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LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show

  1. EPISODE68 - LOST - The Mortal Kombat Podcast2010/07/26
    Matteo and Jlo Joe do the Mortal Kombat LOST theme
  2. EPISODE67 - LOST - MOMENTS2010/06/17
  3. EPISODE66 - LOST - The Final Episode - The End2010/05/29
    Matteo and Jlo discuss the final episode ever of LOST and what we will do now that its all over.
  4. EPISODE65 - LOST - Almost the Finale2010/05/20
    Matt flips about this (Broken) statement we are all just supposed to be OK with.
  5. EP64 - LOST - Across the sea2010/05/15
    Lost episode Matteo and Jlo Joe talk about the latest episode Across the Sea and then dive into their own 20 questions.
  6. EPISODE63 - LOST - Sayid Dies - Only one way to go2010/05/09
  7. EPISODE62 - LOST - The Last Recruit2010/04/24
    Where Jack becomes the man
  8. EPISODE61 - LOST - Everybody Loves Hugo2010/04/17
    Hugo finds Libby in the alternate time line. Thank goodness right!?!
  9. EPISODE60 - LOST - Happily Ever After2010/04/10
    note, One scene is very explicit, 40 minutes into the epsiode.
  10. EPISODE59 - LOST - LOST Again2010/04/03
    Today Matteo and Jlo Joe discuss the Kwon's
  11. EPISODE58 - LOST - Ricardo2010/03/28
    An episode about richard
  12. EPISODE57 - LOST - RECON2010/03/18
  13. EPISODE56 - LOST - Dr Linus2010/03/12
  14. EPISODE55 - LOST - Sundown2010/03/06
    Who do you trust? Sayid bad? seriously!
  15. EPISODE54 - LOST - White Rabbit .. I mean lol2010/02/25
    6 Years later we are starting season 1 over again, and this time Jack has a kid!!!
  16. EPISODE53 - LOST - Bad Locke becomes Great2010/02/18
    In this episode, we go into detail about locke and the anti locke. IS anti Locke really locke?
  17. EPISODE52 - LOST - What Kate Does2010/02/14
    What Kate does! ISn't it annoying! AGHH :) Hope you enjoy the episode
  18. EPISODE51 - LOST - S6_La X2010/02/05
  19. EPISODE50 - LOST - Season 5 RECAPP2010/01/10
    Matteo and Jlo Joe go over certain things :)
  20. EPISODE49 - LOST - Season 1-4 Review2009/12/30
    We Re-Cap all seasons of LOST except the past season.
  21. EPISODE48 - LOST - Rambling on2009/11/12
  22. EPISODE47 - LOST - Charlie Podcast2009/11/05
    In this epsiode, we discuss the greatness of charlie
  23. EPISODE45 - LOST - The Live Show2009/10/15
    Thursday we are going to discuss liveeee! multiple characters of the show.
  24. EPISODE44 - LOST - Hurley Episode2009/09/17
    All about Hurley
  25. EPISODE43 - LOST - Sayid is BA2009/08/27
    Sayid is BA
  26. EPISODE42 - LOST - Jack being B.A. Moments2009/08/13
    Awesome clips of Jack being a B.A. Hope you all enjoy.
  27. EPISODE39 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2009/07/29
    Were going to rock the live podcast again! This time we just wanna talk about your crazy theories!
  28. EPISODE41 - LOST - EXPLICIT! Seriously, Don't listen if young2009/07/19
    This is an explicit podcast! we don't usually do an explicit podcast, but today we did! So please, don't listen if you are not supposed to.
  29. EPISODE40 - LOST - The Dreams2009/07/15
    We had an interesting time discussing the dreams of LOST
  30. EPISODE38 - LOST - Hallucinations and Visions2009/06/27
    This is the much better version of the podcast that we recorded today,actuall through garageband. Feel free to give us tips how to use Talkshoe
  31. EPISODE37 - LOST - The Crapcast2009/06/27
    Possibly doing a show tonight, not sure yet
  32. EPISODE36 - LOST - The Smoke Monster2009/06/18
    Matteo and Jlo Joe go over the smoke monster and decipher some of the possibilities.
  33. EPISODE35 - LOST - 10 Rules of LOST2009/05/28
    Today we had the EPic podcast
  34. EPISODE34 - LOST - The Incident2009/05/17
    We discuss the craziness of the episode and the newest character "MARK"
  35. EPISODE33 - LOST - Follow The Leader2009/05/07
  36. EPISODE32 - LOST - The Variable2009/04/30
    Love it baby
  37. EPISODE31 - LOST - Vacation Weekend2009/04/23
    What junk .. do we really need this week off?
  38. EPISODE30 - LOST - Some Like it Hoth2009/04/16
    spread the love for Hurley and Miles today, the episode was great
  39. EPISODE29 - LOST - Dead Is Dead2009/04/09
    Dead is Dead Baby .. or is it?
  40. EPISODE28 - LOST - Whatever Happened, Happened2009/04/02
    In this episode MKJLost discuss the great theories to come.. and ramble like no other
  41. EPISODE27 - LOST - He's Our You2009/03/26
    today we discuss random stuff
  42. EPISODE26 - LOST - Namaste2009/03/19
    Great episode all together, Love the way the characters unfolded in this episode. Almost like a season 3 episode it was soo good.
  43. EPISODE25 - LOST - 8.52009/03/13
    Today we discuss the Lost Episode in review, and the upcoming episode. What we think, what we know, and how the show will roll.
  44. EPISODE24 - LOST - LeFleur2009/03/06
    ... and remember.. The first rule of Sayid, is Dont talk about Sayid. The second rule of Sayid, is Dont talk about Sayid!
  45. EPISODE23 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2009/02/26
    We discuss the episode, and who is more evil Ben or Widmore? we also ask which 5 lost women you would rather be stuck with forever?
  46. EPISODE22 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2009/02/19
    What we missed, and You heard it here first
  47. EPISODE21 - LOST - 3162009/02/19
    Today Matt and Jlo Joe discuss some new theories, and questions of our own! Have fun and come to the website to join in!
  48. EPISODE20 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2009/02/12
    Matt and Jlo Joe will do our first live podcast
  49. EPISODE19 - LOST - The Little Prince2009/02/05
    Matt and Joe discuss possible outcomes of next episodes! We also discuss the parts of the episode we didn't particularly love.
  50. EPISODE18 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2009/01/29
  51. EPISODE17 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2009/01/23
    EM is back, with a new man J LO JOE

    KDog Kev will be only on for a few episodes
  52. EPISODE16 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2008/05/25
    goto our new page to get the podcast www.mklost.com
  53. EPISODE15 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2008/05/04
    www.mklost.com (subscribe to our new feed rather then the old one )
  54. EPISODE14 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2008/01/30
    End of season three everyone... i think you ll enjoy this podcast as me and kevin finally get back on things... back on track as you say.. we rocked it HARD CORE BABY WOOo
  55. EPISODE13 - LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show2008/01/12
    Episdoe 12 baby :) not 13. :) Season 3 part A epiosdes 1 through 6
  56. EPISODE 11 - Season 2 Finished2007/11/16
    What's Happnin?! The writers are on stike! Whaaa? Why? We try to comprehend it. Afterwards, we read a listener theory explaining their thoughts on "Jacob". Very interesting! Also, we go through the rest of season 2 quotes. Stay tuned for episode 12! We will begin our season 3 quotes. Enjoy! PS. All new episodes will be located on www.mklost.com from here on out.
  57. Episode 10 - Continuing Season 22007/10/24
    Continuing on with season 2... Enjoy!
  58. Episode 9 - Season 2 Begins2007/09/29
    This episode begins Season 2's quotes. :) Enjoy
  59. Episode 8 - Last Of Season 1 Quotes2007/09/06
    On this cast we discuss more quotes from season 1. Next cast we will start season 2! Enjoy! :)
  60. Episode 7 - Quotes Season 1 Part 22007/08/20
    In this episode we discuss more notable quotes from season 1! Hope you enjoy!!
  61. Episode 6 - Quotes Season 1 Part 12007/08/06
    Babble on about quotes from the first half of season 1! Fun Fun!!
  62. Episode 5 - Watership Down Fake Audition2007/07/26
    Hello LOST fans!! In this episode we discuss Watership Down. Don't know what that is? You remember, Sawyer was reading it! Also, was there an audition leaked? Fact or fiction? Help us figure it out! Oh, and come talk LOST with us in our forums on www.mklost.com. Enjoy the show!!
  63. Episode 4 - DO NOT DOWNLOAD - No Audio Place Holder2007/07/23
    A mistake! Show was schelduled but we were unable to make it :( This episode takes it's place to keep numerical order.
  64. Episode 3 - Our first live talkcast2007/07/08
    Our first live talkshoe talkcast! We discuss the fate of Locke, theories of Richard, and meet Mr. Bill! Enjoy :)
  65. Episode 2 - Group LOST Discussion2007/06/23
    Us and a couple friends chat about LOST and then craziness strikes!! Ahhhhhh!!
  66. Episode 1 - Random Jabber2007/05/11
    Random jabber about The most recent LOST episode! Enjoy!
LOST - The Matt & Kevin Show
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