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  1. Searching for a rare butterfly in Michigan2016/07/08
    A lot of people spent the Fourth of July weekend grilling out or swimming at the beach. But Cale Nordmeyer spent his time trudging through the muck and grasses in a Michigan wetland. Nordmeyer works for the Minnesota Zoo and he's on a mission with a small window of time. He's part of a small team of researchers working to save endangered Poweshiek skipperlings.
  2. Speeding up Food Recalls2016/07/05
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 48 million Americans get sick from eating contaminated food each year. One of the big challenges for companies is tracing those food products and getting them off the shelves quickly. We'll hear why it's tricky, and what companies could do better.
  3. In Flint, Trust in Filters - and Government - Elusive2016/06/30
    The EPA says tests on water filters the state is distributing show they remove lead well below the federal action level. So the agency – which had recommended bottled water for vulnerable people like pregnant women and young children – now says filtered water is safe for everyone. But people in Flint are skeptical.
  4. How Labor and Environmental Groups are (Finally) Finding Common Ground2016/06/28
    When you think of an environmental hero, a plumber might not be the first person who comes to mind. But this year, a union representing plumbers and pipe fitters earned a "champion" award from a nationwide coalition of environmental and labor groups called the BlueGreen Alliance.
  5. The Return of the Green Goo2016/06/23
    Scientists are predicting the size of this year's toxic bloom on Lake Erie.
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