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  1. Scores For Movies 7 in 20072007/11/06

  2. Scores For Movies 6 in 20072007/10/23

  3. Scores For Movies 5 in 2007 LOST IMPRESSION II - Sorrow Theme2007/10/09

  4. Message From Greg about the future of SCORES FOR MOVIES2007/10/09

  5. Scores For Movies Special: The Michael Giacchino Interview2007/07/24

  6. Scores For Movies Edition 4 in 2007 - Greg gets lost!!!2007/07/12
    The new edition! I start my big project. Let me know what you think about my LOST impressions at scoresformovies@gmail.com .

  7. Scores For Movies Edition 3 20072007/06/27
    Find out more about what I am up to these days at gregorwossilus.com . Also if you want to see a great movie please check out this one !

    Thank you for staying subscribed!
  8. Message from Gregor2007/05/11

  9. I am on Technorati and I claim my blog (this is just to get into Technorati)2007/03/01
    Technorati Profile
  10. Scores For Movies Edition 2 in 20072007/02/26
    New music...new show! Finally!


This is my new SCORES FOR MOVIES - podcast. This is where I play filmmusic I composed and produced to create cutting edge listening experiences in my movie podcast entirely entertaining.
The scores you find here are written without an existing film. They are ideas of what I would consider suitable if I had to score a certain genre movie.

If you are a music lover, a filmbuff, a filmscore enthusiast, a podcast listener, a normal geek who just has nothing better to do, if you are a filmmaker and you look for good and inspiring scores to spice up your next project - TUNE IN AND ENJOY MY SCORES!

And maybe I score your movie tomorrow!

More about Gregor Wossilus and his work

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