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WFIU: Focus on Flowers Podcast

  1. Selma (Steele) In The Garden2018/10/04
    One of impressionist painter T.C. Steele’s most admired paintings is “Selma in the Garden.”

  2. Not Appetizing2018/09/27
    These are few of my favorite deer-resistant plants.

  3. Billowing Beds: Autumn Asters2018/09/20
    When autumn arrives, one can never have too many asters!

  4. Cohesion: Avoiding A Mish-Mashed Look In Your Garden2018/09/13
    When one has lots of different plants, it doesn’t always contribute to harmony and cohesion in a garden...

  5. Folk Wisdom For Gardeners2018/09/06
    Let's get some sage advice from Duncan Crosbie’s book Tips From the Old Gardeners...

  6. Butterworts2018/08/30
    Charles Darwin identified the Pinguicula genus in the 1870s.

  7. Bladderworts2018/08/23
    Some species of bladderwort are aquatic and have no roots.

  8. Worts2018/08/16
    "Wort" is defined as a plant or herb, and recently I have become acquainted with some carnivorous ones.

  9. Lysimachia2018/08/09
    There are about 150 species of perennials and shrubs in the genus Lysimachia.

  10. Prunella2018/08/02
    Prunella is a member of the mint family, so that tells us immediately that it is a vigorous, spreading plant.

WFIU: Focus on Flowers
Focus on Flowers is a program on flowers and gardening hosted by Moya Andrews and produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, Indiana.

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