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The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema

  1. # 57 - Catching Up With Barry Jenkins & Dennis Dortch2009/09/21
    Catching Up With Barry Jenkins (Medicine For Melancholy) & Dennis Dortch (A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy)
  2. #56 - Michelle Materre & Neyda Martinez Of Creatively Speaking2009/09/02
    Michelle Materre & Neyda Martinez Discuss Their Creatively Speaking program at BAM on Labor Day Monday, September 7th. And I expound on the Shadow & Act $300 short film challenge!
  3. #55 - The 6 Leagues - Directors of "6 Things I Never Told You"2009/08/24
    The 6 Leagues (Stacey Holman, Ed DuRanté, Rod Gailes, Cinque Northern, James Richards, Caran Hartsfield) - Directors of the ActNow: New Voices In Black Cinema debut film 6 Things I Never Told You.
  4. #54 - ActNow Foundation's Aaron Ingram & Curtis John Discuss BAM Series2009/08/20
    ActNow Foundation Officers Aaron Ingram & Curtis John Discuss BAM Screening Series Debut, "6 Things I Never Told You."
  5. #53 - Black Screenwriters Roundtable2009/07/26
    A one hour discussion with black writers working within the studio system.

    Guests include:

    - Courtney Lilly (Everybody Hates Chris, Arrested Development)
    - Kriss Turner (Something New, The Bernie mac Show
    - Kenya Barris (Soul Food, Girlfriends, The Game)
    - Bashir Salahuddin (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon).
  6. # 52 - With Guest Wendell B Harris Jr (Chameleon Street)2009/07/06
    I was joined by the writer/director/star of the indie cult classic, "Chameleon Street," Mr Wendell B Harris Jr. for the entire hour.
  7. #51 - Distributors Roundtable (Guest list in show notes)2009/06/08
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  8. # 50 - Conversation W/ Filmmakers Keith Davis And Darius Clark Monroe2009/05/26
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  9. #49- No content for distribution; Box Office; Afro Neo-Realism; Web Content2009/04/20
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  10. #48 - Announcing Film Screening Series; Bloggers Roundtable No. 22009/04/06
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  11. #47 - Bloggers Roundtable (See Show Notes For Specifics)2009/03/30
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  12. #46 - W/ Aaron Ingram (ActNow Foundation) & Pete Chatmon (Premium)2009/03/09
    Episode 46 - Aaron Ingram, founder and operator of ActNow Foundation, a Brooklyn-based, black-owned and operated non-profit film and theatre company. - Pete Chatmon, writer/director of Premium, and founder and operator of the Double 7 Film family of ventures, as well as the 2008 Tribeca All Access award winner for his upcoming film, $Free.99.
  13. #45 - Reintroducing Tyler Perry; Creating A Black-Owned Prod/Dist Company2009/03/02
    My new zen-like approach to Tyler Perry and his movies, and creating renewed discussion on helping ourselves in the industry, instead of looking to Hollywood for assistance.
  14. #44 - Oscar/Indie Spirit Recap; What Is Indie? Filmmaker Khary Jones (Hug)2009/02/23
    Episode #44 - A recap of the Oscars Awards celebration last night; Defining independent cinema VS studio-influenced productions, and discussion on cinema with filmmaker Khary Jones, who short film, "Hug" was a Sundance 2009 selection.
  15. #43-Sergio Mims (Black Harvest Film Festival); Sujewa Ekanayake (DIY Film)2009/02/09
    Featured guests:

    - Sergio Mims, co-founder and director of the Black Harvest Film Festival.

    - Sujewa Ekanayake, director of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip and Date Number 1; Check him out at DIYFilmmaker.blogspot.com.
  16. #42-Barry Jenkins (Medicine For Melancholy), Scott Sanders (Black Dynamite)2009/01/26
    Brandon Wilson and I talked to Barry Jenkins, writer/director of "Medicine For Melancholy," and Scott Sanders, writer/director of "Black Dynamite."
  17. #41 - Golden Globes Briefing & Our Top 5 Films Of 20082009/01/12
    Brandon Wilson and I discussed the Golden Globes awards ceremony which took place last night, the 11th of January; and we each discussed our top 5 films of 2008.
  18. #40 - Mailbag; Reviews Of Che, Doubt, Grand Torino; Defining Black Film...2008/12/15
    Listener comments; Brandon Wilson and I reviewed "Che," "Doubt," and "Grand Torino;" Continuing Discussion on how to define "Black Cinema," and More...
  19. #39 - Black Box Office; Black Films At Sundance; Milk; Frost/Nixon; More...2008/12/08
    "A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy" and "Hunger" opening box office numbers; Black Films Playing At Sundance Next Month; Live-Blogging/Podcasting at Sundance; Show ideas for next year; Brandon Wilson & I reviewed "Frost/Nixon;" Brandon talked about the documentary, "The Times of Harvey Milk" as an addendum to his review of "Milk" last week. And much more...
  20. #38-"Intimidating" Black Cinema;Film Grant;Undefining Black Film;Reviews...2008/12/01
    Is the subject of "black cinema" intimidating? "Black Friday" Death; Tambay creates and funds a new grant for black filmmakers with short film scripts; YouTube/Sundance contest; Is it time we stop trying to define Black cinema; A new book titled "Slave Cinema;" Brandon Wilson (The Man Who Couldn't) reviewed "Let The Right One In," "Australia" and "Milk."
  21. #37 - Black Dynamite; Synecdoche,NY; Che; NYADFF; Art Or Entertainment2008/11/24
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  22. #36-"Black & Sexy" Recap; Costs Of Tix; Oscar-bait; Spike's Poor "Miracle"2008/11/17
    Episode 36-"Black & Sexy" screening recap; Oscar-Bait movies - what are you looking forward to seeing; A brief examination of the rising costs Of movie ticket prices; Enough with the historical black dramas; Spike Lee's "Miracle At St Anna" flops commercially and critically.
  23. EPISODE35 - Dennis Dortch (A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy); Tambay's Lament2008/02/11
    - Filmmaker Dennis Dortch talks about his feature film, A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY, a Sundance Film Festival selection, and an upcoming release from Magnolia Pictures.

    - Podcast going to once per month and other announcements.

    - Tambay laments on the state of things.
  24. EPISODE34 - Black Bloggers Roundtable2008/02/04
    Bloggers from theblackactor.com, invisible-cinema.blogspot.com, and http://qadree.com joined me in discussing various hot topics within the realm of black cinema.
  25. EPISODE33 - Oscar Nominees; Sundance Recap; 2008 Anticipated Films; More..2008/01/28
    Black Box Office; Oscar Nominees Announced - My $.02; Sundance recap; Pan African Film Fest; Capable Tenth Black Film Fund; More films I'm looking forward to seeing in 2008.
  26. EPISODE32 - Black Film In AZ; 2008 Films To See; The Strike; 4 Little Girls2008/01/21
    Joanna DeShay of the Arizona Black Film Showcase talked about their upcoming event; Filmmaker Brandon Wilson and I talked about the writers' strike, as well as some films we are looking forward to seeing in 2008; and African American Literature Professor Danielle Elliott of Smith College discussed her critical essay on Spike Lee's documentary, 4 LITTLE GIRLS.
  27. EPISODE31 - A Trip Into The Minds Of Some Of Today's Black Actresses2008/01/14
    Host Tambay A Obenson, along with the editor of TheBlackActor.com Blogspot, in a virtual roundtable showcase, featuring actresses, Esosa Edosomwan, Nedra McClyde, Lisa Strum, and Leslie Jones, as they discuss various topics in consideration of their lives as working African American actresses in the 21st century.
  28. EPISODE30 - January Preview; 5 Hopes For Black Film In 2008; Robert Johnson2008/01/07
    EPISODE30 - A preview of what's coming up on the podcast for the month of January; I list my top 5 hopes and expectations for Black Film in 2008; and Robert Johnson strikes again - another rant.
  29. EPISODE29 - St Clair Bourne RIP/Golden Globe Nominees/Listener Phone Calls2007/12/17
    EPISODE29 - Remembering St Clair Bourne, dead at age 64/Golden Globe Nominees/Listener Phone Calls on DIRTY LAUNDRY, Will Smith (I AM LEGEND), R. Kelly, SINGLE HILL, and black box office.
  30. EPISODE28 - 2008 Preview; Bamboozled Review; Capable Tenth Fund Breakdown2007/12/10
    EPISODE28 - A brief preview of shows scheduled for early 2008; My review of Spike Lee's 2000 satire, BAMBOOZLED; An extensive breakdown of the "Capable Tenth Black Film Fund" - non-profit VS for-profit; how exactly will it work?
  31. EPISODE27 - Revisiting "Capable Tenth;" Creating A Black Film Studio2007/12/03
    Tambay revisits his "Capable Tenth" funded black owned and operated film studio idea, detailing how we (black people) can realize real film industry independence. Listen to learn how YOU can help, and please join in the discussion!
  32. EPISODE26 - Black Orpheus, This Christmas, Daratt, more...2007/11/26
    Industry news and notes; Reviews of BLACK ORPHEUS, THIS CHRISTMAS, DARATT and SIA, THE DREAM OF THE PYTHON.
  33. EPISODE25 - News; BROTHER TO BROTHER Review; Watching Gay-Themed Films2007/11/19
    Industry news and notes; My review of BROTHER TO BROTHER; Discussion on watching gay-themed black cinema; Listener calls.
  34. EPISODE24- Review of YEELEN; Alternate film distribution2007/11/12
    EPISODE24 - Announcing the Obenson Report Movie Club - this week, BROTHER TO BROTHER; An extensive review of the Malian classic film YEELEN; How we can create alternate channels of film distribution; Revisiting "collective/movement power," and the "capable tenth" funded black film studio.
  35. EPISODE23 - Film Review of CLAUDINE (1974); Responses To My NPR Editorial2007/11/05
    EPISODE23 - Film Review of CLAUDINE the 1974 film starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones; Reader/listener responses to my NPR editorial on a call for a black-owned film studio.
  36. EPISODE 22- Hollywood 50 Most Powerful, Finishing up Top 5 W/Brandon Wilson2007/10/29
    * Premiere Magazine's annual list of the 50 most powerful/influential people in Hollywood - where are the black people? where are the black women?
    * Also, finishing up our top 5 lists of the films we've seen so far this year, with Brandon Wilson, writer/director of THE MAN WHO COULDN'T.
    Writer/Director of THE MAN WHO COULDN'T, Brandon Wilson, joined me in giving our individual picks for the top 5 films we've each seen so far this year, October 2007, going into the fall/winter award season.
  38. EPISODE20 - The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema2007/10/15
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  39. EPISODE19 - The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema2007/10/08
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  40. EPISODE18 - The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema2007/10/01
    Light day; Tambay is swamped (article, festival, "capable tenth" film fund, fall film production); PAFF or ABFF; shut up Jackie Chan; Drivin' Mr Sinatra (Chris Tucker); Oprah & Tyra top Forbes list of TV personality earnings; continuing to narrow down best black films list (we've got to do better).
  41. EPISODE17 - The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema2007/09/24
    1. Black Filmmaker Showcase - Writer/Director of THE MAN WHO COULDN'T (now on sale at Amazon.com), Brandon Wilson, talks about his film from A to Z (script, production, festival run, distribution).
    5. The "Capable Tenth" black film fund. We've created it; now it's time for you to act accordingly!
  42. EPISODE16 - The Obenson Report www.tambayobenson.com2007/09/17
    - 2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tambay launches a new festival, the New York Black Film Festival and creates a $2000 annual fund to finance short films; also movement/collective power -what exactly YOU can do; Lastly the "Capable Tenth" redux.
  43. EPISODE15 - The Obenson Report www.tambayobenson.com2007/09/13
    YAEC (Yet Another Existential Crisis) - So much going on... what to do?
  44. EPISODE14 - The Obenson Report www.tambayobenson.com2007/09/10
    Joined by co-hosts Shirley Bruno & Deesha Philyaw. Discussion topics: Halle Berry's recent baby news, Eddie Griffin's N-word tirade, films we're looking forward to seeing this fall/winter, Oprah supports Obama and more...!
  45. EPISODE13 - The Obenson Report (www.tambayobenson.com)2007/09/03
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  46. EPISODE 12 - The Obenson Report www.tambayobenson.com2007/08/30
    Weekly Rant... Remembering Katrina; and "Mumblecore Mania" What About Our Film Movement? My Letter To Filmmaker Magazine & Their Response
  47. EPISODE11 - The Obenson Report2007/08/27
    - Mailbag: Lots and lots and lots of feedback from listeners accumulated over the last 3 weeks.
    - The reasons for my "existential crisis" 2 weeks ago... really! Trying to make sense of it all.
    - Revisiting the "Capable Tenth," as well as the Black Film Movement/Collective. Where do YOU stand? What can we learn from The Borg; is resistance indeed futile?
  48. EPISODE10 - The Obenson Report2007/08/20
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  49. EPISODE9, The Obenson Report: Weekly Rant - Are You In Or Out?2007/08/17
    We are missing movement power! Are we willing to do what is necessary to see the change we want in black cinema? Do we have the confidence and courage to stand up to the dominant power structure. Do we have a choice?
  50. EPISODE 8 - The Obenson Report2007/08/06
    - Industry News & Notes.
    - Mailbag: Comments from listeners.
    - The notion of creating A Film Movement.
    - And I discuss my *radical* ideas for building a Black owned & operated Film financing, production and distribution Studio. We've done it before... we can do it again!
  51. EPISODE7 - The Obenson Report2007/07/31
    Tambay rants about Robert Johnson's venture alliance with The Weinstein Company, called Our Stories... And goes on about his solution for the creation of a black film studio...
  52. EPISODE6 - The Obenson Report2007/07/30
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  53. EPISODE5 - The Obenson Report: NOTE-First 25 Mins Cut Due To Audio Problems2007/07/23
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  54. EPISODE4 - The Obenson Report2007/07/09
    Narrowing down Tambay's list of the 100 Greatest Black American films of all time. Comparisons with other similar lists of black films; Continuing analysis on a black cinema aesthetic - comparisons between eras.
  55. EPISODE3 - The Obenson Report2007/07/02
    Audience Mailbag; The "100 Greatest Black American Films" list; Continuing discussion of how to define "black cinema;" Tambay wants to create a new film movement.
  56. EPISODE2 - The Obenson Report2007/06/25
    With Special Guest, Ralph Scott, Producer For BETJ; Program Director and Co-Founder of the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC). Topics include the current state and future of BETJ; also Ralph's personal film projects.
  57. EPISODE1 PART 2 - The Obenson Report, W/ABIOLA ABRAMS2007/06/18
    Second half of Monday, the 18th, recording, featuring Abiola Abrams.
  58. EPISODE1 - The Obenson Report2007/06/18
    With special guest Abiola Abrams, host of BET's Best Shorts Program. And guest-hosts, Shirley Bruno and Numa Perrier
  59. EPISODE6 - Voyager On Demand2007/06/11
    With special guest, Faith Adiele, award-winning author, columnist, documentarian, and college professor. Faith is also a popular speaker and reader who has appeared at universities across the country, has been interviewed on the Tavis Smiley show, and has appeared in O Magazine. She writes on a variety of topics including women's studies, food, travel, african studies, and coming of age.
  60. EPISODE5 - Voyager On Demand2007/06/04
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  61. EPISODE4 - Voyager On Demand2007/05/28
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  62. EPISODE3 - Voyager On Demand2007/05/21
    Filmmaker/writer/fashion designer/homegirl w/hand grenades Shirley Bruno will be joining us, adding some much needed estrogen to our discussion, which will cover a variety of topics, of course mostly related to black cinema. Learn more about Shirley at: http://www.myspace.com/astrangefruit.
  63. EPISODE2 - Voyager On Demand2007/05/15
    Featured Guest: Aaron Ingram of Act Now Foundation - a non-profit theatre and film arts organization dedicated to showcasing the varied experiences of under-represented ethnic groups in America. The ANF hosts a monthly film screening series in Brooklyn, NY. Visit http://www.actnowproduction.org for more info.
  64. EPISODE1 - Voyager On Demand2007/05/12
    An introduction to the Voyager On Demand podcast. The who, what, where, why, when, and how of Voyager Film Company. A brief history of black cinema; our views on the current state of cinema, specifically black cinema; and our hopes for the future.
The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema
www.obensonreport.com - Focus on Black cinema /black cinema (mainstream, independent, underground); showcase films and filmmakers from all across the African Diaspora, notably those who may never get exposure in the current cinematic climate. Informative and entertaining talk.
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