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The Football Ramble

  1. A Short Ramble Note2009/04/24
    As per the instructions in the last football ramble, if you subscribe to us, and haven't automatically got the next installment of the ramble by Sunday the 3rd of May, get yourself to www.thefootballramble.com to re-subscribe. Cheers team!
  2. Dig deep into an abyss, which is big2009/04/17
    The Rambling chaps discuss the recent V signs north of the border, the most ridiculous refereeing decision of all time is revealed, Hartlepool’s favourite tranny gets a mention and a 50-0 score line in South Africa arouses suspicions
  3. We’ll Meet Again, Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When2009/04/04
    This time around the boys take a sepia-tinged look at the way the game (football, if you wondered) is changing, the recent World Cup qualifiers and the shocks they’ve thrown up are mulled over, Villarreal have their praises sung and Tim Lovejoy proves that he’s a smug, cretinous fool, but then you knew that anyway.
  4. "No, Michael Sheen is playing him. Not Martin Sheen. Two different people."2009/03/21
    Another fortnight, another chance for four men to run rough shod over the footballing issues of the day. We've got the usual funny stories, some superb listener emails, and a rather melancholic, reflective Dean Windass Hall Of Fame. The Football Ramble - 'Absolutely raping it since 2006"
  5. It’s all Just a Big Shame2009/03/06
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  6. Shoot That Blond Arrow Through My Heart2009/02/20
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  7. Oh Hello Football Ramble2009/02/07
    The boys Favourite ginger players are discussed, a parrot recieves its marching orders, Viagra is considered for footballing purposes in Brazil, Andy Burton is a rude word and find out which footballers could be thrown over a cross bar
  8. Here in my Kaka, I know I've started to think, about leaving tonight - Gary Numan, 19792009/01/24
    The boys discuss the recent transfer window lunacy, Gary Cook's badly tailored gib and our new pray-soh-dent's penchant for the claret and blue. Plus, a player profile moustache special. www.thefootballramble.com for all the downlow, innit boyee.
  9. Fear and Loathing in Newcastle2009/01/10
    In this show the boys discuss the giddy madness of the transfer window, Jermaine Pennant’s baffling decision to turn down Real Madrid and R & B star Shola Ameobi exposing himself as a total plank. Elsewhere Bayern Munich are revealed as easily fooled, a team from Madagascar utterly implode and Luke gets an absolute caning from one disgruntled listener.
  10. 2008 - That Was The Year That Was2008/12/26
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