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  1. On the Fourth of July 20 Years Ago, NASA Landed the First Rover on Mars2017/07/03
    As Americans light sparkers for the Fourth of July holiday, NASA celebrates two decades of Mars exploration.
  2. Californians Will Ski on the Fourth of July2017/06/26
    Last year's never-ending winter will allow two California ski resorts to stay open through the holiday weekend.
  3. You Know About This Summer's Spectacular Solar Eclipse, Right?2017/06/20
    It's a bit of a drive, but not that far to go, if you want to see the total eclipse in August.
  4. 4 Things You Should Know About California’s Biggest Reservoir2017/06/12
    California's biggest reservoir is the one you can't see -- and it's far from overflowing.
  5. A California Regulator's Curious Crusade to Remake the Clean Air Act2017/06/05
    In state's polluted San Joaquin Valley, an air pollution control officer is under fire for allying with members of Congress who want to weaken the Clean Air Act.
  6. Medical Student Suicides Prompt Schools to Finally Take Action2017/05/22
    Suicides in medical schools, as well as studies showing an alarming number of medical students consider ending their lives, have prompted schools and residency programs to provide more support for mental health.
  7. Oroville Crisis Triggers Rethinking of California Dam Management2017/05/15
    State lawmakers and local officials want better answers before Oroville's disintegrated spillways are rebuilt.
  8. The SF Giants Are Zapping Their Brains With Electricity. Will It Help?2017/05/08
    An increasing number of professional athletes are stimulating their brains electrically to gain a competitive edge.
  9. Reversing Climate Change? California Author Offers 100 Reasons to Hope2017/05/01
    In his new book, Bay Area environmentalist Paul Hawken describes 100 ways to slow or even reverse climate change.
  10. Boy? Girl? Both? Neither? A New Generation Overthrows Gender2017/04/24
    More and more people are opting for 'nonbinary' gender identities as they reject the concept of gender as only male or female.
  11. Amid Growing Consensus the Internet is Addictive, One Teen’s Story2017/04/17
    A teenaged girl turned to internet videos to be like the cool kids. Here's the story of what went wrong.
  12. How 'Incompetent Rock' Led to the Oroville Dam Crisis2017/04/10
    Amidst the Sierra's jumbled geology, a leading expert says Oroville's spillways were not built on the most solid rock.
  13. A 50 MPG Car May Be in Your Future2017/04/03
    Green car expert Ron Cogan says automakers can meet tough new fuel economy standards by 2025 if their feet are held to the fire.
  14. Nature Provides Its Own Flood Control. Time to Use It?2017/03/27
    A new approach to flood control favors restoring natural floodplains along rivers whose aging levees are failing.
  15. New Coastal Commission Director Plans to Fight the Trump Administration2017/03/20
    The California Coastal Commission's new Executive Director pledges to protect the state's coastline even as President Trump vows to rollback environmental regulations.
  16. These California Ranchers Welcome Trump’s Policies … Here’s Why2017/03/13
    The plight of ranchers in Tehama County points to the heart of the political divide.
  17. Moon Travel Must: Have a Big Checkbook2017/03/06
    SETI Astronomer Seth Shostak says privatized space tourism, like SpaceX's moonshot for millionaires, will bring the price of space travel down for everyone.
  18. Winter Rains Leave Forests Flush With Fungi2017/02/27
    Mushrooms foragers are harvesting buckets of fungi from wet forests, but its not just wild mushroom that are on the rise. Demand for commercial mushrooms is also skyrocketing.
  19. Scientists and Fishermen Scramble to Save Northern California's Kelp Forests2017/01/30
    California fishermen and marine biologists are working to revive the coast's disappearing kelp forest.
  20. California Startup Saves Companies Millions and Combats Climate Change2017/01/24
    Sunnyvale resident Mark Chung came home from vacation to a huge energy bill. Figuring out what happened gave him an idea for combating climate change.
  21. How Music Helped Heal the Great Composers2017/01/16
    A clinical psychiatrist has studied the biographies of many mentally unstable musical legends to better understand how music can help heal the mind.
  22. Why Climate Change Continues to Be a Tough Sell2017/01/09
    Why do nearly half of Americans still doubt the science? Researchers who study the question weigh in on the underlying fears and perceptions.
  23. There’s a Cancer-Causing Chemical in My Drinking Water. Will California Finally Regulate It?2017/01/02
    The state water board considers setting a limit for a dangerous chemical affecting drinking water across California.
  24. When Scientists Failed Them, Parents Unlocked Genetics of Kids’ Disease2016/12/19
    With no background in science, these parents were able to identify the gene causing their childrens' rare disease.
  25. Heat-Seeking Drones Could Reduce Fire Deaths2016/12/12
    Attach a thermal imaging camera to a drone and you have a powerful fire-fighting tool that can save precious minutes.
  26. Why Renewable Energy Companies Aren’t So Scared of Trump2016/12/05
    Trump's campaign rhetoric cast a dark cloud over solar and wind development -- but market forces and state commitments could maintain momentum for renewable energy.
  27. How Do You Know Which Medical Information on Wikipedia to Trust?2016/11/28
    Medical professionals and students are working to improve Wikipedia entries on health and medicine in hopes of providing more reliable information to the public.
  28. In Vallejo, Proposed Cement Mill Divides a Community2016/11/21
    Orcem California wants to turn the old flour mill in south Vallejo into a cement mill.
  29. How a Sound Guru Got From Synthesizers to the Music of Nature2016/11/14
    Bernie Krause is widely known for his seminal work in the emerging field of natural soundscape ecology -- but he was also a pioneer in the music form we've come to call electronica.
  30. Let It Burn: The Forest Service Wants to Stop Putting Out Some Fires2016/11/07
    Fires aren't all bad. Some fires help forests become healthier, but scientists say they're sorely lacking in California.
  31. Desalination: Why Tapping Seawater Has Slowed to a Trickle in California2016/10/31
    Even after six years of drought, tapping the sea for drinking water is proving to be a tough sell. Cost is a major obstacle.
  32. Can Ecstasy Help Relieve the Epidemic of Social Anxiety Among Autistic People?2016/10/24
    Daniel Au Valencia had always gotten the message she talked wrong, stood wrong, looked at people wrong. So she signed up for an experimental trial on the efficacy of MDMA on social anxiety.
  33. Your Devices Are Probably Eroding Your Productivity. Here's Why.2016/10/17
    UCSF neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley says our brains can't multitask, and when we try to force them to, we lose focus.
  34. New Stem Cell Technology Could Make Life Easier for Kidney Disease Patients2016/10/10
    California's stem cell agency is funding a clinical trial of a technology that relies on a patient's own stem cells to work effectively.
  35. How Safe Is Safe Enough for a Self-Driving Car?2016/10/03
    Self-driving cars are close enough to reality that federal regulators are sketching out policies for them, in areas from cyber-security to ethics.
  36. 10 Years in, Has California's Climate Law Really Lowered Emissions?2016/09/26
    Emissions are dropping, but it's hard to pin down who—or what—gets the credit.
  37. Lipedema: The Fat Disorder That Millions Have But No One Has Heard Of2016/09/19
    Millions of women are suffering from a disease that poses as obesity. Most patients don’t know they have it, and doctors haven’t heard of it. Plus, dieting doesn’t work because the patients have abnormal fat cells that never go away.
  38. When Doctors Dump Insurance for Subscription Model, Who Benefits?2016/09/12
    Many primary care physicians have had enough of the traditional health care system, so they've broken away to create their own practices, where they don't take insurance and charge a monthly fee.
  39. Can a New 'Vaccine' Stem the Frog Apocalypse?2016/09/06
    A deadly fungus is devastating frogs, but California scientists are trying out an experimental treatment against it.
  40. Toxic Muck: California’s Algae Problem Is Worse Than Ever2016/08/22
    Algae toxins have spread beyond urban waterways to pristine mountain lakes and alpine streams.
  41. California Wildfires: No Single Season Tells the Story2016/08/15
    California's wildfire season is evolving -- and the trend isn't encouraging.
  42. National Parks Have Some Work to Do to Become 'Parks for All''2016/08/08
    As the National Parks Service celebrates its 100th year, we look at challenges facing the parks over the next century.
  43. Disappearing Icons: Re-imagining the National Parks After Climate Change2016/08/01
    Joshua trees could largely vanish in the national park that bears their name, but park officials are trying to save them.
  44. About That $17 Billion Water Project: Delta Tunnels 1012016/07/25
    Controversy swirls as hearings begin on the governor's legacy water project -- but this time voters are not likely to get a say.
  45. Do Alternative Treatments for Autism Work?2016/07/11
    There is some evidence showing unorthodox treatments like diets and supplements help, but the science is thin.
  46. Study Backs Oakland's Case for Blocking Coal Terminal2016/06/27
    Consultant's analysis finds plan to ship coal represents significant health and environmental hazard.
  47. Deader Than Ever: California Forests Head Into Fire Season2016/06/20
    Rains may delay fire season a bit, but after years of unprecedented drought, California forests are dense with dead trees.
  48. The Nuclear Canal: When Scientists Thought H-Bombs Would Make Awesome Earthmovers2016/06/13
    And how "geographical engineering" with atomic explosives almost became a thing. What could go wrong?
  49. Blacks Die From Asthma at Steep Rates, But Are Absent From Many Studies2016/06/06
    UCSF scientists are on a mission to understand why black kids suffer from asthma much worse than white kids.
  50. Utilities Want To Plug In More Electric Drivers2016/05/23
    Automakers plan to roll out more electric cars in the next few years. But will there be enough stations to charge them up?
  51. Bill Would Require FDA to Evaluate Chemicals in Cosmetics for the First Time Ever2016/05/16
    A bill now in Congress would require the federal government to investigate the chemicals in personal care products for the first time ever.
  52. Measure AA Asks Bay Area Residents to Help Protect Against Sea Level Rise2016/05/09
    The measure would establish a $12 annual parcel tax to restore tidal marshes and help defend against sea level rise.
  53. Move to Return Grizzly Bears to California Will Be an Uphill Push2016/05/02
    A small but persistent movement to bring the grizzly back to California is about to take it to the next level.
  54. The Generation That Survived a Death Sentence—Three Times2016/04/25
    Many people with the rare blood disorder hemophilia never expected to be alive today. But many are now facing retirement thanks to improved treatment.
  55. Inside Tesla’s Mysterious Desert Battery Factory2016/04/18
    It'll be the largest battery factory on the planet and Tesla is betting it'll be revolutionary.
  56. Too Much Solar in California? Not If You Bottle It2016/04/11
    On sunny spring days, California's solar plants sometimes have to shut down because there's more energy on the grid than we need. But some innovators have better ideas.
  57. What Will California Do With Too Much Solar?2016/04/04
    California is adding solar and wind power at record levels. So it might seem odd that on some days, the state has to tell big solar farms to turn off.
  58. Was March the Rainfall Miracle We'd Hoped For?2016/03/28
    Northern California's winter rains weren't enough to end the drought, but it's the most precipitation we’ve had in five years.
  59. What Californians Need to Know About Zika Virus2016/03/21
    Californians have only gotten Zika traveling abroad, say public health officials, but there's plenty else to know about prevention.
  60. Catching Storm Runoff Could Ease Droughts, But It's No Quick Fix2016/03/14
    While many stormwater capture projects remain on the drawing board, some residents aren't waiting around.
  61. There’s a Cancer-Causing Chemical in My Drinking Water, But California Isn’t Regulating It2016/03/07
    The state water board considers setting a maximum contaminant level for drinking water that contains a dangerous chemical affecting drinking water across California.
  62. California Reservoirs Are Dumping Water in a Drought, But Science Could Change That2016/02/29
    Advanced weather models could remove some the guesswork and leave more water behind dams.
  63. California’s Water Supply at Risk From Warmer Winters2016/02/08
    The Sierra Nevada snowpack is crucial to the state’s water supply, and warmer winters are putting it at risk.
  64. Bay Area Landslide Risk Goes Up as Rains Pour Down2016/02/01
    Many conditions affect whether a landslide happens, but the most significant risk factor is heavy rain on saturated ground.
  65. Carbon Capture Flops in California Despite Millions in Investment2016/01/25
    State officials aren't giving up on the idea of snatching carbon emissions and stashing them underground, but investors and utilities might be.
  66. When Will California's Drought End?2016/01/11
    After heavy rain, the Sierra snowpack is finally above average and reservoirs are gaining water, so when will the drought be over?
  67. Scientists Track Undersea Noise Pollution as Ship Traffic Swells2016/01/04
    Scientists are deploying new tools to measure how noise affects a wide array of ocean denizens, from whales to snapping shrimp.
  68. Drought Could Help Reveal Secrets of Sierra's Origins2015/12/21
    The low water in Millerton Lake, northeast of Fresno, reveals ancient geology that may help scientists solve mysteries of the Sierra.
  69. The Hidden Climate Threat That Gas Companies Noticed, But Rarely Fixed2015/12/14
    For decades, California utilities have logged, but not repaired, thousands of pinprick leaks in pipelines criss-crossing the state.
  70. With Rooftop Solar Booming, California Utilities Want to Charge More2015/12/07
    This winter, solar companies and utilities are headed for a showdown. The question is, should homeowners who have rooftop solar pay more to help maintain the power grid?
  71. A Cure for AIDS: Scientists Say It's 'On the Horizon'2015/11/30
    Thirty years since the AIDS epidemic broke out, we're closer than ever to finding a cure. And Bay Area scientists are getting $20 million to help find it.
  72. Flying Into the Heart of the West's Biggest Storms2015/11/23
    Scientists take to the air to find out more about atmospheric rivers, the rich plumes of Pacific moisture that feed California's winter storms.
  73. Governor Brown Takes Climate Message to World Stage2015/11/16
    World leaders will be hashing out a climate change agreement in Paris, but Governor Brown is showing up with one in hand.
  74. Would You Eat Artificial Shark Fin Soup?2015/11/09
    A San Francisco biotech startup wants to make synthetic shark fin soup out of microbes.
  75. Californians Take Drought Lessons From Down Under2015/11/02
    A passel of state lawmakers spent the last couple of weeks Down Under, asking what drought measures could work here.
  76. We Need to Talk About Your Face. It's Got Mites.2015/10/26
    Face mites have been living in the pores of our skin since before we were humans.
  77. How Do We Stop Space Missions From Contaminating Mars?2015/10/19
    Earth bacteria are hardy little creatures. Could they hitch a ride to Mars and colonize a new planet?
  78. Will Drones of the Future Constantly Collide? NASA’s Working on It.2015/10/12
    NASA is exploring the technology that may one day be needed to manage drone traffic.
  79. California Drought Revives a River -- and a Poignant History2015/10/05
    Drowned by a big dam project decades ago, a legendary stretch of the Stanislaus is back -- and so is the man who was willing to forfeit his life to save it.
  80. Drought-Weakened Trees Could Pose Danger This Winter2015/09/28
    If El Niño brings heavy wind and rain, California's dead and dying trees could topple, threatening homes and people.
  81. As Californians Save Water, Districts Lose Money2015/09/21
    Some water districts are using maintenance funds to keep operating, but there is a better way.
  82. Big Challenge as California Ramps Up Wind Power: Golden Eagles2015/09/14
    As California looks to ramp up renewables like wind, concerns are mounting for federally protected eagles.
  83. How Many Fish in the Sea? Genetic Testing Could Answer That2015/08/31
    DNA testing, the same tech used in human health, could change the way biologists study the ocean.
  84. One Year After Napa Quake, Scientists Still Puzzled by Mysterious Fault2015/08/24
    In the year since the deadly South Napa earthquake, geologists have been digging in - sometimes literally - trying to better understand the puzzling West Napa fault zone.
  85. Toxic Algae Is Killing Sea Lions, Shows No Sign of Diminishing2015/08/17
    Scientists are studying the cause of a toxic algae bloom that stretches from the California coast to Alaska.
  86. Possible Spoiler for El Niño: A 'Battle of the Blobs'2015/08/10
    One climate scientist postulates that the high pressure behind freakishly warm northern waters could put a flow restrictor on El Niño.
  87. Millions of Americans Use Medical Devices That May Be Vulnerable to Hacking2015/08/03
    The Food and Drug Administration last Friday advised U.S. medical facilities to stop using a pump that has cyber security flaws.
  88. How Do You Make Greener Fuel? Copy a Leaf2015/07/27
    For millennia, plants have made fuel out of sunlight and carbon dioxide. But it's not so easy to do in the lab.
  89. If You Think You Understand the Death of the Dinosaurs, You’re Wrong2015/07/20
    A meteorite killed the dinosaurs. Or was it volcanism? U.C. Berkeley scientists say the two were connected.
  90. At Last! NASA Spacecraft to Capture a Close-Up of Pluto2015/07/13
    Will NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft find icy volcanoes or rivers of neon? Here’s a last image from New Horizons before it makes its closest contact, early Tuesday morning.
  91. Parched California Farmers Hope to Tap Wastewater From Cities2015/06/29
    Farmers are turning to a new drought-proof water supply--tapping what goes down the drain in nearby cities.
  92. Coal Train Dust Worries Richmond Residents2015/06/22
    Ashy black powders blow from open coal cars and pile on the Richmond dock, and no regulation prohibits it.
  93. In Future Fecal Transplants, "The Tool Won't Be Stool"2015/06/15
    Researchers are seeking a treatment a bit less yucky, and more targeted, than the live bacteria in poop.
  94. California's Vanishing Clouds Could Intensify Drought2015/06/08
    Fog and clouds are vital in keeping coastal temperatures down. But that benefit could be disappearing.
  95. Car Washes and Pools: Winners and Losers of California’s Drought2015/06/01
    Starting today, the meter is running for cities trying to meet the governor’s strict new water conservation targets. Some businesses are drying up, while others are cashing in on the drought.
  96. Women Getting Science Ph.D.s Still Face Gender Barriers2015/05/18
    Women in science say the problem doesn't stem from women making choices between career and family -- it's plain, old-fashioned sex discrimination.
  97. Will California Drought Force Changes In Historic Water Rights?2015/05/11
    Water rights in California are based on who got there first. It’s as if you had to line up with all your coworkers to get a cup of coffee at work, and maybe the pot’s empty when the new guy gets to the front. Some are asking, in a drought like the one we’ve been having, is that really fair?
  98. State Passes Historic Water Conservation Rules2015/05/04
    The state-mandated water conservation "tiers" assigned to local water agencies don't tell the whole story. Some cities are already there, some have a lot more work to do.
  99. Amid California’s Drought, Should Cemeteries Stay Green?2015/04/27
    New drought restrictions are prompting cemetery managers to look at the water they use to keep lawns green. Some worry that for family members who visit this summer, parched grass might feel like insult on top of loss.
  100. Alien Life Might Live in Our Own Solar System2015/04/13
    NASA's top scientist says she thinks evidence of life beyond Earth will turn up in the next couple of decades. Why so optimistic? Scientists have been discovering liquid water all around the solar system, and even though life on other planets might look different than it does here on Earth, scientists bet liquid water will be essential.
  101. Why Isn't Desalination the Answer to All California's Water Problems?2015/03/30
    After four years of nowhere near enough rain, Californians are wondering where else to look for water, and many are talking about the ocean -- desalination. The problem is, it’s really expensive to turn salt water into drinking water. And it’s hard to do it in a way that’s friendly to sea life. But a group of mayors around Monterey Bay say they don't have any other options.
  102. A Candid Conversation With California's 'Water Czar'2015/03/23
    The State Water Resources Control Board is California's top arbiter of water supply conflicts. Lately it's been caught in a tug of war between those who would have it tread lightly with local water agencies and those calling for aggressive statewide rationing.
  103. Ancient Sinkhole Could Presage Mega-Tsunami for Hawaii2015/03/09
    There's buried treasure here for tsunami hunters, but scarce funding may mean Hawaii remains vulnerable.
  104. Can Technology Make a Dent in East Bay Traffic?2015/03/02
    Engineers are betting they can ease a notoriously congested stretch of freeway in the East Bay. But only time will tell how "smart" the I-80 SMART Corridor can be.
  105. Does California Need More National Monuments?2015/02/16
    Despite initial objections, most national monuments have withstood the test of time. We get some perspective from a leading authority on public lands law.
  106. Building a Better Bionic Arm by Teaching the Brain a New Signal2015/02/02
    Even the best prosthetics today lack a natural sense that tells the brain where the body is in space. That makes it hard to comb the back of your hair, for example, or thread a belt.
  107. 'Ridiculous Ridge' May Be Back to Prolong California Drought2015/01/26
    Scientists hope a stubborn high-pressure bubble over the West Coast isn't a replay of the last two winters.
  108. Tiny Parasite Threatens Native Plants2015/01/12
    A microscopic pathogen got into the roots of some native plants at a restoration project in Alameda County, despite massive efforts to prevent it. Now officials are hoping to stop this microbe before it spreads.
  109. Future of Berryessa-Snow Mountain Lands in Limbo2015/01/05
    Faced with a new Republican-led Congress, supporters of special protections for the area are taking their case to the president, urging him to create a new national monument. But there are no guarantees there, either.
  110. How Science Can Help Prevent a (Bad) Hangover2014/12/29
    In the annals of medical research, you won’t find many studies on the common hangover. But one intrepid Bay Area scientist has taken on the topic -- and even has an inexpensive remedy you probably haven't heard about.
  111. Designing the Interstellar Doorbell (Or How to Talk to ET) 2014/12/15
  112. How California's Water Rights Make It Tough to Manage Drought2014/12/08
  113. California Drought Boosts 'Cash for Grass' Programs2014/12/01
  114. California Utilities and Solar Companies Battle Over Electricity Prices2014/11/24
  115. Designing California Cities for a Long-Term Drought2014/11/18
  116. Parched: California Wildlife Suffers in Drought2014/11/10
  117. Aging U.S. Icebreaker Fleet May Imperil Polar Science2014/11/03
  118. 'Bionic Eye' Allows Some Blind People to See Light2014/10/27
  119. Drought-Stressed Crops May Be Better For You2014/10/20
  120. 25 Years After the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Are We Safer?2014/10/13
  121. Do Wearables and Health Apps Belong in the Doctor’s Office?2014/10/06
  122. How Big Data Is Changing Medicine2014/09/29
  123. Finding Faults: Scientists Close in on Napa Quake Origins2014/09/22
  124. Why More Trees in the Sierra Mean Less Water for California2014/09/15
  125. Finding the Next Ebola Before it Breaks Out2014/09/08
  126. Drought Myth-Busting: Why El Ni¤o Is Never A Good Bet2014/09/01
  127. Schizophrenia: What It's Like to Hear Voices2014/08/11
  128. What Is Schizophrenia? Scientists Call for New Thinking2014/08/04
  129. New Clinics in California Seek to Stop Schizophrenia Before it Starts2014/07/28
  130. California Has Little Say Over Oil Train Safety2014/07/21
  131. Anti-Fracking Activists in California Take Fight to County Ballots2014/07/14
  132. New Way to Save Endangered Species: Make Predators Puke2014/07/07
  133. Drought Lessons From Down Under2014/06/30
  134. As Water Prices Soar, Some Profit From California’s Drought2014/06/23
  135. California Drought Dries Up Honey Supply2014/06/16
  136. Saline Shortage Plagues Hospitals2014/06/09
  137. Drought Drives Drilling Frenzy for Groundwater in California2014/06/02
  138. Veterans of Long-Past Wars Find Hope in PTSD Diagnosis2014/05/26
  139. California Wildfires: Training for a Tough Season2014/05/19
  140. For San Francisco Bone Collector, Skulls Are a Lifelong Love Affair2014/05/12
  141. Consumer Gene Tests Face Uncertain Future2014/05/05
  142. True Water Restrictions Rare, Even in California's Record-Breaking Drought2014/04/28
  143. Drones: The Newest Water-Saving Tool for Parched Farms2014/04/21
  144. Chevron Tries Again With Richmond Refinery Revamp2014/04/14
  145. California Farmers Look to Oil Industry for Water2014/04/07
  146. With Drought, New Scrutiny Over Fracking's Water Use2014/03/31
  147. NASA Sends Fruit Flies to Space to Prep for Mars Missions2014/03/24
  148. How Corrosive Water off the West Coast Threatens the Food Chain2014/03/17
  149. Why Distant Dust Storms Matter to California Rainfall2014/03/10
  150. Is Brain Stimulation a Medicine of the Future?2014/03/03
  151. California Drought One More Setback for River That Runs Dry2014/02/24
  152. Bay Area Residents Resist Crude-by-Rail as Accidents Rise2014/02/17
  153. Megadroughts: Four Points to Put California's Dry Times in Perspective2014/02/10
  154. Should Wine Bottles Carry a Deposit?2014/02/03
  155. During Drought, Pop-Up Wetlands Give Birds a Break2014/01/27
  156. David Perlman: The Energizer Bunny of Bay Area Science Writers2014/01/21
  157. Silicon Valley Billionaire Battles Surfers Over Beach Access2014/01/13
  158. In Dry Year, California Looks to Cloud Seeding2014/01/06
  159. 2013: Progress, But Long Road Ahead to California Climate Goals2013/12/30
  160. 49ers Tackle Sustainability With New Green Stadium2013/12/23
  161. Money, Environmental Concerns Could Sink Governor's Delta Water Plan2013/12/16
  162. Memo to Bay Area Sea Rise Planners: Situation Serious But Not Hopeless2013/12/09
  163. Meet ISON, the "Comet of the Century" That, Sadly, Wasn't2013/12/02
  164. California Slow to Map Dangerous Earthquake Faults2013/11/25
  165. Can California Burn its Way Out of its Wildfire Problem?2013/11/18
  166. Meditation May Ease PTSD in Combat Vets2013/11/11
  167. Silicon Valley in Race for Battery Breakthrough2013/11/04
  168. How to Fly a Model Helicopter With Your Brain and Other Adventures in EEG Gaming2013/10/28
  169. Road Kill or Road Crossing: California Slow to Protect Wildlife2013/10/21
  170. Should Every Newborn Undergo Genetic Testing?2013/10/14
  171. Watsonville Lacks Funds to Control Toxic Algae, Threatening Wildlife2013/10/07
  172. Can Renewable Energy Reduce California's Fire Risk?2013/09/30
  173. Epilepsy Reveals the Brain in Action2013/09/23
  174. California's Fire History Written in the Trees2013/09/16
  175. Warming Climate Could Transform Bay Area Parks and Open Space2013/09/09
  176. Congrats, It's an App! Family Planning with Your Smartphone2013/09/02
  177. Climate Scientist to Politicians: It's Time to Face the Facts2013/08/26
  178. Is Raising Shasta Dam the Best Bet for California's Water Supply?2013/08/19
  179. Valero Rail Project Fuels Tar Sands Speculation in Bay Area2013/08/12
  180. In the Experience of Doubt, a Possible Cure for Alcoholism2013/08/05
  181. Does Your Range Hood Suck? Cooking Spikes Indoor Air Pollution2013/07/29
  182. Water Recycling Comes Of Age In Silicon Valley2013/07/22
  183. As World's Largest Solar Thermal Plant Opens, California Looks to End Solar Wars2013/07/15
  184. Who Profits from Proposition 65? (Part Two)2013/07/08
  185. Who Profits from Proposition 65? (Part One)2013/07/01
  186. Battle Rages Over East Bay Wildfire Plan2013/06/24
  187. With Condors on the Brink, California Considers a Lead-Bullet Ban for Hunters2013/06/17
  188. The Green Side of Drones: Science and Environmental Apps Abound2013/06/10
  189. When Will Mental Illness be Diagnosed with a Lab Test?2013/06/03
  190. A Summer Communing With California's Glaciers2013/05/27
  191. Could Rooftop Solar Kill Utilities? California Grapples with Solar's Success2013/05/20
  192. Airborne Lasers Yield Better Measure of California’s Water Supply2013/05/13
  193. In Search of the Bacterial Garden of Eden2013/05/06
  194. Another Try For California's Second National Conservation Area2013/04/29
  195. Brain Mapping: From the Basics to Science Fiction2013/04/22
  196. Bay Area Biotech Industry Braces for Gene Patenting Court Case2013/04/15
  197. Navy Training Raises New Concerns for Whales off California Coast2013/04/08
  198. How Flooding Fields Could Alleviate Water Supply Stress2013/04/01
  199. San Francisco's Exploratorium is Moving, Growing -- and Evolving2013/03/25
  200. San Jose's Green Vision Helps Spur Silicon Valley Economic Growth2013/03/18
  201. Attack of the Killer Electrons! New Mission Searches for Mysterious Space Particles2013/03/11
  202. Aboard the Tugnacious With Dr. Doom2013/03/04
  203. Struggling Herring Make a Tiny Appearance2013/02/25
  204. Sierra Club Director: Time to Take Climate Action to the Streets2013/02/18
  205. On the Elephant Seal Dating Scene, It’s All About Bravado2013/02/11
  206. San Francisco a Test Case for Coping with Rising Seas2013/02/04
  207. Who Gets the Cash for Energy Upgrades from Prop 39?2013/01/28
  208. In Historic Gold Country, Old Mines Get New Life2013/01/21
  209. Climate Threat to Dams Overlooked by Regulators2013/01/14
  210. Stanford Investigates the Hits that Cause Concussions2013/01/07
  211. Scientists More Outspoken on Exteme Weather-Climate Links2012/12/24
  212. California Prepares First Fracking Regulations2012/12/17
  213. With Large Oil Reserve, California Faces Fracking Debate2012/12/10
  214. Growing Pains for California's Electric Car Charging Network2012/12/03
  215. What Are Richmond Residents Breathing?2012/11/19
  216. Cap-and-Trade 101: How California's Carbon Market Works2012/11/12
  217. Looming Trade War Shakes Up U.S. Solar Industry2012/11/05
  218. In Livermore, Still Waiting on Nuclear Fusion2012/10/29
  219. China Tries Greening from the Ground Up2012/10/22
  220. Can Meditation Ease PTSD in Combat Vets?2012/10/15
  221. Century-Old Battle Over Yosemite's 'Second Valley' Heats Up2012/10/08
  222. Counting Climate-Challenged Pikas2012/10/01
  223. Water Banks: A Hedge Against Shrinking Supplies in a Changing Climate2012/09/28
  224. West Coast a Test Bed for Ocean Acidification2012/09/25
  225. Heat, Salt and Pests Threaten California Fields2012/09/24
  226. Is Nail Biting a Pathology? Or Just a Bad Habit?2012/09/17
  227. California's Prop. 37: Are GMO Labels a Scarlet Letter?2012/09/10
  228. California Considers Giving Self-Driving Cars Green Light2012/08/27
  229. Building a Better, Tastier Tomato2012/08/20
  230. Internet in Cars: From the Desktop to the Dashboard2012/08/13
  231. NASA's Mars Lander: The Exploration Begins2012/08/06
  232. California Considers Banning Dogs in Bear Hunts2012/07/30
  233. A Unique HIV Case Inspires New Research2012/07/23
  234. The Great Cancer Cell Mix Up2012/07/16
  235. Space Telescope to Begin Search for Black Holes2012/07/02
  236. From Alvin to Robots: Deep Changes in Ocean Science2012/06/25
  237. Bio-Robotics: Biology Goes High-Tech2012/06/18
  238. Diversity in the Valley: The NewME Accelerator (Part Two)2012/06/11
  239. Diversity in the Valley: The NewME Accelerator (Part One)2012/06/04
  240. California's Deadlocked Delta: Is Carbon Farming the Future?2012/05/21
  241. California's Deadlocked Delta: Can We Bring Back What We've Lost?2012/05/14
  242. California's Deadlocked Delta: Can it Be Fixed?2012/05/07
  243. Life on The Gate: Working on the Golden Gate Bridge 1933-372012/04/30
  244. A Happy, Noisy Mess: Community Science Workshops Take Root in California2012/04/23
  245. Is Anyone Out There?2012/04/16
  246. The Political Firestorm Inside Your Sofa2012/04/09
  247. Changing Foghorns2012/04/02
  248. The Salmon are Back! (But Why?)2012/03/26
  249. Feds Pay For Out of the Box Energy Ideas2012/03/19
  250. Tsunami Program Faces Cuts One Year After Disaster2012/03/12
  251. Lone Wolf's Historic Trek Provokes Questions and Concerns2012/03/05
  252. Eavesdropping on the Heart: A Patients Campaign for Access2012/02/27
  253. Building Better Roads with Next Generation Pavement2012/02/13
  254. The Bay Area's National Park Expands South2012/02/06
  255. Surgeons Seek Kid-Sized Tools for the Operating Room2012/01/30
  256. California Pushes to Get Clean Cars on the Road2012/01/23
  257. Six Bay Area Cities Play the Waiting Game2012/01/16
  258. Think Tiny: The Science of New Year's Resolutions2012/01/09
  259. A Census for the Birds2012/01/02
  260. Biofuels Face a Reality Check2011/12/19
  261. Can PTSD Nightmares Be Cured?2011/12/12
  262. Porpoises Return to San Francisco Bay2011/12/05
  263. HIV: Searching For a Cure2011/11/28
  264. Is High-Speed Rail Grinding to a Halt?2011/11/21
  265. Energy-Saving Windows Get Smarter2011/11/14
  266. From Swords to Test Tubes: The Million Veteran Program2011/11/07
  267. Up All Night on NASA's Flying Telescope2011/10/31
  268. "A Big, Captivating Idea": The Bay Area Ridge Trail2011/10/24
  269. The Amazing Transformation of San Francisco's "Sludge Puddle"2011/10/17
  270. In a Sea of Energy Data, Utilities Try to Inspire Conservation2011/10/10
  271. Clean Tech Earns Its Stripes2011/10/03
  272. As Renewables Boom, California Struggles to Quit Coal2011/09/26
  273. The View from Coal Country in the Age of Green2011/09/26
  274. A Difficult Path for Clean Coal2011/09/26
  275. Mercury Rises on Coal Costs2011/09/26
  276. Climate Change Could Mean Cloudy Future for Lake Tahoe2011/09/19
  277. The Lost Lagoon2011/09/12
  278. San Bruno Marks a Somber Anniversary2011/08/29
  279. Who is Matt Rodriquez?2011/08/22
  280. The Heat is On for California Wines2011/08/15
  281. From Tunnel to Tap: Quake-Proofing Our Water Supply2011/08/08
  282. Rough Waters for Sea Level Rise Planning2011/08/01
  283. Bioplastic Boom2011/07/29
  284. Architecture for the Birds2011/07/25
  285. Revisiting Mandatory Recycling2011/07/13
  286. Gulls Threaten South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Work2011/07/18
  287. Boom Times For The Recycling Industry2011/07/11
  288. The Future of Supercomputers2011/06/27
  289. Changes in the Carpool Lane2011/06/20
  290. The Search for Alcoholism's Miracle Drug2011/06/13
  291. The Science of Pain2011/06/06
  292. Chemistry By Smell2011/05/23
  293. Insuring for Extreme Weather2011/05/16
  294. Is it Time for SETI to Stop Looking?2011/05/09
  295. Spotted Owls Face New Threat2011/05/02
  296. Toxic Algae on the Loose2011/04/25
  297. Combating Bay Invaders2011/04/18
  298. Earthquake Warning2011/04/11
  299. A California Bat Success Story2011/04/04
  300. Nuclear's Future in the U.S.2011/03/21
  301. Fighting Fire Where Homes and Wilderness Meet2011/03/07
  302. The Science of Snow2011/02/28
  303. The Heroic Imagination Project2011/02/21
  304. Land Preservation on the Chopping Block2011/02/14
  305. Local Cheese Makers Fear a Raw Deal2011/02/07
  306. A Happy Medium For Solar2011/01/31
  307. How CFLs Got Their Bad Rap2011/01/24
  308. California's Basement Bargains on Home Efficiency2011/01/10
  309. Visiting the Dentist Chair of the Future2011/01/03
  310. California's Redwoods Face Climate Change2010/12/20
  311. How Jet Lag Resets the Body Clock2010/12/13
  312. Fish and Fishermen Go To Market2010/12/06
  313. When Teaching Climate Gets Controversial2010/11/22
  314. Albino Redwoods: Ghosts of the Forest2010/11/15
  315. VA Doctors Solve a Medical Mystery2010/11/08
  316. Lichen Point to Pollution2010/11/01
  317. Environment on the Ballot2010/10/25
  318. When Brains Hit The Gym2010/10/18
  319. Silicon Valley: The New Detroit?2010/10/11
  320. Looking For A Charge2010/10/04
  321. Greening Your Drive2010/09/27
  322. Backyard Seed Banks2010/09/20
  323. California Takes the Lead on Stem Cell Research2010/09/13
  324. Cow Power Not Cutting It2010/08/30
  325. All Charged Up Over EMFs2010/08/23
  326. Plight of the Yellow Legged Frog2010/08/16
  327. Renewables on Indian Land2010/08/09
  328. Energy Storage: The Holy Grail2010/08/02
  329. Delta Predators2010/07/26
  330. Using DNA to Stop Dog Fighting2010/07/19
  331. Protecting Marine Reserves2010/07/12
  332. Finding a Home for Big Solar - Part Two2010/06/28
  333. Finding a Home for Big Solar - Part One2010/06/21
  334. Strawberries and Worker Safety - Part Two2010/06/14
  335. Strawberries and Worker Safety2010/06/07
  336. Race for Renewables2010/05/24
  337. Baby Brain Development2010/05/17
  338. Greening the Grow2010/05/10
  339. Sea Water Showdown2010/05/03
  340. Notes From An Environmentalist2010/04/26
  341. The Changing Bay2010/04/19
  342. Smog Checks Made Easy2010/04/12
  343. Ghost Fleet On The Move2010/04/05
  344. Lessons From Chile2010/03/29
  345. Alcatraz Goes Green2010/03/22
  346. Battle Over Public Power2010/03/15
  347. Wither The Lawn2010/03/08
  348. Teaching the Brain To See2010/03/01
  349. Bay Area Ant Invasion2010/02/22
  350. The Godfather of Green2010/02/15
  351. Is The Drought Over?2010/02/08
  352. Saving Coho2010/02/01
  353. Truckers Clean Up Their Act2010/01/25
  354. Power Up With Leftovers2010/01/11
  355. Solar Theives2009/12/28
  356. The Future of Phone Books2009/12/21
  357. Rainwater Harvesting: Is It All Wet?2009/12/14
  358. Boom Time for Open Space2009/12/07
  359. Building an Artificial Leaf2009/11/23
  360. A Bumpy Ride for High Speed Rail2009/11/16
  361. Getting Paid to Go Solar2009/11/09
  362. Saving Our Parks2009/11/02
  363. Catching the Drift - Part Two2009/10/26
  364. Catching the Drift2009/10/19
  365. Predicting the Next Big One2009/10/12
  366. How to Identify a Bullet2009/10/05
  367. Soundscapes of National Parks2009/09/28
  368. Predicting Swine Flu2009/09/21
  369. Personalized Medicine2009/09/14
  370. The Politics of Green Wine2009/09/08
  371. Getting to Zero Waste2009/09/01
  372. New Nuclear2009/08/31
  373. Playing with Lead - Part 22009/08/25
  374. Playing with Lead - Part 12009/08/10
  375. The Economics of Household Recycling2009/08/03
  376. Journey to the Farallones2009/07/27
  377. Depression Advancements2009/07/20
  378. Museum 2.02009/07/13
  379. Stem Cells and Horses2009/06/22
  380. Where's my Hydrogen Highway?2009/06/15
  381. Cash for Clunkers2009/06/08
  382. Crash Landing2009/06/01
  383. Sea Lion Rescue2009/05/25
  384. Do-It-Yourself Mini-Satellites2009/05/18
  385. Sudden Oak Death2009/05/11
  386. Swine Flu and You2009/05/04
  387. Let's Weatherize2009/05/04
  388. Goodbye to the Bevatron2009/04/20
  389. Smart Grid at Home2009/04/13
  390. Sewage Spills Increasing2009/04/07
  391. High Tech in the Vineyards2009/03/30
  392. Medicine from the Ocean Floor2009/03/23
  393. Changes at the Pump2009/03/16
  394. Tracking Carbon through Your Cell Phone2009/03/12
  395. Redesigning the Bay2009/02/26
  396. Playing with Lead2009/03/02
  397. Mass Transit Housing Plan2009/02/25
  398. Investigating Darwin's Legacy2009/02/11
  399. Putting a Price on Nature2009/02/02
  400. Birds vs. Planes2009/01/26
  401. New Life for Embryonic Stem Cell Research2009/01/21
  402. Tracking Urban Lions2009/01/12
  403. Last Minute Rules2009/01/06
  404. Building Blocks Go Green2009/01/06
  405. Dialing in on Traffic2008/12/30
  406. Get the Soot Out2008/12/08
  407. The Graying of HIV2008/12/01
  408. Underwater Laboratory2008/11/24
  409. Looking for Mars Life on Planet Earth2008/11/17
  410. Food Safety2008/11/10
  411. Oil Spill Anniversary2008/11/03
  412. Closing the Science Gap2008/10/27
  413. Condor Return2008/10/20
  414. The Hayward Fault: A Tectonic Timebomb2008/10/13
  415. Big Solar on the Ballot2008/10/06
  416. Sea Lion Rescue2008/09/29
  417. Fast Trains2008/09/22
  418. Beyond Alzheimer's2008/09/15
  419. Air Conditioning Reinvented2008/09/08
  420. Sea of Plastic2008/08/25
  421. Decoding the Emotional Brain2008/08/18
  422. Acidic Seas2008/08/11
  423. Beyond Solar: Do It Yourself Home Energy2008/08/04
  424. Disappearing Plants (audio only)2008/07/28
  425. Disappearing Plants (special SLIDESHOW version)2008/07/28
  426. Drugs In Our Drinking Water2008/07/14
  427. California Ablaze2008/07/07
  428. Wildlife CSI2008/06/30
  429. How to ID a Bullet (audio only)2008/06/23
  430. How to ID a Bullet (special SLIDESHOW version)2008/06/23
  431. Eating a Low Carbon Diet2008/06/16
  432. Who Will Revive the Electric Car?2008/06/09
  433. Exoplanets2008/06/02
  434. California's Fire Future2008/05/26
  435. Server Farms2008/05/19
  436. Bike to Work2008/05/12
  437. Moving Day (audio only)2008/05/05
  438. Moving Day (special SLIDESHOW version)2008/05/05
  439. Mercury in the Bay - Part 22008/04/28
  440. Mercury in the Bay - Part 1 (audio only)2008/04/21
  441. Mercury in the Bay - Part 1 (special SLIDESHOW version)2008/04/21
  442. Doggie DNA: Human Genetics Through Dogs2008/04/14
  443. Cement - A Dirty Business2008/04/07
  444. Wild Prices for Wild Salmon2008/03/28
  445. Chevron's Plans2008/03/21
  446. It's Not Easy Going Green2008/03/14
  447. Stamping out the Apple Moth2008/03/07
  448. The Toxic Business of Dry Cleaning2008/02/29
  449. Sewage Happens2008/02/22
  450. Designer Biofuels2008/02/15
  451. The Right to Sunlight: Solar vs. Redwood Trees2008/02/08
  452. Tactile Maps2008/02/01
  453. Cashing in on Carbon2008/01/25
  454. An Asteroid's Close Call2008/01/18
  455. Super Laser2008/01/11
  456. The New Clean Tech2008/01/04
  457. Cutting Tailpipe Emissions: What Next?2007/12/21
  458. Paper or Plastic?2007/12/14
  459. Rising Seas2007/12/07
  460. The Traffic Tax2007/11/30
  461. Nature Deficit Disorder2007/11/23
  462. Cleaning up Oil in the Bay2007/11/16
  463. To the Moon2007/11/09
  464. Robot Car Race2007/11/02
  465. The Return of the Canal2007/10/26
  466. One Fish, Two Fish: The Science of Protecting Sea Life2007/10/19
  467. Geothermal Heats Up2007/10/12
  468. What's for Lunch2007/10/05
  469. Oysters on the Outs2007/09/28
  470. Perilous Diesel2007/09/21
  471. Greening Man2007/09/07
  472. Sharks of the San Francisco Bay2007/08/31
  473. NASA Flying Car Challenge2007/08/24
  474. The Salty Water Solution2007/08/17
  475. Science of Bridge Safety2007/08/10
  476. Quest for Longevity2007/08/03
  477. What's in your Shampoo?2007/07/27
  478. Graywater Guerrillas2007/07/20
  479. Big Plans for Big Oil2007/07/13
  480. Eco Golf Anyone?2007/07/06
  481. Harnessing Power from the Sea2007/06/29
  482. The Science of Making Decisions2007/06/22
  483. Wi-Fi Revolution2007/06/15
  484. Cleaning Up Hunters Point2007/06/08
  485. Abandoned Boats2007/06/01
  486. Reconsidering Nuclear Power2007/05/25
  487. Legacy of Salt2007/05/18
  488. Sniffing Out Indoor Air Pollution2007/05/11
  489. Falcon Fascination2007/05/04
  490. Relaxing the Rules on Toxics Reporting2007/04/27
  491. Earth Day Radio Special: The History of Environmental Justice2007/04/20
  492. Ask a Scientist: Science Cafes2007/04/13
  493. Drive by Extinction2007/04/06
  494. Devil's Slide2007/03/30
  495. Stormwatchers Predict Flooding2007/03/23
  496. Bringing Back Urban Bees2007/03/16
  497. Video Games for New Audiences2007/03/09
  498. America's Last Whaling Station2007/03/02
  499. Investing in Clean Tech2007/02/23
  500. Urban Heat Islands2007/02/16
  501. AB32: California's New Global Warming Law2007/02/09
  502. Biodiesel Road Trip2007/02/02
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