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The 365 Project

  1. New Digs2007/10/22
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  2. #186 no salvation premium2007/10/22
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  3. #185 face up2007/10/21
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  4. #184 when we crossed the divide (together)2007/10/20
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  5. #183 another old house2007/10/19
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  6. #182 take a picture2007/10/18
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  7. #181 choosing's a game2007/10/17
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  8. #180 you first or me2007/10/16
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  9. #179 i'm ok2007/10/15
    i'm ok

    bhagiti 10.15.07 perrysburg, oh
  10. #178 you got to look up to see what's comin' down2007/10/14
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  11. #177 time is longer than rope2007/10/13
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  12. #176 oars in our fishbaskets2007/10/12
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  13. #175 pull the plug2007/10/11
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  14. #174 leave it to the birds (i dream of an airplane crash)2007/10/10
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  15. #173 the penny that refuses to reveal its other side is a hidden notebook2007/10/09
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  16. #172 oh why ohio2007/10/08
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  17. #171 between crows and grapes2007/10/07
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  18. #170 and in a field of aging heather a dream of the future fell like ballast tossed from a failing balloon2007/10/06
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  19. #169 which side are you on2007/10/05
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  20. #168 re-parting2007/10/04
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  21. #167 once again i dream (of the round piano)2007/10/03
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  22. #166 my barn is full of stars2007/10/02
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  23. #165 harvest time2007/10/01
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  24. #164 what way what way (what would penelope wait)2007/09/30
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  25. #163 somewhere in between2007/09/29
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  26. #162 tie a bell around your neck2007/09/28
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  27. #161 dustspeck pennies2007/09/27
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  28. #160 time is time (make up your mind make up your mind)2007/09/26
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  29. #159 staring back at me like a religion of photographs2007/09/25
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  30. #158 my slow boat has just come in (this must be the place)2007/09/24
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  31. #157 pull the blinds2007/09/23
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  32. #156 it will have to do2007/09/22
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  33. #155 i'm going to have my way with you (song to the muse)2007/09/21
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  34. #154 reach inside and touch the dust of dreams2007/09/20
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  35. #153 i have forgotten why - tell me again2007/09/19
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  36. #152 you turn your leaves and greet the trees on hands and knees and wonder what kind of fool am i2007/09/18
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  37. #151 weightless resistance2007/09/17
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  38. #150 requiem for an alley cat2007/09/16
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  39. #149 recovering the acorn2007/09/15
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  40. #148 yes i said yes tonight2007/09/14
    i get so tired
    i want to disappear
    into it

    lose myself
    wrapped in
    the arms of morpheus

    yes i said yes

    i will give in
    very soon
    i will slip past the gate
    without fail

    yes i said yes

    bhagiti 9.14.07 perrysburg, oh
  41. #147 the submission of night2007/09/13
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  42. # 146 in a glass house you clicked your rings2007/09/12
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  43. #145 i take you up in my arms but nothing is there, nothing is there2007/09/11
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  44. #144 tell me something, anything2007/09/10
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  45. #143 why water why2007/09/09
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  46. #142 the dilemma of morning2007/09/08
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  47. #141 making the morning snowglobe cry2007/09/07
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  48. #140 a little less resistance2007/09/06
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  49. #139 some people have all the luck2007/09/05
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  50. #138 my relationship with the moon is, shall we say, complicated2007/09/04
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  51. #137 post-it notes and listlessness2007/09/03
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  52. #136 seven stones2007/09/02
    these stones have fallen
    from those stars
    and these stones here
    have fallen from
    my ears

    last night at dusk the sun
    whispered to
    the moon it’s going to
    happen soon
    you’ll see

    come closer to me
    like the ocean
    i have become so
    with the pace of the day
    that i have forgotten
    who i am

    bhagiti 9.2.07 perrysburg, oh
  53. #135 freeing themselves from the rivulets and tributaries of the mind, a school of fish make their way into my secret sargasso2007/09/01
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  54. #134 explain it away2007/08/31
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  55. #133 the short reign of2007/08/30
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  56. #132 the pharaoh's dance2007/08/29
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  57. #131 summer's end2007/08/28
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  58. #130 nowhere is somewhere2007/08/27
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  59. #129 sleep's puppeteer won't let me dance2007/08/26
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  60. #128 in the forest with no name2007/08/25
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  61. #127 for-ends forever2007/08/24
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  62. #126 time and time again (but i feel better now)2007/08/23
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  63. #125 night and day: morning glory nightshade2007/08/22
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  64. #124 the only thing that really matters2007/08/21
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  65. #123 disappear into the sky2007/08/20
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  66. #122 sometimes rain is just rain2007/08/19
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  67. #121 what wonder i wonder what2007/08/18
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  68. #120 rattling like an empty boxcar2007/08/17
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  69. #119 i was getting ready to wrap myself up in the holes in your voice but you were gone2007/08/16
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  70. #118 a letter to georgia2007/08/15
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  71. #117 assume the position2007/08/14
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  72. #116 the penance of memory2007/08/13
    what happens in an instant
    can last forever
    what takes hours is easily
    a falcon on a lamp pole
    a haiku
    on the way to the grocery

    warm morning insects
    the dawn chorus rouses me
    i’m out of coffee

    bhagiti 8.13.07 perrysburg, oh
  73. #115 our feet could be laughing at the stars2007/08/12
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  74. #114 count to thirteen2007/08/11
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  75. #113 day in, day out2007/08/10
    we earn our stars
    and our stripes
    sometimes our
    stripes are black
    and white
    or our star
    has fallen

    prisons stand
    where we build
    them brick mortar
    or invisible
    stars don’t
    fall the world
    merely turns

    day in
    day out
    breathe in
    breathe out

    bhagiti 8.10.07 perrysburg, oh
  76. #112 after swimming under swallows a shaman carved me a heart from a pyramid of hot silver2007/08/09
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  77. #111 now has the shortest lifespan of anything known and it means more than anything else2007/08/08
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  78. #110 like a mummer on the solstice2007/08/07
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  79. #109 the moment of disbelief between dreaming and waking2007/08/06
    i am moving
    in spirals
    both twisting
    upward and
    fainting in coils

    bhagiti 8.6.07 perrysburg, oh
  80. #108 bhagiti battles the muse and gives birth to a pink hippo2007/08/05
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  81. #107 shoots and ladders2007/08/04
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  82. #106 cricket in the afterlife2007/08/03
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  83. #105 i awoke to august (in ohio)2007/08/02
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  84. #104 the existential rap2007/08/01
    pour it in
    pour it out
    fill it up
    and dump
    it out

    full or empty
    full or empty

    worry not of this
    fear more for the empty heart
    than the empty life

    life is a journal
    the heart a tasty morsel
    three vultures told me

    bhagiti 8.1.07 perrysburg, oh
  85. #103 before you can lose yourself you first must be found2007/07/31
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  86. #102 a desert song2007/07/30
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  87. #101 collusion2007/07/29
    like a dentist
    who gives kids
    for good behavior
    we stare into the dark
    and the light
    our pupils
    will adjust
    to both
    a dry
    wilting ripple
    and an eagle’s
    echoing shriek
    trying not to be
    done in by
    this garden
    ripe with the
    of sound

    bhagiti 7.29.07 perrysburg, oh
  88. #100 survival kit for after the turn of the century2007/07/28
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  89. #99 the 5am car alarm is a wake up call2007/07/27
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  90. #98 recurrent and helpless they are perfect, they are perfect2007/07/26
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  91. #97 mea culpa2007/07/25
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  92. #96 fish in the trees2007/07/24
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  93. #95 belladonna2007/07/23
    love and
    to tear you apart
    you are
    from the mouths
    of lovers

    but at night
    you become
    its poison
    numbs you
    its gift
    no pain
    so you may
    fulfill your destiny

    the antidote

    7.23.07 perrysburg, oh
  94. #94 we're all alive in someone else's souvenir tourist snow-globe2007/07/22
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  95. #93 lo and behold2007/07/21
    your ghosts
    and grasses

    lo and behold
    lo and behold

    with one

    lo and behold
    lo and behold

    bhagiti 7.21.07 perrysburg, oh
  96. #92 earnesty is the best policy2007/07/20
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  97. #91 the past is no friend's couch upon which to sleep2007/07/19
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  98. #90 always the moon to me2007/07/18
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  99. #89 you are the jewel of a million sunrises and sunsets. you twinkle eternally2007/07/17
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  100. #88 bhagiti's 115th dream2007/07/16
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  101. #87 the love song of j. alfred nothing2007/07/15
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  102. #86 sometimes we are a desert, other times a newt2007/07/14
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  103. #85 there is a small, unknown chamber in the hiding places of the heart that contains a tiny, locked box and this is what i found in mine2007/07/13
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  104. #84 what will you say when they finally find me2007/07/12
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  105. #83 unwritten rule #1362007/07/11
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  106. #82 and another and another and another2007/07/10
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  107. #81 ununpentium2007/07/09
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  108. #80 the futility of dreaming (i wish you could have heard it)2007/07/08
    i woke up
    this morning
    having just dreamt
    the perfect song

    moments later
    it was completely

    not a word
    not a sound

    bhagiti 7.8.07 perrysburg, oh
  109. #79 happy good luck day2007/07/07
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  110. #78 violet's song2007/07/06
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  111. #77 thoughts upon awakening2007/07/05
  112. #76 independence day2007/07/04
  113. #75 i took them down to the water's edge2007/07/03
  114. #74 i'll be your necklace2007/07/02
  115. #73 but the crow is not bound by rails2007/07/01
  116. #72 a selfish prayer2007/06/30
  117. #71 but i can tell why a titmouse is neither2007/06/29
  118. #70 did leopold really mean it when he called molly his mountain flower - she said yes2007/06/28
  119. #69 as a spider silently scurries across the floor2007/06/27
  120. #68 hullo toledo2007/06/26
  121. #67 lowville (w/matt wallack)2007/06/25
  122. #66 you are it (w/matt wallack)2007/06/25
  123. #65 the wisdom of the rails2007/06/23
  124. #64 song before boarding a train2007/06/23
  125. #63 and in her pocket a torn prayer card, a lint-covered breath mint, an unmatched earring and $.732007/06/21
  126. #62 breathe deeply now for soon the apple falls, only to become blossoms once again2007/06/20
  127. #61 everybody loves you but i think you already know that2007/06/19
  128. #60 song to the controlling force of this little section of the universe i call temporary home2007/06/18
  129. #59 i was a fool to doubt it2007/06/17
  130. #58 yesterday's me and i2007/06/16
  131. #57 like from between the roots of a banyan it is gone, all gone2007/06/15
  132. #56 that's the only thing2007/06/14
  133. #55 whatever it may be2007/06/13
  134. #54 it's not in the tossing it's in the catching2007/06/12
  135. #53 unwritten rule #1372007/06/11
  136. #52 hyperactive daydream2007/06/10
  137. #51 words, like origami moths, flutter then fall into the unknown2007/06/09
  138. #50 these things i'll do but i don't know why...2007/06/08
  139. #49 the delicate immensity of balance2007/06/07
  140. #48 lion, be not afraid cried the tick-tock man2007/06/06
  141. #47 i'll get through2007/06/05
  142. #46 pulled to sea by a fish: under i went, under i went until there you were, there you were2007/06/04
  143. #45 the basement mildy crashes2007/06/03
  144. #44 wireless2007/06/02
  145. #43 a series of disconnected observations pts 3 & 72007/06/01
  146. #42 there was the once2007/05/31
  147. #41 this is the song2007/05/30
  148. #40 memorial day2007/05/29
  149. #39 collide2007/05/28
  150. #38 difficulty2007/05/27
  151. #37 walkin' song2007/05/26
  152. #36 bees and lillies2007/05/25
  153. #35 improvisation: 4:33 in the morning2007/05/24
  154. #34 as driftwood a muddy, shell covered shore i await2007/05/23
  155. #33 dreaming in seven2007/05/22
  156. #32 hey hey2007/05/21
  157. #31 a necklace of silence2007/05/20
  158. #30 whereupon the future opens like a chrysalis2007/05/19
  159. #29 the ineluctable mystery of minutia2007/05/18
  160. #28 and the fragments whir like a weather vane2007/05/17
  161. #27 floating atop this watery ball, i spill into the sea2007/05/16
  162. #27 floating atop this watery ball, i spill into the sea (alternate)2007/05/16
  163. #26 these words i'll gulp2007/05/15
  164. #25 escape from my belly like arrows, these i ride2007/05/14
  165. #24 sunday, sunday, sunday2007/05/13
  166. #23 i'll wait2007/05/12
  167. #22 to make up for the honey i have taken2007/05/11
  168. #21 now melted by the windy breath2007/05/10
  169. #20 an early realization 2007/05/09
  170. #19 isn't that always the way2007/05/08
  171. #18 a simple truth2007/05/07
  172. #17 wisconsin2007/05/06
  173. #16 spring cleaning2007/05/05
  174. #15 unwritten rule #41 (birthday song)2007/05/04
  175. #14 i'll be your toy2007/05/03
  176. #13 the law of averages is on your side2007/05/02
  177. #12 the topography of desire2007/05/01
  178. #11 voodoo robot buddha2007/04/30
  179. #10 you say toledo, i say to-lay-do2007/04/29
  180. #9 unwritten rule #3742007/04/28
  181. #8 mc critters2007/04/27
  182. #7 unencumbered in strange places2007/04/26
  183. #6 i am a faulty antenna2007/04/25
  184. #5 insomnia2007/04/24
  185. #4 alone2007/04/23
  186. #3 ride2007/04/22
  187. #2 the sum of few things2007/04/21
  188. #1 what a thing is this?2007/04/20
The 365 Project
Inspired by song diarists like David Andrew Strackany (aka PALEO), I endeavor to write, record and upload a song a day for 365 days.

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