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Consulting Essentials

  1. Episode 10 - Consulting Skills and Communication Basics2013/03/09

    Accurate communication and clear understanding are difficult when words are used imprecisely or ambiguously. Misuse of words and misunderstanding go hand in hand. Listen to this podcast to better understand this issue. Write me for Examples that should illustrate how important it is to gain a careful knowledge of the words employed in a meeting, conference call, whitepaper or news article.
  2. Episode 9 - LOVE your next on-boarding experience2013/03/01

    What is onboarding? What can you do to have a good first week at a new project? What are some strategies you could use to be more successful? This podcast discusses a four step method to get you on the right track.
  3. Episode 8 - Starting off in Consulting - Safety Consulting2013/02/09

    This podcast features Safety Consulting, Joell Leggins. This conversations will be about the approaches he is considering in creating a service offering for his clients.
  4. Episode 7 - Considering Consulting?2013/02/09

    Many times, people wonder if they can begin a career in consulting. This message is for individuals considering consulting work post-retirement.
  5. Listening Role Play Case Study2007/06/11

    A special guest gives a few pointers on how listening helps our relationship with the client.
  6. Listening - Part 42007/06/08

    At the conclusion of our Listening Series, we discuss the important tie-in that makes listening the most important skill in your consulting practice. Today there will also be another podcast with a special guest. Look forward to the role-play case study.
  7. Listening - Part 32007/06/07

    Learn more about Active Listening and the benefits of listening within your consulting practice.
  8. Listening - Part 22007/06/06

    Create an environment for listening, learn about the barriers to listening and take proactive steps to improve your listening skill. The formula for success includes great listening technique.
  9. Listening - Part One of Four2007/06/04
    Do you want to win the war of words at work? Listening is most effective tool in your arsenal to assist you through your daily challenges. This four part series covers listening in great detail. Part One outlines the listening process and a few bad listening habits. Download the podguide at www.consultingessentials.com.
  10. Consulting Essentials2007/06/03

    The first step to becoming a great consultant is mastering the core skills of consulting. This podcast will give you all the information you need to improve your performance and build a strong knowledge base. Hosted by the Consulting Institute, Consulting Essentials will bring the most interesting and vital elements of consulting straight to you.
Consulting Essentials
Get an insider's view of the consulting industry. Learn more about how to improve your consulting skills. Expand your ability with this informative and relevant podcast.

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