greatest ape, AI learns how music affects us, foreign accent syndrome and the latitude of venomous animals.2019/11/22
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  10. Watching wildfire with radar, the return of race science, laundry and microplastic, submarines for your bloodstream and oxygen for airplanes.2019/11/15
    New high-powered radar gives scientists a 3D view of wildfires in real time; The return of race science — the quest to fortify racism with bad biology; Your laundry and plastic pollution — which fabrics shed the most microplastics; Tiny submarines could make a 'fantastic voyage' into our bodies; How do high-flying airplanes have enough oxygen for their engines?
  11. Lionfish are super digesters, Voyager 2 goes interstellar, carbon capture, AI reads scientific literature, fear, trauma and inheritance and animal heart attacks2019/11/08
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  12. Roadway pollution, fungus promotes pancreatic cancer, the bang in the Big Bang, infant eels magnetic migration and the pathway to Mars.2019/11/01
    Pollution sniffing investigators find air near roads is high in contaminants; A common fungus may drive tumour growth in pancreatic cancer; The universe was full of cold goop, then came the big bang; Infant eels use the moon and an internal compass to finish their trans-ocean migration; Pathway to Mars — what’s the biggest challenge, money or technology?
  13. World’s loudest bird, a six-fingered lemur, a microbrewery in your gut, earthworms and the climate underground, a patient researcher and a question of indigestion2019/10/25
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  14. Understanding the Anthropocene extinction, regenerating cartilage, autism and touch, a prosthetic that feels and where’s my Lyme vaccine?2019/10/18
    Understanding extinction — humanity has destroyed half the life on Earth; Could we prevent arthritis by regenerating cartilage?; Building a better cyborg leg — adding a sense of touch to artificial limbs; People with autism might be suffering from an oversensitivity to touch; Why isn't there a Lyme disease vaccine for humans?
  15. Canada’s latest Nobel laureate and our election science policy debate2019/10/11
    Hear from Canadian-born cosmologist James Peebles about his Nobel Prize; The Quirks & Quarks science and environmental policy debate
  16. Red meat might not be bad, deflecting asteroids, politics making us sick, growing human brains in the lab, evolution and orgasms and animals in the midnight sun.2019/10/04
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  17. Plastic tea-bag particles, Venus was habitable, driver memory fail, earliest North American migrants, Plants ‘terraformed’ the Earth2019/09/27
    New plastic tea-bags shed billions of tiny particles into the cup; Venus is a hellscape now, but might once have been blue like Earth; Lethal memory fail: why drivers see, and then forget motorcyclists; Ever older remains of early migrants rewrite the story of the first North Americans; Making Eden - how plants 'terraformed' the Earth.
  18. Quirks & Quarks women in science special — How science has done women wrong2019/09/20
    The glass obstacle course: Why so few women hold the top spots in STEM disciplines; Women’s brains ARE built for science. Modern neuroscience explodes an old myth; Women and science suffer when medical research doesn’t study females.
  19. Ground zero for dinosaur extinction, space archeology, toes on the brain, Finding a lost jet engine on Greenland, mystery of the wandering whales and barren tablelands2019/09/13
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  20. Quirks & Quarks ‘science in the field’ special — the summer adventures of scientists working in exotic and remote locations2019/09/06
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  21. Quirks & Quarks is on hiatus. There will no more podcasts until September2019/07/26
    Check back for our new season September on 7. Enjoy your summer
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CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.

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