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Backyard Astronomy

  1. EPISODE31 - Lunar Observing Tips and the King of the Planets2009/01/03
    Welcome in 2009 with the king of the planets, Saturn. Saturn is slowly rising in the east and is gearing up for a great show in the next few months. Lunar observing tips are also discussed.
  2. EPISODE30 - December Sky Highlights2008/12/19
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  3. EPISODE29 - January Sky Tour2008/01/04
    Join us for the return of Backyard Astronomy and the January Sky Tour! Sorry for the delay, but Backyard Astronomy is back, so tune in and tell all of your friends!!
  4. EPISODE28 - Rising and Setting Constellations for September2007/09/22
    Tonight we talk about my favorite rising constellation of Orion, and the soon to set constellation of Hercules. We also cover a few deep sky objects and the autumnal equinox! So sit back and enjoy another edition of Backyard Astronomy!
  5. EPISODE27 - September Sky2007/09/14
    Were back! Come join us as we discuss what the end of the September sky has to offer. We also give you a few good deep sky objects to try and find on your own! We hope you come join us for this weeks edition of Backyard Astronomy. Were back, and ready to go!!
  6. EPISODE26 - Keeping your own observing logs2007/07/26
    I got the idea for this episode from when I made my audio obsering log show a few episodes past. Today we talk about why it is good to create and keep your own personal observing logs. Think of it as your diary to the sky. I also provide a free template that you can download over on my blog. Be sure to listen to the full episode for all of the details!
  7. EPISODE25 - SETI@Home2007/07/11
    SETI - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Learn how you can use your spare CPU cycles to help search for stray radio signals in outerspace!
  8. EPISODE24 - Observing Logs!2007/07/06
    This is a new feature for the show. I thought it would be fun to do a voice version of my observing logs. Now when I am done observing, I can report to you on what I saw, what I thought was wrong, and some good objects you can find for yourself. I hope this will make your observing more enjoyable. This is installment one for our backyard astronomy observing log series!
  9. EPISODE23 - The July Sky2007/07/03
    Today we discuss a few fun objects that you can easily spot naked eye. Be sure to bring the scopes out during your bbqs and let all of the kids take a look at some of the great planest we will be able to see this month!!
  10. EPISODE22 - Planispheres2007/07/01
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  11. EPISODE21 - Just An Update Show2007/06/23
    Hi everybody! Its been a long time since I got behind the mic. I just wanted to give you an update on whats going on since we have so many new listeners. Thank you to all who have downloaded the shows! We will still be around; I'm not planning on going anywhere. Feel free to download the episode, and send me any questions you might have to daniel at rigelastronomy dot com. Thanks!!
  12. EPISODE20 - Blue Moon2007/05/31
    Once in a Blue Moon a very famous expression. Tonight the moon is a blue moon. Where did the name come from and how often does this occur? The moon won't really turn blue, but it did once before!
  13. EPISODE19 - The Beautiful Northern Lights2007/05/23
    They are beautiful, and dance through our sky! Where can you see them, what causes them, and why are they green? The auroras are one of the great mysteries of the astronomy world and we are still questioning them today!
  14. EPISODE18 - Virgo Cluster2007/05/16
    This beautiful section in our sky that consists of some 2000 galaxies. You don't want to miss the chance to see it this summer!
  15. EPISODE17 - Accessories for your telescope2007/05/10
    So many to choose from, what is right for me? Today we discuss telrads, eyepieces, and filters all that will help you with night time viewing. If you have any questions, don't forget to ask! We dont bite! :) If your looking for a full tour of the night sky, head on over to talkshoe.com ID # 4866 for our full sky tour of the month!
  16. EPISODE16 - Constellations2007/05/02
    Even though our constellations appear as objects and figures to us here on Earth, they do not look like that in space. We talk about why in this episode as well as background information, and how we use them to sky hop. P.S. Sorry for the pronunciations again!
  17. EPISODE15 - Meteor Showers2007/04/25
    We all saw the great show this past weekend. Now we take a look at what exactly causes a shower to happen, as well as some popular showers throughout the year. P.S. Sorry for some of my pronunciations, they may have been a little off :)
  18. EPISODE14 - SPECIAL EDITION: Lyrid Meteor Shower2007/04/21
    This is our first ever special edition of Your Quick and Simple Astronomy Lesson. Be sure to catch the Lyrid Meteor Shower all this weekend for those in the Northern Hemisphere! P.S. Sorry for saying comet at the end, I realized this after I uploaded the show and listened to it again. Thanks!
  19. EPISODE13 - The Goddess of Love2007/04/20
    Venus is the brighest object in the night time sky, besides our moon. We also cover National Astronomy Day 2007
  20. EPISODE12 - Stellarium2007/04/13
    Stellarium - the free powerful open source planetarium software! Looking for a better way to find objects? Give Stellarium a try!
  21. EPISODE11 - New Ad information2007/04/13
    Please listen to this episode for some changes to our show. We have a little change coming, but it's nothing major!
  22. EPISODE10 - Stars2007/04/04
    Those big and bright things up in the sky; what are they and how long have we been observing them for? Come listen for some interesting history on our heavenly stars and what they exactly are.
  23. EPISODE9 - Sky-Map.org2007/03/30
    This is a really cool site that I've just come across. There is an extremely great amount of information on this site and it is well worth checking it out! There are so many fun things to play around with, so you definitely do not want to miss this show!
  24. EPISODE8 - Our Seasons2007/03/20
    For this week, I talk about why we have our seasons and were their names came from!
  25. EPISODE7 - Ten Observing Tips2007/03/12
    Ten good observing tips to help your nighttime star gazing more enjoyable!
  26. EPISODE6 - Clear Dark Skies / Woodland Hills Hosting2007/03/09
    In this episode, I talk to you about the free clear dark sky service located at http://www.cleardarksky.com/csk/ and free astronomy web hosting by the Woodland Hills Hosting Grant Program.
  27. EPISODE5 - Telescope Mini-Series - Part Three2007/03/08
    In part three of the series, we discuss the difference between newtonian and Cassegrain model of telescopes.
  28. EPISODE4 - Telescope Mini-Series Part Two2007/03/07
    In part two, I discuss what the difference is between reflector and refractor telescopes. I also mention the advantages and disadvantages of both.
  29. EPISODE3 - Telescope Mini-Series Part One2007/03/06
    There are so many different telescopes to buy. Before you go out and buy one, listen to this 2 or 3 part mini-series were we talk about which one would be right for you!
  30. EPISODE2 - New General Catalogue2007/03/05
    What the NGC Objects are all about.
  31. EPISODE1 - March Messier Marathon2007/03/04
    Get out now and see how many messier objects you can find with and without a telescope! Good luck and enjoy our first ten minute lesson!
Backyard Astronomy
Welcome to the exciting world of backyard astronomy! So many people love observing in their very own backyards with out having expensive hardware. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your observing sessions as possible. We offer many tips and suggestions so you will have a great time watching the heavens!
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