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  1. Anna Nicole & Tallulah: Dixie Girls Gone Wild2007/02/05
    Anna Nicole and Tallulah are now gone, but their wild and lusty antics live on forever. Revisit Tallulah and her love affair with Hattie McDaniel...and Anna Nicole's first meeting in with the ancient Texas billionaire in a strip joint. These Southern gals rebelled against a police officer mother and a U.S.Speaker of the House father, who was 3rd in line for the Presidency!!
  2. TomKat & Liza: Lavender Marriages and Telltale Kisses2006/12/12
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  3. Reese Witherspoon & Elizabeth Taylor: Their "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" Marriages2006/12/05
    Is Reese a candidate for the lead role in "The Taming of the Shrew"? Is Ryan Phillippe really a serial cheater and pothead? Did Reese & Ryan have a screaming match at a movie premiere? OMG, Elizabeth Taylor's first husband was a philandering boozehound, spoiled rich boy AND uncle of Paris Hilton. Richard Burton and Liz's hilarious kinky foreplay and MUCH MORE!!!

  4. George Clooney & Abraham Lincoln: Homoerotic Horseplay2006/11/27
    Gorgeous George and Honest Abe get manly with their guy pals. Mary Lincoln returns early from a shopping spree to find an Army captain sleeping with Abe in the White House!

    Click below to hear the full down and dirty on these two fabulous men of manly mischief! Or, even better, subscribe to Starr Secrets in iTunes .

  5. Courtney, Winona, River, & Robert Downey, Jr: Their Hippie Parents Smoked 'Em2006/11/20
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  6. Rosie O'Donnell & Eleanor Roosevelt: <br>First Gay Moms of the World2006/11/13
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  7. Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn:<br />Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places2006/11/06
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  8. Elvis and The Yogi<br />Take a Magical, Mystery Tour2006/10/30
    Elvis's favorite spot in LA was a spiritual retreat founded by a famed Hindu holy man who was Gandhi's Yoga teacher.

    The ashes of the Mahatma are at this shrine on Sunset Boulevard, where Elvis & his Memphis Mafia went to find peace and a higher love away from groupies and adoring movie star girlfriends.
  9. Cher & Her Bagel Boy and<br /> Annie Oakley & Her Sitting Bull2006/10/16
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  10. Marilyn Monroe & Albert Einstein:<br /> Their Secret Love Affair2006/10/16

    The 20th Century's Biggest Brain and Biggest Sexpot get it on.

    Who knew?!!

    They talked of making a baby, but the ever thoughtful Einstein mused aloud:

    "What if it has my looks and your brains?!!"
  11. Lindsay, Woody & Elvis: Stars & Their Jailbird Dads2006/10/09
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  12. Jessica & Ashlee And Gypsy Rose Lee: Sizzling Sisters And Their Stage Parents From Hell2006/10/02
    There are two sister acts in show biz whose parents pushed them out on
    the circuit very early and who struggled well into adulthood to free
    themselves from filial suffocation.

    Their manager parents pimped them
    out to fame and fortune by sexualizing them and pocketing the money.
  13. Angelina Jolie & Kate Hepburn: Honesty & Lesbian Flings Are Sexy2006/09/25
    Honesty about a gal's swinging both ways and her unbridled passion for a lusty, big life, makes Angelina Jolie the sexiest woman on the planet!

    Katherine Hepburn sends her lady love packing and concocts "The Greatest Romance in Hollywood History" with a married father, the bisexual, hopeless alcoholic Spencer Tracy, making her the Queen of Denial. Not sexy!

  14. Johnny Depp & F. Scott Fitzgerald: Americans Doin' It The French Way2006/09/21

    Johnny Depp gives up his wild ways to coo sweet nothings in French to his lady love.

    While F. Scott Fitzgerald searches the Louvre with Hemingway for Greek statues that can prove his manhood is up to snuff!!
  15. APB - Paris Hilton Gets Arrested: Skank Fails Blow ME-ter2006/09/12
    Paris Hilton's drunken antics on the set of her new movie, lands her a drunken photo shoot for the paparazzi and some jail time.

    Cher's son Elijah Blue, feels the burn of Paris' skank-o-meter after a steamy encounter. In fear of contracting VD, he douses himself with a cool, refreshing splash of Bathroom Cleaner!!

  16. Pam Anderson and Gandhi: Sexy Vegetarians2006/09/05
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  17. Brad Pitt and Rudolph Valentino: Pussy Whipped in Hollywood2006/08/29
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  18. Madonna: The World's Greatest Female Impersonator2006/08/23
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  19. Paris Hilton and That Churchill Tramp2006/08/06
    Celebutante Paris Hilton gets down and dirty with history's Pamela Churchill. Let's dish about these two "working" girls and see how they hold up to one another.

    Pamela Churchill serves her country as ambassador to France after a flirtation with President Clinton and Paris Hilton's sexploits on video serve as a publicity stunt to becoming a household brand!

  20. APB - Mel Gibson's Malibu Meltdown2006/08/01
    Let's dish about Mel Gibson's recent DUI arrest in Malibu!

    His outbursts were outrageous.

    We've got all the insider information.

    You wouldn't believe what he had to say!?!?
  21. Elvis and Wyatt Earp: The Jewish Connection2006/07/19
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  22. Jessica Simpson: The Creepy Dad Club2006/07/11

    Join the legendary Starr Sisters of Malibu, Patte and Randa in their discussion about their reader acclaimed blog:

    "The Creepy Dad Club"

    Jessica promises her virginity to her father "Pastor" Joe and original Hollywood starlet Jean Harlow's father pimps her out to the Mob! Scandalous!!!
  23. Angelina Jolie: Mother of Reinvention2006/07/11
    Join Patte and Randa the legendary Starr Sisters of Malibu, and their lovely Brooklyn accents in their discussion about the uncanny parallels between Angelina
    Jolie, Mia Farrow and topless 1920's Jazz Dancer, Josephine Baker!

    Listen to the girls dish on our premiere episode,

    "Angelina Jolie: Mother of Reinvention"
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