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  1. Audio 10: Upper Intermediate2008/04/01
    “Si yo pudiera”

    Learn how the Spanish imperfect subjunctive is used in combination with the conditional tense

  2. Audio 9: Upper Intermediate2008/04/01
    “Mi esposa me mantiene”

    Listen out for the impersonal expressions and notice how they are used with the Spanish subjunctive tense (e.g. es evidente que…)

  3. Audio 8: Upper Intermediate2008/04/01
    “¿Dónde estaremos en 20 años?”

    Practice the Spanish future perfect tense using this audio clip

  4. Audio 7: Intermediate2008/03/19
    “Sólo te pido que me escuches”

    Learn how to make requests using the Spanish subjunctive tense

  5. Audio 6: Intermediate2008/03/19

    Learn about and practice the Spanish preterite pluperfect tense.
  6. Audio 5: Intermediate2008/03/18
    “Corredora de autos”

    Learn and practice the different uses of the Spanish imperfect and preterite tenses.

  7. Audio 4: Upper Basic2008/03/18
    “Mi casa es tu casa”

    This audio clip will help you to practice Spanish prepositions and adjectives.

  8. Audio 3: Upper Basic2008/03/18
    “¿Qué vas a hacer este fin de semana?”

    Listen out for the verb “ir” (to go) and learn how it is used to form the Spanish future intention.

  9. Audio 2: Beginners2008/03/18
    “¿A qué hora te levantas?”

    “Estoy aburrido de la rutina”

    These audio clips look at Spanish reflexive verbs and how they are used to describe daily activities and routines.
  10. Audio 1: Beginners2008/03/18
    “¿Qué haces?”

    “Una nueva vecina”

    Learn how to introduce yourself and how to tell the time in Spanish.

  11. Space Tourism2007/05/02
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  13. Los números cardinales2007/04/13

    Escucha y repite...

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    Spanish in Spain With more than 15 years of experience AASS offers you Spanish courses in Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Sevilla or Valencia
  14. Uso del verbo "ser"2007/03/30
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  15. Business and the role of women in the twenty-first century2007/03/29
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  16. Mrs Cao2007/03/22
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  17. Lectura: La señora de Cao2007/03/22

    Este podcast contiene una lectura sobre la señora de Cao, que es la momia perteneciente a una gobernante de la cultura Mochica y se cree que gobernó el norte del actual Perú hace unos 1.600 años.
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