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  1. Invasive mussels help beaches and damage lakes2018/07/05
    Beaches along Lake Michigan are closed when E. coli bacteria gets too high. But a nasty critter found on the bottom of the lake might help keep the beaches open.
  2. Environmentalists say corporations will have 'outsized' voice on environmental regulations2018/07/03
    New laws signed by Governor Rick Snyder last Friday set up commissions to oversee the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Environmentalists say those commissions will be stacked with business and industry people and give them more influence in the environmental rulemaking process.
  3. Record-breaking rain behind U.P. floods is something we can expect more of2018/06/28
    Record rainfall devastated large parts of Houghton County earlier this month. Flash flooding killed a 12-year-old boy when the basement of his house collapsed. It damaged hundreds of homes and caused at least $100 million in damage to infrastructure.
  4. EPA proposes tighter standard for lead dust from paint2018/06/26
    The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed tighter standards for lead in dust on floors and window sills. Lead dust can be a big source of lead exposure for kids when chips of old paint flake off, or when older homes are renovated. The proposed standards would affect most homes built before 1978 and places where kids spend a lot of time, like day care centers.
  5. Why we get into conflicts with smart animals2018/06/21
    If you’ve ever tried to keep a raccoon out of your trash can, you know they’re smart. At my house, it takes a brick on top of the trash can and a bungee cord on top of the lid to keep the raccoons out. New research looks at how animals with complex cognitive abilities might do better in cities, but could end up in more conflicts with people.
  6. EPA wants your input on next phase of Great Lakes cleanup2018/06/19
    The Environmental Protection Agency is starting to plan what’s next for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. We’re eight years into that huge cleanup and restoration effort.
  7. Environmentalists say Enbridge tunnel risky2018/06/14
    A Canadian company will turn in a report tomorrow outlining whether it thinks a tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac is a feasible option for its pipeline. A tunnel was suggested by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.
  8. Changing how people get paid for solar power2018/06/12
    Until recently, if a home solar array produced more electricity than the house used, it would go through the meter onto the grid. Residents with solar power arrays got paid for that power at the same rate as the power company charged other residents. Power that comes in/power that goes out: same price. This even exchange is called net metering.
  9. Bugs can tell us whether a river is healthy2018/06/07
    Eleven years ago on a cold January day, volunteers for the Huron River Watershed Council , Rochelle Breitenbach and Mary Bajcz trudged through the snow and thicket to get to a pristine little stream that flows into the Huron River.
  10. EPA shifts gears (again) on chemical in paint strippers linked to dozens of deaths2018/06/05
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  11. A double whammy for heat islands: fewer trees in cities and more paved surfaces2018/05/31
    The amount of tree cover in our cities is dropping, and we have more paved surfaces. Those are the main findings from a national study by the U.S. Forest Service.
  12. Romulus blames high lead levels on one vacant home that's not vacant2018/05/29
    Three communities in Michigan are taking a much closer look for lead in their drinking water this year.
  13. State agency decisions should make it easier for some companies to add solar, co-gen projects2018/05/24
    The state's energy regulating agency has issued some decisions that should relieve some of the financial burden on large companies that want to become greener.
  14. American Gut Project explores our bodies' microbiomes2018/05/22
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  15. Two wolves hanging on with abundant moose on Isle Royale2018/05/17
    The last two wolves on Isle Royale are still hanging on. The wolf-moose research study on the wilderness island in Lake Superior is now in its 60 th year, and the report from the past year of the study is out today.
  16. A majority of Americans want the federal government to do more to protect air and water2018/05/15
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  17. Anglers want lethal control for a fish-eating bird2018/05/10
    Fishermen in northern Michigan say the federal government is doing nothing while double-crested cormorants eat up fish the anglers would like to catch. For more than a decade, the government used lethal force to keep cormorant numbers down. A lawsuit ended that and now the birds are showing signs of rebounding in places they are not welcome.
  18. Trimming food-related greenhouse gas emissions in cities2018/05/08
    A lot of cities have pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the wake of President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. That could mean things like cleaner busses – or energy efficiency. But a sizable chunk of our carbon footprint can be traced to how we get and use our food.
  19. Why some air quality improvements are slowing down2018/05/03
    Air quality has gotten better in the U.S. over the last several decades. But more recently, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions have not been decreasing the way people expected.
  20. Can these hungry beetles save hemlocks from an invader?2018/05/01
    An invasive insect is attacking hemlock trees in Michigan and along the East Coast. The hemlock woolly adelgid is an aphid-like bug, and it can kill hemlocks. In Michigan, people are watching what happens out east, where the pest has been established longer.
The Environment Report
Michigan Radio's "The Environment Report" hosted by Rebecca Williams explores the relationship between the natural world and the everyday lives of people in Michigan. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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