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DJ DJIO - From Lounge to House

  1. 2010.05 | Deeply Progressive (Rework)2010/05/21
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  2. 2010.04 | Deeply Progressive2010/05/20
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  3. Superpose - The Queen of The Night (DJIO 4pm Remix)2009/05/01

    This is a Remix for Superpose, released with the most recent album from the duo.

    Check their work at: www.myspace.com/superpose

    Listen, play, share!

    Hope you like, please leave a comment.


    Dj Djio . . . =)
  4. 2009.03 | Vicious (re)Cycle2009/04/02
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  5. 2007.05 | Lands of Dreaming2007/06/20
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  6. 2007.04 | Elektrisches Haus2007/05/01
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  7. 2007.03 | Spirit of Baraka2007/03/25
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  8. Tour de la Dispute (Merde Mix) - Kaftwerk vs. Yann Tiersen2006/08/25
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DJ DJIO - From Lounge to House
This is a little bit of me:
Soulful, Latin, Tranced, Clubbed, Funky... House.

Thanks for joining me in this journey.

Enjoy the trip.

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