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Sound Scribbles

  1. Scribble 43: A New Mic for Tvindy2007/08/23
    Hear me upgrade to a new mic.
  2. Scribble 42: The Ice Cream Expedition2007/02/07
    Hear me face treacherous driving conditions.
  3. Scribble 41: Mixer Antics2007/02/03
    Hear me play with my new soundboard.
  4. Scribble 40: The Swiss Family Robinson2007/01/25
    Hear me read another novel.
  5. Scribble 39: Six Minutes with Simone2006/12/30
    Hear more Simone (and call in with feedback: (765) 233-4860).
  6. Scribble 38: Simone2006/12/30
    Hear my Brazilian friend.
  7. Scribble 37: Hello Kitty and the Space Monster2006/11/20
    See Hello Kitty in fivefold action. You won't find quality like this anywhere else.
  8. Scribble 36: Odeo?2006/11/19
    Hear me ponder the pros and cons of Odeo.
  9. Scribble 35: It's Comcastic!2006/11/18
    Hear about my recent misadventures with Comcast.
  10. Scribble 34: Sea Monkeys on Steroids2006/11/17
    Hear about my triops.
  11. Scribble 33: Podcast Pins2006/11/16
    Hear me go on and on and on about my new groundbreaking idea.
  12. Scribble 32: In A Lisbian Hotel Room2006/10/05
    Hear me podcast from my hotel room.
  13. Scribble 31: Directions2006/10/04
    Hear an elderly rural Portuguese man give directions.
  14. Scribble 30: Warcraft2006/08/23
    Hear me talk more about the Sims while playing Warcraft.
  15. Scribble 29: The Sims 22006/08/22
    Hear me play the Sims 2.
  16. Scribble 28: Moby Dick (Chapter 2)2006/08/21
    Hear me read the second chapter of "Moby Dick".
  17. Scribble 27: Late Night Chocolate with Crickets2006/08/20
    Hear me, a blender, a banana and crickets.
  18. Scribble 26: Driving from AAA2006/08/18
    Hear more driving blather.
  19. Scribble 25: At the AAA2006/08/17
    Hear me visit my local AAA.
  20. Scribble 24: Driving to AAA2006/08/16
    Hear me record an entry while driving.
  21. Scribble 23: The Walk Home2006/08/15
    Hear me walk home in the dead of night.
  22. Scribble 22: About My Trip2006/08/14
    Hear me blather on endlessly about my upcoming trip to Portugal and Spain.
  23. Scribble 21: Another Name That Podcast2006/08/13
    Hear next week's mystery clip.
  24. Scribble 20: Silly Finnish Lyrics2006/08/11
    Hear the Duck Tales theme song in Finnish.
  25. Scribble 19: King Bonk's Promo2006/08/10
    Hear King Bonk's promo.
  26. Scribble 18: A Campfire Tale2006/08/09
    Hear me tell a scary campfire story. (I didn't have a campfire, so King Bonk let me use his.)
  27. Scribble 17: Brains2006/08/08
    Hear another Jonathan Coulton song.
  28. Scribble 16: Some Very Old Jokes2006/08/07
    Hear me read some jokes from 1928.
  29. Scribble 15: Hero of the Week2006/08/06
    Hear the Jean Rohe commencement speech in its entirety.
  30. Scribble 14: My New Audio Recorder2006/08/04
    Hear me record some personal news on my new Olympus WS-300 Digital Voice Recorder .
  31. Scribble 13: Dear Gay Head2006/08/03
    Hear me read excerpts from a 1950s teen advice book.
  32. Scribble 12: José Martí Essay2006/08/02
    Hear me read José Martí's essay on Coney Island.
  33. Scribble 11: The Making of Angry Sugar Bowl2006/08/01
    Hear me describe how I made the podcast theatre version of the Angry Sugar Bowl.
  34. Scribble 10: Why Honduras Won't Miss Me2006/07/31
    Hear another travel story.
  35. Scribble 9: New Theme Music2006/07/30
    Hear a preview of my new Tvindy Time theme music.
  36. Scribble 8: Name That Podcast2006/07/29
    Hear me play the excerpt I'm planning on using for the next episode of Tvindy Time's "Name That Podcast" segment. I hope it's not too long.
  37. Scribble 7: The Angry Sugar Bowl2006/07/28

    Hear podcast theatre at its finest.


    Will of the Youngest of One blog was first interview on Tvindy Time #1 .

    The Original Angry Sugar Bowl comicstrips can be viewed at the following links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Purchase Angry Sugar Bowl merchandise at the Youngest of One Online Store .
  38. Scribble 6: Voicemail to the Bob's Yer Uncle! Podcast2006/07/27
    Hear a voicemail I sent to another podcast.
  39. Scribble 5: Moby Dick (Chapter 1)2006/07/26
    Hear me read the first Chapter of "Moby Dick".
  40. Scribble 4: Senator Stevens Mashup2006/07/25
    Hear my improved version of Senator Stevens now famous "series of tubes" speech.
  41. Scribble 3: The Problem of Transitions2006/07/24
    Hear a bit of music.
  42. Scribble 2: Daddy Long Ears2006/07/23
    Hear me read another story.
  43. Scribble 1: Gia & the One Hundred Dollars Worth of Bubblegum2006/07/23
    Hear me read an old children's book.
Sound Scribbles
This is an adjunct to my main podcast. Here I will post short segments that may (or may not) be included in future episodes of Tvindy Time. Sound Scribbles is a sort of audio scratchpad where I chuck everything I'm thinking of using with little thought to quality control.

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