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  1. Episode 162011/06/21
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  2. Episode 152010/06/28
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  3. Episode 142010/06/15
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  4. Episode 132010/06/07
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  5. Episode 122010/05/28
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  6. Episode 112010/05/24
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  7. Episode 102010/05/05
    made it a while ago finally got a chance to post it up. enjoy!
  8. Episode 82010/02/10
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  9. ritchie valens,big bopper,buddy holly2010/02/01


    1.Little red riding hood-Big Bopper
    2.Chantilly lace-big bopper
    3.Pink Petticoats-Big Bopper
    4.Come on lets go-Ritchie Valens
    5.Donna-Ritchie Valens
    6.We belong together-Ritchie Valens
    7.Rock around with ollie vee-Buddy Holly
    8.Cryin,waitin,hopin-Buddy Holly
    9.Everyday-Buddy Holly
    11.American Pie-Don McLean

  10. Episode 72010/01/26
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  11. Episode 62010/01/22
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  12. Episode 52008/05/28
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  13. Sounds of the sixties2008/05/27

    this is a podcast that contains only 60s music
  14. Requests Episode2007/05/12

  15. Episode 22007/05/08
  16. 50s and 60s2007/05/06

Smashed Guitar Radio

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