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A Berkshire Hillbilly

  1. Inciteful Insights: Autumn in New England2007/10/29

    This season has been good to us, we have much to be grateful for. I hope it is as good for you.

  2. XDR TB2007/05/30

    Sometimes Life just reaches out and grabs you. Can we afford to be so casual about it? Can we afford to be so trusting?
  3. Who Are "The Republicans"?2007/05/16

    Last night NPR - that bastion of Leftist Defeatism and Liberalism - presented a discussion between three noted Republicans. The topic? How did we get HERE from THERE? You can listen to the show as a Pod Cast . And/Or listen to my take on it.
  4. Believing, not Knowing2007/05/10

    Another 45-second Religious treatise. And not a word said about God! Not a church mentioned! Maybe it isn't about religion at all? Just semantics?
  5. What About the Bees?2007/05/03

    Many things are vitally important to us. What is most important, though, is that we continue. To continue, we must survive. Something is threatening that, today, and it has yet to make a splash in the headlines. Hope that it does not.
  6. Liars & Tulips2007/04/26

    This seems to be the third leg on my stool - rambling. With some political overtones. The first warm days of the year are accompanied by showers of blossoms and fear-mongering liars. I guess if Congress and the Administration are both in session ... misery loves company.
    Enjoy the picture I took of a small clump of daffodils.
  7. A Question of Pride?2007/04/16
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  8. Resurrection? Or Teachings?2007/04/10

    Welcome to my first solo pod-cast. A short commentary backed by a quiet tune. And a message I didn't realize was so divisive.
A Berkshire Hillbilly
Sometimes I have something to say. On Politics, Religion, Economics, Arts ... on anything at all.

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