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The Ooh Sometimes Podcast: Season 2

  1. Season 2 Episode 4: A Living Hell?Tue, 12th Aug 2008 02:43:00 GMT
    After such a long time, perhaps it's time to remind ourselves why Paul should leave this podcasting thing to other people. And what better way to do that than with an hour-ish length episode asking questions about London? Features music from Tina Dico and Frightened Rabbit, it's all good! Contains Adult Material.
  2. Season 2 Episode 3: Shocking!2008/05/21
    Wow, it's a shocker of a show we have in Episode 3, taking things we should never do in society and presenting it in audio form for people to throw up in arms and send an army of lawyers after us. Plus find out whether Bovril or Marmite deserves a place on your slice of toast! Features music from Kyoshi and Between the Trees. Contains Adult Material.
  3. Season 2 Episode 2: Be Happy and Sell Out2008/03/22
    Don't worry about silly things going on, be happy. Meanwhile there appears to be money problems afoot. Bioshock gets the Gamers' Corner treatment, with music by Tukazon and the Sumo Sisters completing the lineup. Contains Adult Material.
  4. Season 2 Episode 1a: The Filler2008/02/23
    Unusually, this is mearly a long winded filler till the next proper podcast. We'll be back properly hopefully in March. Contains Adult Material.
  5. Season 2 Episode 1: New Year2008/01/18
    Ya and indeed hoo. Season 2 kicks off in full swing with waffle about New Year, Gears of War and Prague and features Music from the Seldon Plan and Frank Royster. Contains Adult Material.
  6. Season 1 Episode 13: Best of.....Something2007/12/22
    As a speical thing to mull over till the new year, here's some of the best spoken rubbish and music featured at Ooh Sometimes. Features music from Crashing Cairo, Beight, Five Star Fall and Arthur Yoria. Also contains adult content.
  7. Season 1 Episode 12: Christmas at the Lodge2007/12/01
    It's that time of year again, where we all wish for things we know we won't get. Like not another of these podcasts released, but fear not. You may like what I have in store for you here. A ramble about christmas, Call of Duty 4 is reviewed as well as a dirty movie. Features music by Junoon and The Knuckle Kids.

    Features uncensored swearing.
The Ooh Sometimes Podcast: Season 2
The self proclamed "Lord of Leisure" Paul Hughes tickles you with music, mutterings of his epic life and now game reviews. Contains Adult Material, some scenes are unsuitable for everyone.

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