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Cultural Soup

  1. EPISODE141 - Oldest Man and The Moon Show2009/07/21
    A moon tune, moon idioms, Remembering Apollo 11. Share your memories.

    The oldest man in the world. What are some tips for longevity you've heard?
  2. EPISODE140 - Open Chat2009/02/05
  3. EPISODE139 - Open Chat2009/01/22
  4. Talk about A Cappella Music2009/01/21
    Discussion about singing a cappella music.
  5. Eclectic A Cappella Music from the Podsafe Music Network2009/01/21
    Several songs that are sung a cappella but very different. All great.
  6. EPISODE136 - Talking about Christmas Music that isn't Awful2009/01/21
    Fave Christmas Songs and albums and a piece brought by Paulrex sung by a chorus in Oz.
  7. EPISODE135 -Sure Beats Cookin'. Come Chat-Open Topic2008/12/23
  8. EPISODE134 - Announcement..Moving and New Talkcast ID2008/12/11
  9. EPISODE133 - Awesome, Eclectic Podsafe Christmas Music Episode (music only)2008/12/09
    I found some great Christmas music and am excited to share. Hope you like it.
  10. EPISODE131 - Lynn in the PM2008/12/04
    Two truths and a lie game, Paul and Paulrex and a surprise caller.
  11. EPISODE129 -Biofuels with Eric and Derek from agreenerindiana.com2008/11/21
    Turning poo and other things into fuel. I win win win?
  12. EPISODE126 - America, Patriotism and Why are you Special?2008/11/06
    I'm a Canadian. I'm going to ask Americans, "What is the idea of America to you?" Why is being patriotic a great thing? Can it be taught?
  13. EPISODE125 - Ghoultastic Halloween Episode-Come in if you dare!2008/10/30
  14. EPISODE124 - Use it or Lose It!2008/10/28
    Back after a break with discussions of headlines, issues and topics that matter to....well.....me! Hope you'll join in the discussion.
  15. EPISODE123 - Summertime Means Tunes and BBQ!2008/07/29
    What you listening to these days? Have an amazing bbq sauce recipe to share? Let's revel in summertime, even if you live in the southern hemisphere!
  16. EPISODE122 -Doc Talk: Let's Talk Documentary Films2008/06/10
    Are the popular ones really objective and true docs? What are your faves of all time. Lynn reviews two she's recently seen .
  17. EPISODE121 - Neighbours, Neighbourhoods and Third Places2008/06/03
    Show Notes: http://eslteacherlynn.blogspot.com
  18. EPISODE120 - Surf's Up2008/05/29
    Some great podsafe music, some talk.
  19. EPISODE119 - One movie, CD and Book Allowed? Which Do You Choose?2008/04/29
    You are going to a deserted island for the rest of your life and can take one of each. Which do you take? Let's talk important books, music and movies.
  20. EPISODE118 - Open Topic Chatfest Part 22008/04/24
  21. EPISODE117 Open Topic Chatfest Part One2008/04/22
  22. EPISODE116 -Drug company hid Vioxx data, study shows &Chaos Theory creator.2008/04/17
    Vioxx was recalled and now a study shows the drug company manipulated data to downplay potential harm. How do you feel about this? Also, creator of the Chaos Theory died Wed. What does the theory say?
  23. EPISODE115 - France Outlaws Promotion of Extreme Thinness and Spring Fever2008/04/15
    What impact does advertising have on our self image? What role does gov't have in legislation? What about the responsibility of the fashion industry? And let's talk about gardening plans. It's spring!
  24. EPISODE114 - Yahoo Launched Shine 4 Women or 4? Disposable electronics?2008/04/03
    Why did Yahoo launch Shine for women and what are women interested in according to Shine? Also, are your electronics repaired or thrown away in your house? http://eslteacherlynn.blogspot.com
  25. EPISODE113 - Earth Hour and Rescuing Big Cats2008/04/01
    What does an hour of conservation mean to you? Working with big cats. Worth the risk?
  26. EPISODE112 - The Real Story behind Nursery Rhymes and Violence in Sport:Roy2008/03/27
    Not as we thought they were, the stories behind well-known rhymes. Also, violence in sport. Talking about the Roy fight and should he be charged?
  27. EPISODE111 - WWI Cave City Discovered and Can Spending Bring Happiness?2008/03/25
  28. EPISODE110 - Pharmaceutical Ads. Helping People? Science Frauds.2008/03/20
    Directly marketing to patients is what's happening on US TV. Canada has a different law. Regulations necessary? and..What's going on with Fake Scientific Results?
  29. EPISODE109 - Largest Telescope and Talking About Movie: Pan's Labyrinth2008/03/18
  30. EPISODE108 -Student Expelled due to Facebook Study Group, Altamont Concert2008/03/13
  31. EPISODE106 - Eckhart Tolle's web event and female pod/talkcasters2008/03/11
    Did you try to get into Oprah's web event? I did. Tell me about it. What are female pod/talkcasters talking about?
  32. EPISODE105 - Should Sick People Be Sent Home? Levelator for Audio2008/03/06
  33. New Talk Show : Lynn in the PM2008/03/04
    Talked about press releases with Askcarl, elections, low voter turn-out and heard about a new talkcast.
  34. EPISODE103 - Open Chat, Satellites, the Moon2008/02/26
  35. EPISODE101 - Anti-Valentine's Day, Italy and an Idiom Explained2008/02/12
  36. EPISODE 99 - Groundhog Day, Feb Facts, Brazil and More2008/02/05
    In the spotlight today: Brazil. An English language idiom and more.
  37. EPISODE98 - Spain, Mistletoe and More2008/01/22
  38. EPISODE97 - Champagne Etiquette, Auld Lang Syne Origins and More2008/01/15
  39. EPISODE96 - Cultural Soup- Hello January2008/01/11
  40. EPISODE94 - Christmas Lyrics Guessing Game, Hilarious Web Site and More2007/12/06
  41. EPISODE93 - My Birthday and Guest Co-host, Chris Riddle2007/12/04
    Be creative. Bring a poem, joke, podsafe music or audio clip or just be here!
  42. EPISODE92 - All Aussie Slang and Stuff Epi with Guest Co-host, Paulrex2007/11/29
    Paulrex presented to us about his country, Australia. He created a web site with accompanying pics and maps. www.paulrex.com/cs
    He explained Aussie slang and had us guessing.
  43. EPISODE91 - Musicals and Embarrassing Moments with Co-host, Kim Fenolio2007/11/27
    Guest host, Kim Fenolio, of Girls Night In Podcast/Talkcast joins Lynn. Topics: A musical theatre quiz and life's embarrassing moments.
  44. EPISODE90 - Talking Turkey2007/11/22
    It's Thanksgiving in the USA. Come chill and take a break from cooking, family you really can't stand and the snowstorms.
  45. EPISODE89 With Gues Co-host, LaSal. Talking music, books and movies.2007/11/20
    You can only take one CD, one movie and one book to a deserted island where you'll be marooned alone. Which would you take? LaSal and I exchanged our picks and chatters added theirs.

    Idiom - a pig in a poke

    Why do we do that? About the Dutch
  46. EPISODE88 - Words and Worlds with Guest Co-host Askcarl2007/11/15
    Idiom Explained - Davey Jones' Locker

    Why Do We Do That? Dance the Hula

    Sort of a Hawaiian themed show.

    Carl talked about easy money offers and the impact of e-commerce through a story he wrote.
  47. EPISODE87 - Cultural Soup w/Special Co-host, Madame2007/11/13
    I'm inviting peeps to co-host the Soup for the next while. We'll have an idiom explained, a custom and more.
  48. EPISODE86 - Idiom Explained, Why We Do That? and Who's That Guy plus more2007/11/08
    Idiom - Robbing Peter to pay Paul

    Why Do We Do That? - Info about applauding/clapping. The origins and differences in cultures.

    Who's That Guy guessing game. Can't tell you who the guy was. You'll have to listen!
  49. EPISODE85 - News of the Week, Idiom Explained and Who's That Guy?2007/11/06
    This news story was about a woman who found a famous artist's painting and didn't realize its value.

    Idiom Explained - The Real McCoy

    Played Who's That Guy guessing game.
  50. EPISODE84 - Sugar Crashing and Who's That Guy?2007/11/01
    Did you have a fun Halloween? Come tell me about it? Also, a game of Who's That Guy?
  51. EPISODE83 - ALL HALLOWEEN EPISODE Part Boo!2007/10/31
    Will try again. Previous episode was haunted.
  52. EPISODE81 - Another Idiom Explained, "Bless You" and Who's That Guy?2007/10/25
    Idiom "forty winks"
  53. EPISODE80 - Idiom Explained, Eye Contact Around the World, Who's That Guy?2007/10/23
    Origin of "Beat a Dead Horse", eye contact norms in different places and guess the person guessing game
  54. EPISODE79 -Testing Stuff: Come Chat!2007/10/19
  55. EPISODE78 - Idiom Explained, Who's That Guy Guessing Game and More2007/10/18
  56. EPISODE77 - Idiom Explained, Who's That Guy and More2007/10/16
    Origin of "my two cents" and Ethiopian mourning customs
  57. EPISODE76 - Idiom Explained, Guess That Guy and more2007/10/09
    Idiom- "At sixes and sevens", gesturing "come here" in different countries. Who's that Guy Guessing Game.
  58. EPISODE74 - Cultural Soup-An Idiom,Ok Gesture and Who's That Guy?2007/10/04
    Who's That Guy? guessing game, Idiom "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" and the OK gesture in other countries
  59. EPISODE73 - Talkshoe Dictionary, Idioms Explained and More2007/10/02
  60. EPISODE72 - Cultural Soup-DIFFERENT TIME TODAY ONLY2007/09/27
    Same show, different time due to appointments. Idioms Explained, Customs Around the World (Wedding Rings) and Guessing Game: Who's That Guy?
  61. EPISODE71 - Cultural Soup-New Segments2007/09/25
    Idioms Explained, Customs Around the World and Guessing Game: Who's That Guy?
  62. EPISODE70 - Introverted in an Extroverted World and Grey Owl2007/09/20
    Has the internet opened up new avenues? Coping, benefits and challenges. The fascinating story of Grey Owl.
  63. EPISODE69 - Cultural Soup- Cell Phones and Civility and a Contest2007/09/18
    Do you talk like you're the only one there? What about passing people on the street? Do you smile? Say hi? Tell me about it. Name that Famous Face Contest.
  64. EPISODE68 - Music Only from Composers and Heavy Metals Ep.2007/09/14
  65. EPISODE66 - Composers and Heavy Metals2007/09/13
    Bach, Beethoven with a modern twist and about the composers.
  66. EPISODE67 - Run Fox Run Song (Music only)2007/09/13
    by David Leask, www.davidleask.com
  67. EPISODE65 - Terry Fox and My Favourite Travel Web Site2007/09/11
    About this young Canadian man's life and his legacy of hope.
  68. EPISODE64 - Cultural Soup- A Mixed Bag of Topics -What's in Your Fridge?2007/09/06
    What's in Your Fridge, Public Bathrooms, Elvis songs, role models, and other stuff.
  69. EPISODE63 - Bullies and About Roots of Empathy Program2007/09/04
    Bullying has always been a problem. Roots of Empathy is an award winning, evidence-based classroom program that has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression and violence among school children.
  70. EPISODE62 - Cultural Soup-Friday Show2007/08/31
    This week only. Back to Tues and Thurs next week.
  71. EPISODE61 -"The Ballad of the Talkshoe Site" read by ESLTeacherLynn2007/08/28
    Just the parody from previous show.
  72. EPISODE60 - Cultural Soup-Talkshoe Island2007/08/28
    I noticed how Talkshoe friends remind me of a certain 70's TV sitcom's island habitants.
  73. EPISODE59 - Cultural Soup- Who's That? Do You Know these "Firsts"?2007/08/23
    Join Lynn in the Soup. She'll post a link to some photos. Do you know who these faces belong to?
  74. EPISODE58 - What Happened to Girl Role Models?2007/08/21
    Who were your role models and who are girls looking up to today? And why?
  75. EPISODE57 - Elvis2007/08/16
    You're invited to jump into the Soup and talk about whatever's on your mind.
  76. EPISODE56 -Get Your Grammar On Game Show-Poor Audio but Worth a Listen2007/08/14
    Yes, an idea has been created and Lynn's going with it. Come test your knowledge of English grammar. It's the only way she can make it fun and not fall asleep during the talkcast. It's Game Show Time!
  77. EPISODE55 - Brush Up on Your Grammar2007/08/09
    Grammar Quiz. Can you identify the parts of speech? Do you know a verb from an adverb? Is a possessive pronoun just clingy? Take a short quiz and talk more about English language and world culture with Lynn.
  78. EPISODE54 - Multiculturalism and Looks Can Be Deceiving2007/08/07
    Lynn reports on the Heritage Festival, a celebration of cultures and comments on a few interesting moments. A song to discuss, too.
  79. EPISODE52 - Interview with David, ESL Teacher in Korea2007/08/02
    What is teaching ESL about? What does running have to do with it? David will talk about his inspirations and share his experience and knowledge. Please join us with questions or comments.
  80. EPISODE53 - Music Only-A Cappella Songs from Around the World-Ep.#51 Cont'd2007/07/31
    In Episode 51, Lynn spoke with Chad Bergeron from acapodcast.com. These are the songs from the talkcast, plus an extra one not played in the previous episode.
  81. EPISODE51 - Everything A Cappella Episode w/Special Guest2007/07/31
    A-cawhat? A Cappella. We talked about it, some great groups, a bit of our experiences. Lynn played some catchy a cappella music. Guest-Chad Bergeron from the Acapodcast www.acapodcast.com shared his knowledge and experience. Thanks Chad!
  82. EPISODE50 - Cultural Soup Free for All2007/07/26
    Lynn will bring some cultural-related news and more weird contests but will open up the phones right away. What you want to talk about? Talk shoe? Learning or teaching English? Movies? Up to you.
  83. EPISODE48 - Weird Contests around the World2007/07/24
    Cheese chasing, wife carrying and other strange contests.
  84. EPISODE49 - Songs for ESL Teachers-Not Educational, Just FUN! (music only)2007/07/20
    ESL teachers, this compilation is for you!
  85. EPISODE47 -Culture Quiz #22007/07/19
    More questions on cultures around the world. Do you know the answers? Identify the photos here http://eslteacherlynn.googlepages.com/episodetitles
  86. EPISODE45 - Culture Quiz2007/07/17
    Ten questions about culture around the world.
  87. EPISODE45 - Theory of Multiple Intelligences2007/07/12
    First written about by Howard Gardner, this theory opens up what was once known as brain to include other talents. Lynn talks about each of the "intelligences" and why it's important to broaden the field. Other topics discussed were food, medicine and nutrition. Fun show.
  88. EPISODE44 July Holidays/Birthdays-Canada Day & Independence Day Histories2007/07/10
    Build a Scarecrow Day? Princess Di's Birthday is celebrated in July. So are Canada's and the US's birthdays. A bit of their histories and a mention of a few of the funnier special days from July. I love an excuse to celebrate. There was a lot of fun in this episode.
  89. EPISODE42 - What's Important about Culture? A Round Table Discussion2007/06/28
    Why is it important to focus on culture in today's world? Lynn gives her opinions and invites yours.
  90. EPISODE43 - "Disposable Culture" by The Experiments (song only)2007/06/28
    Sorry for the poor audio quality from Episode 42. This is better. Lyrics here.
  91. EPISODE41 - Remembering Steve Irwin cont'd-Song "Goodbye Crocodile Hunter"2007/06/26
    Written by Colin Buchanan
    Played with permission
  92. EPISODE40 - Remembering Steve Irwin and Animal News2007/06/26
    Come brag about your furry family member, feathered kid or reptilian companion. Lynn goes through some animal-related news stories and remembers Steve Irwin. Crikey, she loves animals, too!
  93. EPISODE39 - Funny Songs Episode (Music Only)2007/06/22
    I've taken the songs from Episode 33 (Make Me Laugh) and created an mp3 for your listening enjoyment. Hear The Boob Fairy, Computer Blues, Six Guys Ten Teeth and Tech Support for Dad. Better audio and clarity. Enjoy.
  94. EPISODE38 - National Aboriginal Day in Canada and Summer Solstice Info2007/06/21
    An aboriginal story and what is the summer solstice?
  95. EPISODE36 - Fathers Day2007/06/19
    Where did it start and why? Other interesting stuff about dads and their day. Lots of interesting talk and laughs with Carl, Madame and Chuck Roast. Special designation days in the US.
    A bit about iguanas in Florida, a Fathers Day song by Orange is In.
  96. EPISODE37 -Mother's Day Origins2007/06/14
    Where did it start? A whole lot of fun with Carl and Eddye and some heartstring plucking Mom Day music.
  97. EPISODE35 - CBC's Seven Wonders of Canada-Final 7 are Announced2007/06/12
    The CBC has been running a contest in which people could nominate and vote for the top wonders of the country. Three judges narrowed it down and chose the top 7. Lynn takes you on a tour of their choices and talks about the controversial process. See http://www.cbc.ca/sevenwonders/
  98. EPISODE34 - Avoiding Cliches. GUEST Lisa Braithwaite -Public speaking coach2007/06/07
    You hear them in conversations, in speeches, everywhere. The truth will set you free! What does that mean anyway? Lynn speaks with Lisa Braithwaite to get her tips on effective public speaking.
  99. EPISODE33 - Make Me Laugh! Joke and Funny Story Episode2007/06/05
    Time to lighten up! Call in with your most hilarious story, cleanish joke or news article. Lynn will bring some funnies, too. Great comedy songs by the best on the Net and the best Talkshoe hosts!
  100. EPISODE32 - Endangered and Extinct Languages2007/05/31
    About both. What can be done and what some cultures are doing to bring their languages back to life.
  101. EPISODE31 - Gen. Y Teens Carrying Adult Workload-Says New Study2007/05/29
    What workload are teens really faced with today? Slackers? Not according to a new study. Gen X, Gen Y, Boomer teens.
  102. EPISODE30 - Seven Wonders of Canada Contest2007/05/24
    It's happening now. Down to 52 nominees. Vote on CBC.ca by May 25. Lynn talks about the 52 nominees. From east to west, beautiful Canadian attractions.
  103. EPISODE28 - Interview with Adam, ESL Teacher2007/05/22
    Adam has recently returned home to Texas. He's spent the last 4 years teaching in Seoul and Japan. Lynn gets the dirt.
  104. EPISODE29 - Another Poem by Lynn-ESL Grammar Blues/Word 'n Sentence STRESS!2007/05/19
    Read by Lynn. ESL Teachers, use for something different in your grammar lesson planning. Have students recite. Discuss grammatical concepts. Learners, did I capture the frustration?
  105. EPISODE27 Movie Reviews-What's your pick? Mine is "Nobody Knows&#342007/05/17
    "Nobody Knows" by Kore-eda Hirokazu. Please rent it!!!!! Then, come talk about it. I saw it this week and it left me deeply moved. Or bring your own review for a favourite movie of the year.
  106. EPISODE26 - Cultural Imprinting Used to Sell/Manipulate Us-IMPORTANT 4 ALL2007/05/15
    I've discovered that people are tapping into our culturral imprinting and using that knowledge to sell us stuff. The best antidote is to be aware of what they know.
  107. EPISODE25 - Is txt mssging creating terrible spllers? LOL! IMHO, maybe2007/05/10
    Youth and text messaging. What's happening to writing skills?
  108. EPISODE24 - What's in a Name? Greeting People Around the Globe2007/05/08
    First name? Both names? Titles? How to greet people around the globe.
  109. EPISODE23 - The "L" Word, Romanic Languages and the Romantic Period2007/05/03
    The "L" Word, the Romanic Languages and the Romantic Period.
  110. EPISODE22 -Kiss, Bow, Touch? Greetings in Different Countries2007/05/01
    Lynn covers greetings around the world. What's common in your part of the golbe? How do you greet others? Come talk about customs.
  111. EPISODE21 - Pets2007/04/26
  112. EPISODE20 -Relieving Stress2007/04/24
  113. EPISODE19-Dictionary Game-Can You Guess the Real Definitions?2007/04/19
  114. EPISODE18 - Studying in a New Culture2007/04/17
  115. EPISODE17 Interesting Web Dictionaries,Thesauri,Translators2007/04/12
  116. EPISODE16 - Commonly Mispronounced English Words2007/04/10
  117. EPISODE15 - Stump the English Teacher (Test me!)2007/04/05
  118. EPISODE14 - Voluntourism and Vacations with a Purpose-a new trend?2007/04/03
  119. "Words" Poem-Dramatic Reading by ESL Teacher Lynn :)2007/04/02
  120. EPISODE12 - English Trivia. Come join in!2007/03/31
  121. EPISODE11 -Sapir Whorf:Does our Native Language Influence Our Thinking?2007/03/30
  122. EPISODE10 - Language Learning and the Changing Brain2007/03/27
  123. EPISODE9 -Tattoos. Cool or Taboo? About tatts2007/03/25
  124. EPISODE8 - Canadian Culture? Does it exist?2007/03/23
  125. EPISODE7continued - More on Culture Shock2007/03/22
  126. EPISODE7 - Culture Shock -Stages and How to Recognize it2007/03/20
  127. EPISODE6continued - DIscussion on Krashen/Tutoring2007/03/18
  128. EPISODE6 - Stephen Krashen;s Theory. Relax and Soak It2007/03/18
  129. EPISODE5-Myers-Briggs Personality Type and Language Learning2007/03/14
  130. EPISODE4 -Fave Listening Web Sites for ESL2007/03/13
  131. EPISODE1 -Intro to Host and Language and Culture2007/03/12
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