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The Bottom Line Podcast

  1. TBL - EP01 - Give Yourself an Instant Raise!2007/04/05
    First episode. Sassy Southerner's Budgeting System. Giving you tips on budgeting and how to increase your available funds. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  2. TBL - EP02 - Worst Job Ever!2007/04/08
    Review of best and worst jobs of 2006. Email question from the RooBot, and Daves Tech Tips for Better-Living. Skit from John Johensen Show. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  3. TBL - EP03 - Pimps are Businessmen too!2007/04/17
    A chat with the RooBot, it is very enlightening, an email question from A teacher with money concerns, and a whole lot of inappropriate commentary. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  4. TBL - EP04 - Know Thy Self2007/04/26
    Knowing your personality is crucial in life... Knowing other peoples personalities and how to manipulate them is wayyyyyyyyyy better! {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  5. TBL - EP05 - DR: Manipulation2007/04/26
    First 'Daily Rant' show. I clarify some stuff from yesterdays show and expand on it. It has all the normal ranting and raving about stupid people, I play an infomercial from Bruce A. Berman.... {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  6. TBL - EP06 - DR: That Sir is a Lie!2007/04/27
    I read an email from Kris, and we talk about the use and misuse of logic in your life through fallacies. HEY! Go to podcastalley.com and vote, and do it now skanks! {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  7. TBL - EP07 - DR: 1st Bum Interview2007/04/30
    Ronald B. Sorgenfreed, is a bum very candid. All it cost was an iced Starbuck's and a couple dollars that he promised not to spend on drugs.... {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  8. TBL - EP08 - DR: What the hell is a tie for?2007/05/01
    Today's show has a new product from VTS on it and lots of commentary about personal appearance. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  9. TBL - EP09 - Do not do grass... In your Front Yard2007/05/06
    We have an email from Hans, one from RooBot with some fairly harsh commentary on one of the most recent show, a bum interview with Mr. Tyron Taylor, and some talk about the usefulness of grass. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  10. TBL - EP10 - Living by the Percentages2007/05/11
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  11. TBL - EP11 - The Scientist and Performer2007/05/13
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  12. TBL - EP12 - Utilities are Futility2007/05/15
    Everyone has experience dealing with a senile, decrepit, aged useless individual that is baffled by those infernal machines and the magical leprechauns that live inside of them. Well, I tell you a story about a situation like this. I also, talk about a problem I had with a local utility. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  13. TBL - EP13 - Workin's 9 to 52007/05/20
    On this show we talk about the societal vision of the work day, being in crisis mode overdrive, and we have sound clips from Joe Rogan, and The Rest of the World with the RooBot. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  14. TBL - EP14 - Opportunity Foregone2007/05/23
    Opportunity cost is the calculated cost of the opportunity forgone to do something else. Sometimes you do not realize how much those diners at PF Chang's really cost in the long run. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  15. TBL - EP15 - Words are just Words, and Apologies are FREE!2007/05/27
    Sound clips from the cancelled show 'Action', and the 'The Whitest Kids You Know'. The RooBot talks about the news and rants about incredibly stupid people just giving out their personal information on random websites. I talk about hot button words, Business loans, and how movie producers think we are all a bunch dim, deep pocketed, consumers. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  16. TBL - New Promo 2007/05/24
    New Promo for anyone that is interested in putting up a sample of the show on their site or podcast. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  17. TBL - EP16 - Domicile Day 2007/05/31
    On this show we talk about Domicile Day, a new TBL exclusive holiday, and what it means. We also talk about how cutting sleep out of your day will increase you life span. Lastly, I review a relatively new email scam. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  18. TBL - EP17 - Super Sexy TBL 2007/06/03
    On this show we talk about useless outdated ceremonies (graduations), amortization/total cost of financed items, LOVE, and the subjectivity of value.{podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  19. TBL - EP18 - Richard Vs. Oprah 2007/06/09
    On this weeks show I talk about an Oprah show that really got my bustle in a tussle. A bum interview with Mr. Austin Luther, and a Voicemail from the Roobot, cause he is too freakin' lazy to actually do a segment.... {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  20. TBL - EP19 - Holy Accounting2007/06/17
    I put out some long overdue rants, clarify the definition of efficient living, and give a damn good analysis of how churches use and misuse their money. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  21. TBL - EP20 - Circle of Money2007/06/24
    On this show I expand the idea of efficient living and how you put it into practice. I also discuss the circle of money. I play a bum interview with Thomas, a youngin' with some super big problems. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  22. TBL - EP21 - 'Daily Rant' Voting and Voicemailing2007/06/27
    I say mean stuff about my listeners because I am abusive to the ones I love, and I play some email, and some of my favorite music. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  23. TBL - EP22 - A Little R and R2007/07/01
    On this show we discuss how to use Risk and Reward Analysis to make better decisions. I also bag on the idea of Real Estate Agents using some interesting information from the book 'Freakanomics'. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  24. TBL - EP23 - Tax or Butt Rape2007/07/08
    I respond to a long voicemail on this show giving you some very special information about the IRS's auditing practices, how to setup a small business, and how to tell the difference between a business and a hobby.{podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  25. TBL - EP24 - Amber's Show2007/07/15
    On Amber's amazing show we have an SNL sketch, discussion on why people lie, the Roobot gets hurt, some great music, and I embarass myself for love. You are gonna love it. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
  26. TBL - EP25 - Time to Gamble2007/08/05
    I will tell you what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks, and we will have cursory discussion of gambling and how it fits into normal life. {podshow-44a701d109bd6cc23c402db18d2b5b03}
The Bottom Line Podcast
Taking an irreverant and hilarious look at decision making, personal finances, and efficient living!

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