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  1. Are you gonna eat that?2011/03/15

    This wee we discuss food that we like, so pull up a chair to the kids table and lets talk turkey!
  2. EP 112-Batman is Bats@!t crazy?2010/11/15

    join us as we discuss the Psychosis of The Batman in his many incarnations. Of cours the producers of some of the movies could be called crazy! Cloony anyone?
  3. EP.110 The one where we drink a lot!2010/03/19

    Audrey, Mike , and West discuss many subjects about ALCOHOL. so hide your funnels, and get your six pack.
  4. EP 108 - RVP- Please listen to this SMURFING show!2010/03/01

    Its the fall cartoon preview, as we anxiously wait at 7:00 am on saturday morning to see all the new cartoons. we discuss the cartoons we grew up with. so grab the Herculoids, sit next to scrappy doo, and hit the remote.West brought Honey buns, and Mike has Krispy Kreme, And Audrey has the songs, you bring the milk! or meet us after school with He- Man and Voltron, as they take on G.I. Joe!
  5. Book to Film adaptations2010/03/01

    DING! in this corner weighing in at 250 pages THE BOOK! and in this corner weighing in at 250 minutes THE MOVIE! We discuss Book to film adaptations, so join West and Audrey as we talk about our favorites and the not so favorites.
  6. Movies and T.V. that make us cry2010/02/26

    we dip into emotional baggage as we discuss entertainment that got to us in a way that made the eyes water
  7. CIA-EP. 104 Our favorite movies of 20092010/01/31

    we discuss the best and worst of 2009. Join West and Mike for a lively discussion
We are a weekly sci-fi discussion show. we will discuss everything, even real estate. so please stop by for a listen

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