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rw rule!!!!

  1. Summer Time2008/05/21

    i know its long but its pretty cool! hope you enjoy. happy summer!
  2. rw video intro song!2008/05/17

    hey here is the intro-song to one of the RW youtube videos! enjoy!

    go watch the video on youtube!

  3. rw is back!!...well soon2008/05/10

    hey guys! sorry its been a while. the podcast will explane it all! RW is comming back fools! thats HXC
  4. long,crazy,and annoying2007/11/30

    hey umm...we havent put anything up for a while due to stuff.....(^_^)! yeah...we made this song( thing.....) back in the summer of 2007...well put up some more stuff soon! thanks-

    rw rules!
  5. fast emo....more?2007/05/28

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! TO MANY EMOS!!! this is FOR REAL the last emo
  6. really annoying and long2007/05/28

    if you want to waist ten minutes of your life....listen to this. oh yeah the best part starts at about 2:00. so enjoy...this song( not really a song ) was made because of malfunction equipment. thanks! t(-.-*) ricky says that that is a guy fliping someone off......see it? hahahah
  7. city of the future2007/02/24

    this song rules!
  8. wanna be an emo on gutiar and drums2007/02/10

    this song was awsome william gutiarist ricky the drummer!
  9. weight of stone2007/02/03

    i will suffer with the weight of stone...........
  10. uhhh origonal emo2007/02/03

    this was the first emo song we made so its slowed down.......well more like normal time...feel free to sing along!! lyrics: wanna be an emo slit my wrist make me cry tonight. heh emos scare me........
  11. new songs.......2007/02/03

    dude fling the rock in a sock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. mountain troll2007/02/03

    i can sing like a mountain troll!!!!!!!!
  13. drumm bumm2007/02/03

    we dont really have a drummer cas we do everthing ourselves.........
  14. wanna be an emo2007/02/03

    hey we really dont want to be emos......
  15. heart attack2007/02/03

    tis was our intro to our old cd
  16. 2007/02/03
  17. greenday our version2007/02/02

    this is our greenday remake!!! it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. popicles2007/02/01

    i still dont know how to spell popcicles......
  19. orange popicicle2007/02/01

    i dont know how to spell popcicle......
  20. lost in time and true love......hahaha2007/01/29

    this was ment to be a love song in dedacation of susie( i dont even know a susie) but we kinda messed up.....but it still rocks!!!!
  21. DEATH METAL2007/01/28

    well this was our attempt at a death metal song......enjoy!
  22. red red winnizle2007/01/28

    we rock!!!!
rw rule!!!!
we are the best band in the world....R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me

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