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APM: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett (Religion)

  1. Adele Diamond — The Science of Attention [remix] 2014/08/07

    What Adele Diamond is learning about the brain challenges basic assumptions in modern education. Her work is scientifically illustrating the educational power of things like play, sports, music, memorization, and reflection. What nourishes the human spirit, the whole person, it turns out, also hones our minds.

  2. [Unedited] Adele Diamond with Krista Tippett 2014/08/07
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  3. Anita Desai and Andrew Robinson — The Modern Resonance of Rabindranath Tagore 2014/08/06
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  4. [Unedited] Anita Desai with Krista Tippett 2014/08/06
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  5. [Unedited] Andrew Robinson with Krista Tippett 2014/08/06
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  6. Seane Corn — Yoga, Meditation in Action [remix] 2014/07/31
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  7. [Unedited] Seane Corn with Krista Tippett 2014/07/31
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  8. Dario Robleto — Sculptor of Memory 2014/07/24

    Sculptural artist Dario Robleto is famous for spinning and shaping unconventional materials — from dinosaur fossils to pulverized vintage records, from swamp root to cramp bark. He joins words and objects in a way that distills meaning at once social, poetic, and scientific. He reveals how objects can become meditations on love, war, and healing.

  9. [Unedited] Dario Robleto with Krista Tippett 2014/07/24
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  10. Samar Jarrah, Wajahat Ali, Sahar Ullah, Et Al. — Revealing Ramadan [remix] 2014/07/17
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  11. Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Alexander, & Arnold Rampersad — W.E.B. Du Bois & the American Soul 2014/07/10
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  12. [Unedited] Maya Angelou with Krista Tippett 2014/07/10
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  13. [Unedited] Elizabeth Alexander with Krista Tippett 2014/07/10
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  14. [Unedited] Arnold Rampersad with Krista Tippett 2014/07/10
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  15. [Unedited] Whitney Battle-Baptiste with Krista Tippett 2014/07/10
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  16. Steven Waldman and Philip Hamburger — The Long Experiment of American Democracy 2014/07/03

    For the Fourth of July, a refreshing reality check about the long road of American democracy. We remember forgotten but fascinating, useful history as we contemplate how we might help young democracies on their own tumultuous paths now.

  17. [Unedited] Steven Waldman with Krista Tippett 2014/07/03
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  18. [Unedited] Philip Hamburger with Krista Tippett 2014/07/03
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  19. Jim Bradley + Michael Ruse — The Evolution of the Science-Religion Debate 2014/06/26

    We tend to frame our cultural conversation about science and religion as a debate — two either/or ways of describing reality. With mathematician Jim Bradley and philosopher Michael Ruse, we trace a quieter evolution of science and religion in interplay — not a matter of competing answers, but of complementary questions with room for humanity, nuance, and humor.

  20. [Unedited] Jim Bradley and Michael Ruse with Krista Tippett 2014/06/26
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  21. Stuart Brown — Play, Spirit, and Character [remix] 2014/06/19
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  22. [Unedited] Stuart Brown with Krista Tippett 2014/06/19
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  23. Jonathan Haidt — The Psychology Behind Morality 2014/06/12
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  24. [Unedited] Jonathan Haidt with Krista Tippett 2014/06/12
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  25. Rosanne Cash — Time Traveler [remix] 2014/06/05
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  26. [Unedited] Rosanne Cash with Krista Tippett 2014/06/05
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  27. Ellen Langer — Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness 2014/05/29
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  28. [Unedited] Ellen Langer with Krista Tippett 2014/05/29
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  29. Vincent Harding — Civility, History and Hope [remix] 2014/05/22
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  30. [Unedited] Vincent Harding with Krista Tippett 2014/05/22
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  31. Lawrence Kushner — Kabbalah and the Inner Life of God 2014/05/15
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  32. [Unedited] Lawrence Kushner with Krista Tippett 2014/05/15
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  33. Maria Tatar — The Great Cauldron of Story: Why Fairy Tales Are for Adults Again [remix] 2014/05/08
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  34. [Unedited] Maria Tatar with Krista Tippett 2014/05/08
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  35. Leonard Mlodinow — Randomness and Choice 2014/05/01
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  36. [Unedited] Leonard Mlodinow with Krista Tippett 2014/05/01
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  37. Jaroslav Pelikan — The Need for Creeds [remix] 2014/04/24
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  38. [Unedited] Jaroslav Pelikan With Krista Tippett 2014/04/24
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  39. Dave Isay — The Everyday Art of Listening 2014/04/17
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  40. [Unedited] Dave Isay with Krista Tippett 2014/04/17
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  41. Avivah Zornberg — The Transformation of Pharaoh, Moses, and God 2014/04/10
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  42. [Unedited] Avivah Zornberg with Krista Tippett 2014/04/10
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  43. Janna Levin — Mathematics, Purpose, and Truth [remix] 2014/04/03
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  44. [Unedited] Janna Levin with Krista Tippett 2014/04/03
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  45. Jennifer Michael Hecht — Suicide, and Hope for Our Future Selves 2014/03/27
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  46. [Unedited] Jennifer Michael Hecht with Krista Tippett 2014/03/27
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  47. Desmond Tutu — A God of Surprises [remix] 2014/03/20

    "There's no question about the reality of evil, of injustice, of suffering, but at the center of this existence is a heart beating with love."

    South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on how his understanding of God and humanity has unfolded through the history he's lived and shaped.

  48. [Unedited] Desmond Tutu with Krista Tippett 2014/03/20
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  49. Brian McLaren — The Equation of Change 2014/03/13

    “Let's go back and look at our faith before it was reduced to a system, before it was reduced to a system of abstractions and beliefs. How can we rediscover our faith as a series of stories and as a series of encounters?”

    Brian McLaren on the evolution of Christianity and the meaning of progressive Evangelicalism.

  50. [Unedited] Brian McLaren with Krista Tippett 2014/03/13

    Brian McLaren is an influential voice in the worlds of progressive Evangelicalism and what has been called “emerging” Christianity. In a provocative conversation on the meaning and future of Church, he envisions a community where diversity no longer means division.

    See more at www.onbeing.org/program/brian-mclaren-the-equation-of-change/6175

  51. Sherwin Nuland — The Biology of the Spirit [remix] 2014/03/06

    Dr. Sherwin Nuland died this week at the age of 83. He became well-known for his first book, How We Die , which won the National Book Award. For him, pondering death was a way of wondering at life — and the infinite variety of processes that maintain human life moment to moment. He reflects on the meaning of life by way of scrupulous and elegant detail about human physiology.

  52. [Unedited] Sherwin Nuland with Krista Tippett 2014/03/06
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  53. Bobby McFerrin — Catching Song [remix] 2014/02/27

    He is a genius of improvisation; a genre-bending vocal magician and conductor. And he sings the territory between music, mystery, and spirit. Who better to contemplate the human voice — its delights, its revelations, and its mystery — than Bobby McFerrin?

  54. [Unedited] Bobby McFerrin with Krista Tippett 2014/02/27

    He is a genius of improvisation; a genre-bending vocal magician and conductor. And he sings the territory between music, mystery, and spirit. Who better to contemplate the human voice — its delights, its revelations, and its mystery — than Bobby McFerrin?

    See more at http://www.onbeing.org/program/catching-song-bobby-mcferrin/249
  55. Paul Elie — Faith Fired by Literature [remix] 2014/02/20

    The writers Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy, social activist Dorothy Day, and the Trappist monk Thomas Merton — all four shared a complex Catholic faith. Paul Elie takes us on a kind of literary pilgrimage through a Catholic imagination that still resonates in our time.

  56. [Unedited] Paul Elie with Krista Tippett 2014/02/20

    This unedited conversation with Paul Elie comes from our produced show, "Paul Elie — Faith Fired by Literature."
  57. Ann Hamilton — Making, and the Spaces We Share 2014/02/13
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  58. [Unedited] Ann Hamilton with Krista Tippett 2014/02/13
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  59. David Hartman — Hope in a Hopeless God [remix] 2014/02/06

    David Hartman died a year ago this week. The Orthodox rabbi was a charismatic and challenging figure in Israeli society, called a “public philosopher for the Jewish people” and a “champion of adaptive Judaism.” We remember his window into the unfolding of his tradition in the modern world — Judaism as a lens on the human condition.

  60. [Unedited] David Hartman with Krista Tippett 2014/02/06
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  61. Brian Greene — Reimagining the Cosmos 2014/01/30

    A thrilling, mind-bending view of the cosmos and of the human adventure of modern science. In a conversation ranging from free will to the meaning of the Higgs boson particle, physicist Brian Greene suggests the deepest scientific realities are hidden from human senses and often defy our best intuition.

  62. [Unedited] Brian Greene with Krista Tippett 2014/01/30
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  63. Ursula King, Andrew Revkin, and David Sloan Wilson — Teilhard de Chardin's "Planetary Mind" and Our Spiritual Evolution [remix] 2014/01/23

    The coming stage of evolution, Teilhard de Chardin said, won't be driven by physical adaptation but by human consciousness, creativity, and spirit. We visit with his biographer Ursula King, and we experience his ideas energizing New York Times Dot Earth blogger Andrew Revkin and evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson.

  64. [Unedited] Ursula King with Krista Tippett 2014/01/23
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  65. [Unedited] Andrew Revkin with Krista Tippett 2014/01/23
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  66. [Unedited] David Sloan Wilson with Krista Tippett 2014/01/23
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  67. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons and Lucas Johnson — Deromanticizing the Civil Rights Movement and Rediscovering its Humanity 2014/01/16

    Wisdom for how we can move and heal our society in our time as the Civil Rights movement galvanized its own. Lucas Johnson is bringing the art and practice of nonviolence into a new century, for new generations. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons was an original Black Power feminist and a grassroots leader of the Mississippi Freedom Summer.

  68. [Unedited] Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons And Lucas Johnson With Krista Tippett 2014/01/16
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  69. Patrick Bellegarde-Smith — Living Vodou [remix] 2014/01/09

    The word "Vodou" evokes images of sorcery and sticking pins into dolls. In fact, it's a living tradition wherever Haitians are found based on ancestral religions in Africa. We walk through this mysterious tradition — one with dramatic rituals of trances and dreaming and of belief in spirits, who speak through human beings, with both good and evil potential.

  70. [Unedited] Patrick Bellegarde-Smith with Krista Tippett 2014/01/09
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  71. Marilynne Robinson and Marcelo Gleiser — The Mystery We Are [remix] 2014/01/02

    What do a fiction writer and an astrophysicist have in common? Marilynne Robinson and Marcelo Gleiser connect the dots between the cosmos, our minds, and all the ways we discover the story of where we came from.

  72. [Unedited] Marilynne Robinson and Marcelo Gleiser with Krista Tippett 2014/01/02

    This is On Being’s unedited conversation with Marilynne Robinson and Marcelo Gleiser. She’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and essayist. He’s an astrophysicist and professor at Dartmouth College. I spoke with them on October 15, 2012 at a public event in Philadelphia, “The Mystery We Are.” Download the mp3 of the produced show at onbeing.org.
  73. Joan Halifax — Compassion's Edge States and Caring Better [remix] 2013/12/26

    It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the bad news and horrific pictures in the world. This is a form of empathy, Joan Halifax says, that works against us. The Zen abbot and medical anthropologist has bracing, nourishing thoughts on finding buoyancy rather than burnout in how we work, live, and care.

  74. [Unedited] Joan Halifax with Krista Tippett 2013/12/26
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  75. Walter Brueggemann — The Prophetic Imagination [remix] 2013/12/19

    The people we later recognize as prophets, says Bible scholar Walter Brueggemann, are also poets. They reframe what is at stake in chaotic times. Hear a very special voice in conversation to address our changing lives and the deepest meaning of hope this season.

  76. [Unedited] Walter Brueggemann with Krista Tippett 2013/12/19
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  77. Phil Donahue — Transformation, On-Screen and Off 2013/12/12

    Talk show pioneer Phil Donahue opens up on his remarkable perspective on the last half century of America and who we are now. He shares his personal transformations on race, gender roles, and parenting in the dramatic era he captured on television.

  78. Unedited Interview with Phil Donahue and Krista Tippett 2013/12/12

    In this unedited interview, talk show pioneer Phil Donahue opens up on his remarkable perspective on the last half century of America and who we are now. He shares with Krista Tippett his personal transformations on race, gender roles, and parenting in the dramatic era he captured on television.
  79. Brené Brown — The Courage to Be Vulnerable [remix] 2013/12/05

    Courage is borne out of vulnerability, not strength. This finding of Brené Brown’s research on shame and "wholeheartedness" shook the perfectionist ground beneath her own feet. And now it’s inspiring millions to reconsider the way they live, parent, and navigate relations with members of the opposite gender.

  80. [Unedited] Brené Brown with Krista Tippett 2013/12/05

    Brene Brown is Research Professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and the author of "Daring Greatly." Krista Tippett spoke with her on November 12, 2012. This interview is included in our show "Deep Shame and the Courage to be Vulnerable." Download an mp3 of the produced show at onbeing.org.
  81. Vincent Harding and Phyllis Tickle — Racial Identity in the Emerging Church and the World 2013/11/28
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  82. Vincent Harding and Phyllis Tickle with Krista Tippett [Unedited Interview] 2013/11/28

    This is the unedited version of On Being's produced show, "Racial Identity in the Emerging Church and the World." Emerging church elder Phyllis Tickle and civil rights veteran Vincent Harding in an honest and sometimes politically incorrect conversation on coming to terms with racial identity in the church and in the world.
  83. Martin Rees — Cosmic Origami and What We Don't Know [remix] 2013/11/21

    Parallel realities and the deep structure of space-time sound like science fiction. These are matters of real scientific inquiry. Lord Martin Rees is an astrophysicist and self-professed atheist who paints a fascinating picture of how we might be changed by what we do not yet know.

  84. Lord Martin Rees with Krista Tippett [Unedited Interview] 2013/11/21
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  85. Eve Ensler — A Second Wind in Life: Inhabiting the Body After Cancer 2013/11/14
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  86. [Unedited] Eve Ensler with Krista Tippett 2013/11/14

    This is On Being’s Unheard Cuts with Even Ensler and Krista Tippett. Eve Ensler is a writer and an activist best known for her play “The Vagina Monologues.” Krista spoke with her on September 27th, 2013, at the Nantucket Project in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Download the mp3 of the produced show with Eve Ensler at on being.org.
  87. Ira Byock — Contemplating Mortality [remix] 2013/11/07
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  88. [Unedited] Ira Byock with Krista Tippett 2013/11/07

    What if we understand death as a developmental stage — like adolescence or mid-life? Dr. Ira Byock shares how we can understand dying as a time of learning, repair, and completion of our lives. Krista Tippett interviewed Dr. Ira Byock on March 2, 2012. This interview is included in the show "Contemplating Mortality." Download the produced show at onbeing.org.
  89. Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman — Embracing Our Enemies and Our Suffering 2013/10/31

    Two legendary teachers shine a Buddhist light on a classic Christian teaching: love of enemies. Robert Thurman and Sharon Salzberg are working together on how we relate to that which makes us feel embattled from without, and from within.

  90. [Unedited] Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman with Krista Tippett 2013/10/31
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  91. Esther Sternberg — The Science of Healing Places [remix] 2013/10/24

    The light and smells in places like hospitals can often depress us. And, our favorite room at home keeps us sane. But why? Immunologist Esther Sternberg explains the scientific research revealing how physical spaces create stress and make us sick — and how good design can trigger our "brain’s internal pharmacies" and help heal us.

  92. [Unedited] Esther Sternberg with Krista Tippett 2013/10/24

    Krista Tippett spoke with immunologist Esther Sternberg on March 30, 2012. This unedited interview is included in our show, "The Science of Healing Places." Download the mp3 of the produced show at onbeing.org.
  93. David Sloan Wilson — Evolving a City [remix] 2013/10/17
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  94. [Unedited] David Sloan Wilson with Krista Tippett 2013/10/17
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  95. Alain de Botton — A School of Life for Atheists [remix] 2013/10/10

    Alain de Botton is a philosopher who likes the best of religion, but doesn’t believe in God. So he’s created “The School of Life,” a secular community in London. He explains why wisdom and ritual shouldn’t be reserved just for believers.

  96. [Unedited] Alain de Botton with Krista Tippett 2013/10/10

    Krista Tippett's unedited conversation with Alain de Botton. He's a philosopher and author of "Religion for Atheists." Krista spoke with him on May 3, 2012 from the studios of American Public Media in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was in the studios of the BBC in London, England.
  97. Indigo Girls — Music and Finding God, in Church and Smoky Bars 2013/10/03

    Amy Ray and Emily Saliers — the Indigo Girls — on finding God in church and in smoky bars. And on music as a continuum of human existence.

  98. [Unedited] Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls with Krista Tippett 2013/10/03

    Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls sat down with Krista Tippett at the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina. You can listen to the produced show at onbeing.org.
  99. Thich Nhat Hanh — Mindfulness, Suffering, and Engaged Buddhism [remix] 2013/09/26
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  100. [Unedited] Thich Nhat Hanh with Krista Tippett 2013/09/26
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  101. [Unedited] Cheri Maples with Krista Tippett 2013/09/26
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  102. [Unedited] Larry Ward with Krista Tippett 2013/09/26
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  103. Keith Devlin — The Joy of Math: Learning and What It Means To Be Human 2013/09/19

    Mathematical equations are like sonnets says Keith Devlin. What most of us learn in school, he says, doesn’t begin to convey what mathematics is. And technology may free more of us to discover the wonder of mathematical thinking — as a reflection of the inner world of our minds.

  104. [Unedited] Keith Devlin with Krista Tippett 2013/09/19

    Keith Devlin is a mathematician and executive director of H-STAR at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Krista Tippett spoke with him on July 11, 2013. This interview is included in our show "The Joy of Math." Download the mp3 of the produced show at onbeing.org.
  105. Arthur Zajonc — Holding Life Consciously [remix] 2013/09/12

    What happens when you bring together science and poetry on something like color or light? Arthur Zajonc is a physicist and contemplative. And he says we can all investigate life as vigorously from the inside as from the outside.

  106. [Unedited] Arthur Zajonc with Krista Tippett 2013/09/12

    What happens when you bring together science and poetry on something like color or light? Arthur Zajonc is a physicist and contemplative. And he says we can all investigate life as vigorously from the inside as from the outside.

    This is Krista Tippett's unabridged conversation with Arthur Zajonc.

    See more at www.onbeing.org/program/arthur-za…e-consciously/109
  107. Nadia Bolz-Weber — Seeing the Underside and Seeing God: Tattoos, Tradition, and Grace 2013/09/05

    She’s the tattooed, Lutheran pastor of the House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, a church where a chocolate fountain, a blessing of the bicycles, and serious liturgy come together. She's a face of the Emerging Church — redefining what church is, with deep reverence for tradition.

  108. [Unedited] Nadia Bolz-Weber with Krista Tippett 2013/09/05

    Nadia Bolz-Weber is pastor and founder of House of All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. Krista Tippett spoke with her on August 9th, 2013 at the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Download the mp3 of the produced show, "Seeing the Underside and Seeing God" at onbeing.org.
  109. Natalie Batalha — Exoplanets and Love: Science That Connects Us to One Another [remix] 2013/08/29
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  110. [Unedited] Natalie Batalha with Krista Tippett 2013/08/29

    Natalie Batalha is a research astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center and a mission scientist with the Kepler Space Telescope. Krista Tippett spoke with her on December 13, 2012 via ISDN. This interview is included in our show "On Exoplanets and Love: Natalie Batalha on Science That Connects Us to One Another." Download the mp3 of the produced show at onbeing.org.
  111. Jean Vanier — The Wisdom of Tenderness: Lived Compassion, L'Arche, and Becoming Human [remix] 2013/08/22
  112. Kwame Anthony Appiah — Sidling Up to Difference: Social Change and Moral Revolutions [remix] 2013/08/15
  113. [Unedited] Kwame Anthony Appiah with Krista Tippett 2013/08/15
  114. Sylvia Earle — Her Deepness [remix] 2013/08/08
  115. [Unedited] Sylvia Earle with Krista Tippett 2013/08/08
  116. David Montgomery — Reading the Rocks: Flood Stories and Deep Time 2013/08/01
  117. [Unedited] David Montgomery with Krista Tippett 2013/08/01
  118. David Gushee and Frances Kissling — Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Dialogue [remix] 2013/07/25
  119. [Unedited] David Gushee and Frances Kissling with Krista Tippett 2013/07/25
  120. Grace Lee Boggs — Becoming Detroit: Reimagining Work, Food, and Community [remix] 2013/07/18
  121. [Unedited] Grace Lee Boggs and Krista Tippett 2013/07/18
  122. [Unedited] Richard Feldman and Krista Tippett 2013/07/18
  123. [Unedited] Gloria Lowe and Krista Tippett 2013/07/18
  124. [Unedited] Wayne Curtis / Myrtle Thompson and Krista Tippett 2013/07/18
  125. Bessel van der Kolk — Restoring the Body: Yoga, EMDR, and Treating Trauma 2013/07/11
  126. [Unedited] Bessel van der Kolk and Krista Tippett 2013/07/11
  127. Gordon Hempton — The Last Quiet Places: Silence and the Presence of Everything [remix] 2013/07/04
  128. [Unedited] Gordon Hempton and Krista Tippett 2013/07/04
  129. Meredith Monk — Archaeologist of the Human Voice [remix] 2013/06/27
  130. [Unedited] Meredith Monk and Krista Tippett 2013/06/27
  131. Joy Ladin — Gender and the Syntax of Being: Identity and Transition 2013/06/20
  132. [Unedited] Joy Ladin with Krista Tippett 2013/06/20
  133. Sarah Kay's Way with Words [remix] 2013/06/13
  134. [Unedited] Sarah Kay and Krista Tippett 2013/06/13
  135. S. James Gates — Uncovering the Codes for Reality [remix] 2013/06/06
  136. [Unedited] S. James Gates Jr. and Krista Tippett 2013/06/06
  137. Tami Simon — Inner Life at Work: Business, Meditation, and Technology 2013/05/30
  138. [Unedited Tami Simon with Krista Tippett 2013/05/30
  139. Christian Wiman — A Call to Doubt and Faith, and Remembering God [remix] 2013/05/23
  140. [Unedited] Christian Wiman with Krista Tippett 2013/05/23
  141. Andrew Zolli — A Shift to Humility: Resilience and Expanding the Edge of Change 2013/05/15
  142. Sylvia Boorstein — What We Nurture [remix] 2013/05/09
  143. [Unedited] Sylvia Boorstein and Krista Tippett 2013/05/09
  144. Rex Jung — Creativity and the Everyday Brain [remix] 2013/05/02
  145. [Unedited] Rex Jung and Krista Tippett 2013/05/02
  146. Marie Howe — The Poetry of Ordinary Time 2013/04/25
  147. [Unedited] Marie Howe and Krista Tippett 2013/04/25
  148. Alan Rabinowitz — A Voice for the Animals [remix] 2013/04/18
  149. [Unedited] Alan Rabinowitz with Krista Tippett 2013/04/18
  150. Lawrence Krauss — Our Origins and the Weight of Space 2013/04/09
  151. Lawrence Krauss with Krista Tippett [Unedited Interview] 2013/04/09
  152. David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch — The Future of Marriage [remix] 2013/04/04
  153. [Unedited] David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch with Krista Tippett 2013/04/04
  154. John Lewis — The Art & Discipline of Nonviolence 2013/03/28
  155. [Unedited] John Lewis with Krista Tippett 2013/03/28
  156. Katy Payne — Whale Songs and Elephant Loves [remix] 2013/03/21
  157. [Unedited] Katy Payne with Krista Tippett 2013/03/21
  158. Kevin Kling — The Losses and Laughter We Grow Into [remix] 2013/03/07
  159. [Unedited] Kevin Kling with Krista Tippett 2013/03/07
  160. Fr. Greg Boyle — The Calling of Delight: Gangs, Service, and Kinship 2013/02/26
  161. [Unedited] Fr. Greg Boyle with Krista Tippett 2013/02/26
  162. Thupten Jinpa — Translating the Dalai Lama [remix] 2013/02/21
  163. [Unedited] Thupten Jinpa with Krista Tippett 2013/02/21
  164. Rami Nashashibi's American Dream 2013/01/31
  165. [Unedited] Rami Nashashibi with Krista Tippett 2013/01/31
  166. Seth Godin — The Art of Noticing, and Then Creating 2013/01/24
  167. [Unedited] Seth Godin with Krista Tippett 2013/01/24
  168. Elizabeth Alexander — Words That Shimmer [remix] 2013/01/17
  169. [Unedited] Elizabeth Alexander with Krista Tippett 2013/01/17
  170. Jean Berko Gleason — Unfolding Language, Unfolding Life [remix] 2013/01/03
  171. [Unedited] Jean Berko Gleason with Krista Tippett 2013/01/03
  172. Jon Kabat-Zinn — Opening to Our Lives [remix] 2012/12/27
  173. [Unedited] Kabat-Zinn and Krista Tippett 2012/12/27
  174. Kate Braestrup — A Presence in the Wild [remix] 2012/12/13
  175. [Unedited] Kate Braestrup with Krista Tippett 2012/12/13
  176. Arnold Eisen — The Spiritual Audacity of Abraham Joshua Heschel [remix] 2012/12/06
  177. [Unedited] Arnold Eisen with Krista Tippett 2012/12/06
  178. Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awaad — No More Taking Sides [remix] 2012/11/29
  179. [Unedited] Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad with Krista Tippett 2012/11/29
  180. Sherry Turkle — Alive Enough? Reflecting on Our Technology [remix] 2012/11/15
  181. [Unedited] Sherry Turkle with Krista Tippett 2012/11/15
  182. Joanna Macy — A Wild Love For the World [remix] 2012/11/01
  183. [Unedited] Joanna Macy with Krista Tippett 2012/11/01
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On Being
On Being is a social enterprise with a radio show at its heart. Hosted by Krista Tippett, On Being opens up the animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live? Updated every Thursday.

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