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WFIU: Focus on Flowers Podcast

  1. Clean Air2018/12/20
    Plants add freshness to the air in our homes during winter and help cleanse the air and remove pollutants.

  2. Orchids Indoors2018/12/13
    Orchids make great holiday gifts, as they keep on giving--possibly blooming for up to three months.

  3. Tropical Hibiscus2018/12/06
    It is possible to keep a tropical hibiscus plant alive in a pot all through the winter...The plant will probably not look great, but it will survive.

  4. Saintpaulia2018/11/29
    African violets flower exuberantly but need some attention to achieve their best efforts.

  5. November Musings2018/11/22
    Though we miss the flowers of spring, summer, and fall there are still wonders to behold in the landscape.

  6. Preparing For Winter2018/11/15
    I make my potpourri using the rose petals and flower heads that I cut off while deadheading all summer.

  7. Calla Lilies2018/11/08
    Calla lilies can put a "twist" on your existing landscape.

  8. Mood Elevators2018/11/01
    As we tend our indoor plants, it often seems to soothe and calm our spirits. Some health experts have even suggested that our plants may help lower blood pressure.

  9. Intermingling For A Softer Effect2018/10/25
    Intermingling is similar to creating a prairie planting where the plants grow together without any defined edges or structure.

  10. Dead Nettles2018/10/18
    Plants with common names that are not so pretty should not deter us from using them in our gardens.

WFIU: Focus on Flowers
Focus on Flowers is a program on flowers and gardening hosted by Moya Andrews and produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.

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