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Unintended Detours

  1. Episode 7: Foreign Lands2008/12/11

    Stories of foreign lands including my return to Florence after 40 years.
  2. Episode 6: Derailed2008/01/14
    Four interwoven stories of lives derailed by serious illness or accident.
  3. Episode 5: Detours-Detour2008/12/11
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  4. Episode 4: Road/Trip2008/12/11

    Stumbling and stranded, in one way or another, on the road.
  5. Episode 3: What Remains2008/12/11
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  6. Episode 2: Tic-Toc2008/12/11

    Creativity in the face of time.

    Photo by Alison Heath © 2007

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  7. Episode 1: Shelf Life2007/04/25
    Musings around the theme of shelf life.
Unintended Detours
A show about the distances we travel in life: literal or metaphorical, enthusiastically or against our will. Stories of obstacles and diversions--the places we long to get to and where we actually end up.

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