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Miracle Life

  1. Victorious Freedom in Christ2015/07/08
    Sunday 7/5/15 Teaching at Kingdom Encounters
  2. Freedom from Fear2007/07/24
    God's desire is that His people to be free from all fear. These truths will give you the necessary understanding so you can begin to live greater in love and be free from fear.

    Thanks to Don Tipton for the song "Here in your Presence"
  3. Miracle Life2007/06/20
    God's miracle life is not a religion or a philosophy but it is a person. That person is Jesus Christ who brings God's new life to us when we accept him as our Lord and Savior.

    Thanks to Everyday Driven for the song "My Forgiveness"

    Their web site.
  4. Why did Jesus Christ Come? Part 32007/05/18
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  5. Why did Jesus Christ come? Part 22007/05/12
    In Part 2 We delve deeper into the truth of why he came and what he accomplished for the believer by his offering for sin and sickness.

    My thanks to Floodgate for the song "Rise up and Praise Him" used in Part 2 of Why did Jesus Christ come? You can visit them here. http://www.floodgateonline.com/home.html
  6. Why did Jesus Christ come? Part 12007/05/08
    In Part 1 we recognize Jesus Christ came to show us the Father and he came to show us who we really are. He says he came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.
Miracle Life
Manifesting God's Miracle life.
Scriptural truths to bring wholeness Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually to all people.

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