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Caosteori`s podcast

  1. The TV Made Me Do It Vol. I 2010/09/05

    Some splendid snippets from TV and Cinema Soundtracks.

    Includes music from Piero Piccioni, Luis Bacalov, Maekawa Yoko and Peter Sellers!

  2. Thunder & The Sun2010/07/13

    ---Thunder & The Sun---
  3. Anthems Of The Sun2007/06/18
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  4. Arabic Podcast Episode2007/06/18

    I was starting a mix of world music, but got so caught up when I got to the middle-east that it ended up as an all-Arabic mix!! With music from Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Marocco, Egypt, Algerie etc.
  5. Le africaine dans son expression la plus intime et la plus séduisante!2010/02/09
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  6. Winter Solstice pt. III2010/01/04
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  7. Winter Solstice pt. II2010/01/04
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  8. Winter Solstice pt. I2010/01/04

    . Wagner - das Rheingold Vorspiel
    . Elm - Sacrament At Dusk
    . Far Out - Too Many People
    . Omar Khorsid - Rakset El Fadaa
    . Silvester Anfang - Het Bestormen Van De Verdoemenisberg
    . Rashaan Roland Kirk - Satin Doll
    . Moondog - The Message
  9. Do Your Thing!2010/03/09
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Caosteori`s podcast
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