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Richhill Presbyterian Church

  1. A Story Of Self-Destructive Leadership2017/11/05

  2. Effective Ministry!2017/11/05

  3. The Fall of a Mighty Warrior!2017/10/29

  4. How To Be A "Close To Home" Congregation2017/10/29

  5. The Lord is with you Mighty Warrior!2017/10/22

  6. An Approved Workman2017/10/22

  7. The Lord Is With You Mighty Warrior!2017/10/15

  8. Four Foundations2017/10/15

  9. Harvest Thanksgiving Service2017/10/08

  10. Harvest Thanksgiving Service2017/10/08

  11. The Lord Saves2017/10/01

  12. Keep, Guard and Entrust!2017/10/01

  13. Prepared To Be Surprised! The First Three Judges2017/09/24

  14. 'Not Ashamed!'2017/09/24

  15. There is a hope greater than death2017/09/17
    (Team Romania Feedback)

    Richhill Presbyterian Church exists to lead people to saving faith in Jesus, to bring them to maturity within the fellowship, and to encourage them to worship God in Spirit and Truth, and with lives of service. Losten to how this is achieved through the teachings of the minister.

  16. The Wonder of the Gospel2017/09/17

Richhill Presbyterian Church
Services at Richhill Presbyterian Church Northern Ireland.

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