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Jon Barron and The Baseline of Health Foundation Podcast

  1. Heart Disease in Ancient Civilization
    Researchers have found atherosclerosis in one-third of ancient mummies that they have discovered and it's surprising to hear that this is the same rate of the disease as we have in modern times.
  2. Absolutism in Healthcare
    When it comes to health, it’s all based on odds, not guarantees. Anyone who makes health claims about the effectiveness of certain supplements to prevent cancer is making false claims.
  3. Raw Sewage Adding to Beach Pollution
    Over 3.5 million people get sick every year after coming into contact with raw sewage at the beach, making beach pollution a big concern.
  4. Organic Food Definition and Studies
    Jon Barron considers recent food studies that test the definition of the organic food definition and the differences between organic and conventional food.
  5. Noise and Your Health
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  6. Yoga therapy study gives hope to stroke victims
    People who have had strokes experience symptoms such as difficulty or loss of speech, weakness of limbs, and balance difficulties. A recent study on the benefits of yoga conducted (by) the VA Medical Center of Indiana found that yoga can lessen stroke symptoms, especially balance difficulties.
  7. Studies Show Doctor Patient Communication Low, Physician Burnout High
    Did you know that if a doctors spends just an extra 45 seconds with a patient, the risk of litigation for medical malpractice greatly decreases?
    What can a doctor do with an extra 45 seconds? Proper doctor patient communication for one.
  8. Risk of Bacteria Infection Due to Beach Pollution
    Jaws isn’t the only predator lurking in the water. Beach pollution in the form of bacteria too small to see with the naked eye can cause harmful bacterial infections--not exactly the souvenir you want from a trip to the shore.

  9. The Cost of Work Injuries and High Stress Jobs
    According to this podcast and corresponding blog post on work injuries, out of 8 million work-related injuries and 500 thousand work-related sickness, work caused 59,000 deaths in 2010 alone. Of course these numbers cover only reported work injuries, illnesses and deaths. There are bound to be many more incidents from occupational hazards that were not reported.
  10. Hospital Mistakes & Surgical Errors -- Natural Health Podcast

    Serious errors are taking place in hospitals everywhere because charts are misread and the medical staff you expect to take care of you isn't always paying attention. And some of the mistakes were made because of pre-surgical errors in the physician's office. Listen to this health podcast for more information about protecting your health and your life during your next hospital experience!
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