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  1. Entry 6: Crucify2008/03/04

    And you thought I had petered out ...
    Here's the sixth entry in revmerrill's public journal for Lent, 2008. Crucify Listen Online
  2. revmerrill's Journal: Entry 5: On Self2008/02/17
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  3. revmerrill's Journal: Entry 4: On Being Fruitful2008/02/17
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  4. Entry2: You Are Dust2008/02/09
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  5. Entry 3: God Remembers2008/02/09
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  6. Journal Entry 1: Introduction2008/02/05
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  7. Keeping A Holy Lent2008/01/31
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  8. Healing A Boy Possessed By A Spirit2008/01/23
    This is a cross post with The Voice of the Winged Ox I did a Bible study at St. Luke's on Sunday. It's based on Mark 9:14-29. It's Healing A Boy Possessed by a Spirit
  9. Sorrow and the Rich Young Man2008/01/21

    What a humbling experience! Today's podcast is a sermon I wrote but neither read nor preached. The voice you will hear is my sister, Gail, reading for her faith community I called the sermon Sorrow and the Rich Young Man
  10. Daily Writings for January 5 Thru 13, 20082008/01/15

    For your listening enjoyment, I present Daily Writings for January 5-13
  11. Conversation on Scripture2008/01/07
    Here is a cross post of
    my podcast conversation with Father Eric on Scripture
  12. Daily Writings for December 27, 2007 thru January 3, 20082008/01/04

    Here are my daily writings from http://revmerrill.vox.com/ Daily Writings 2
  13. Updates2007/12/31
    In today's podcast, I give some updates on myself and describe my intentions for 2008. Updates
  14. On Vox: Updates2007/12/31

    Here's an audio version of my intentions for 2008 and other updates on me. You can hear my dog chewing on his bone, too.



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  15. Voice Post2007/12/27
  16. On Vox: Daily Writings for December 19 Thru 24, 20072007/12/26

    Here's an audio using synthesized speech to read my last week of posts. Daily Writings for December 19 thru 24

    Originally posted on revmerrill.vox.com

    Let's see if Daily Writings 1 gets picked up in the feed now.
  17. On Vox: Call2007/12/20
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  18. On Vox: Contemplative Prayer2007/12/08

    Sadly, another cross posting. I have a backlog of podcasts to do for the church so I want to get them done before I do something new here. I am started to blog here, however, so there is some new content. Contemplative Prayer Cross Posting  

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  19. On Vox: Conversation on Healing2007/11/11

    nanowrimo is taking my time and there's been lots of activity at The Voice of the Winged Ox so I'm cross-posting yet again. I hope you enjoy Conversation on Healing

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  20. On Vox: Scripture and Me2007/11/08

    This is a cross posting. This podcast is also available at The Voice of the Winged Ox I'm calling it Scripture and Me

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  21. On Vox: NANOWRIMO2007/11/01

    No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

    Chris Baty


    On this breakfast cast I explain why I am participating in National Novel Writing Month with NANOWRIMO

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  22. On Vox: At First Lutheran2007/10/28

    At First Lutheran Today's podcast is a devotional I did at First Lutheran, Jamestown. Roland Swanson is the president of Community Senior Fellowship. I'm Associate for Internet Ministries at St. Luke's and that podcast is at The Voice of the Winged Ox Music: Tuesday was a Swan by Cagey House available at podsafeaudio.com

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  23. On Vox: Matthew 19:16-262007/10/23
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  24. On Vox: The Cheese Report: Podcast Style2007/10/21

     about kohlrabi, cheese, yogurt and the spiritual impact of cooking.Here's the link for the podcast. The Cheese Report  



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  25. On Vox: Blessing The Animals2007/10/16

    This is a post for my podcast about Blessing the Animals Of course, I brought Elwood with me. I'm cross posting this at The Voice of the Winged Ox

    Originally posted on revmerrill.vox.com
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