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  1. RSAC 2017: Robert Graham on Mirai and IoT Botnet Analysis2017/11/20
    Robert Graham discusses "Mirai and IoT Botnet Analysis." Presentation from RSA Conference USA 2017, recorded with permission. Follow along with the slides; see PDF link in show notes at techpulsepodcast.com

  2. RSAC 2017: Amit Serper on OSX Pirrit and Why You Should Care about Malicious Mac Adware2017/03/23
    Amit Serper discusses "OSX Pirrit: Why You Should Care about Malicious Mac Adware." Presentation from RSA Conference USA 2017, recorded with permission. Follow along with the slides; see PDF link in show notes at techpulsepodcast.com

  3. RSAC 2017: Patrick Wardle's Meet and Greet with the macOS Malware Class of 20162017/03/20
    Patrick Wardle's "Meet and Greet with the macOS Malware Class of 2016." Presentation from RSA Conference USA 2017, recorded with permission. Follow along with the slides; see PDF link in show notes at techpulsepodcast.com

  4. Tech Pulse 20101027: Podcast News and Announcements2010/10/27
    A brief update about the podcast, and a chance to meet the JoshMeister in November

  5. Tech Pulse 20071108: Does Mac Security Suck?2007/11/08
    Josh and Big-O discuss the Google Android phone platform announcement and the new Mac OS X Trojan spreading through porn sites, and talk at length about the pros and cons of Mac OS X vs. Windows security

  6. Tech Pulse 20071026: Special Edition: Mac OS X Leopard Launch2007/10/26
    Josh covers the launch of Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, talking to several people in the line (including Victor Cajiao of Typical Mac User), giving his first hands-on impressions of Leopard, and doing exclusive coverage of the wedding-day Apple Store crashers!

  7. Tech Pulse 20071018: Amazon.com DRM-free MP3s, eBay Hacked, Zune Adds Podcast Support, and more!2007/10/18
    Lots of news including the Amazon.com DRM-free MP3 store, eBay hack led to stolen credit card info, iPhones unlocked then bricked then unlocked again, Zune adds podcast support, Bungie might split from Microsoft, Mac OS X Leopard is coming, and more!

  8. Tech Pulse 20070906: Drobo Review, iPhone Price Cuts, iPod Touch, HandBrake, and more!2007/09/06
    A guest review of Drobo, plus tons of iPhone- and iPod-related news, details about recent Monster.com and Mobipocket server hacks, Josh offers security tips, Josh picks the multi-OS free DVD ripper HandBrake, Kyle discusses iWork and iLife 08, and more!

  9. Tech Pulse 20070823: Monster.com Hacked, 700 MHz and Google, Open Letter to Palm, and more!2007/08/23
    Josh talks about Monster.com user data being stolen, Google preparing to bid on the 700 MHz spectrum, Engadget's open letter to Palm: get with the times, full screen mode in QuickTime Player without 7.2 or Pro, and the Mac browser Camino!

  10. Tech Pulse 20070809: Netflix Hacked, Uninterruptible Power, Sweet Firefox Add-ons, and more!2007/08/09
    Josh talks about Apple's new iMac and other product upgrades, Netflix getting hacked, future huge-capacity notebook drives, the safety of using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Firefox add-ons to block ads and increase Internet safety, and more!

  11. Tech Pulse 20070802: Google Galore, Apple Profits and Patches, USB vs. FireWire, IPv6, and more!2007/08/02
    Josh, Anthony, and Kyle chat about Apple news, Google Phone rumors, Google apps, securing VNC, multi-service IM clients, USB vs. FireWire, Intel Core 2 Quad price drops, IPv6, the annoyance of required reboots, and more!

  12. Tech Pulse 20070718: New "Mac Worm," Connect to Your PC or Mac for Free, Batch Image Resizers, TextWrangler, and more!2007/07/18
    Josh and Big-O discuss the alleged new "Mac worm" and Mac security in general, how to remotely connect to your PC or Mac for free using VNC, batch photo resizing freeware apps for Windows and Mac, TextWrangler, and more!

  13. Tech Pulse 20070711: iPhone Nano Rumors, E3, Quicksilver and Launchy, GeekHosting.com, and more!2007/07/11
    Josh, Anthony, and Big-O discuss rumors about an iPhone Nano and share some E3 highlights, tech tips, and picks including OpenOffice.org and NeoOffice, Growl, Quicksilver and Launchy, and GeekHosting.com

  14. Tech Pulse 20070703: iPhone Hands-on Review!2007/07/03
    Anthony King (MacMod.com) and special guests Quinn McHenry (Tech-Recipes.com) and Jeff Phillips (MacTechEdu.com) share their personal experiences with the iPhone, tips about instant messaging and secret button combos, and more!

  15. Tech Pulse 20070627: Opera Mini 4 vs. iPhone, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Tips2007/06/27
    Opera Mini 4 Beta launches a preemptive strike against the iPhone, but can it possibly hold a candle to the iPhone's Safari browser? Josh and Kyle also discuss anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions for Windows

  16. Tech Pulse 20070619: OpenDNS, Booqbags, DST Patches, Levelator, and more!2007/06/19
    Big-O introduces himself and talks about organizing the Mac OS X Applications folder and The Levelator, Josh talks about DST patches and AppleJack, Kyle gushes over OpenDNS and compares hard drives, and Anthony recommends Booqbags and ergonomic keyboards

  17. Tech Pulse 20070616: iPhone, Safari 3, YouTube on Apple TV, and Parallels 32007/06/16
    Tech Pulse podcasters Josh, Kyle, and Anthony introduce themselves and discuss the iPhone, Safari 3 Public Beta, YouTube content on the Apple TV, and Parallels Desktop 3.

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