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  1. Tuned In To Music 017: New Year's Eve Live2007/12/31
    While everyone else parties the guys in the band get down to it. New Year's Eve has become famous for brilliant performances by some of the world's top musicians. In this podacst we listen to live New Year's Eve recordings from three monster guitar players - Stevie Ray Vaughan, Warren Haynes from Gov't Mule, and Jimi Hendrix. Happy New Year everyone.
  2. Tuned In To Music 016: Bootsy Collins (Part 1) Bootsy in the Band2007/10/26
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  3. Tuned In To Music 015: Rockin' the Dancefloor2007/10/18
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  4. Tuned In To Music 014: The Girls in the Band2007/10/05
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  5. Tuned In To Music 013: Music Without Words2007/09/20
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  6. Tuned In To Music 012: Larry Levan (Part 2)2007/09/07
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  7. Tuned In To Music 011: 1960's San Francisco (Part 3) The Second Wave2007/08/27
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  8. Tuned In To Music 010: Tom Moulton (Part 2) Accidental Discoveries2007/08/20
    This is the second of two podcasts devoted to the brilliant and innovative mixer and remixer Tom Moulton. In this podcast we examine Moulton's "accidental discoveries" of the extended disco break, the remix, and the 12 inch single and listen to some rare examples of each.
  9. Tuned In To Music 009: Tom Moulton (Part 1) "A Tom Moulton Mix"2007/08/13
    Tom Moulton was one of the greatest mixers and may very well have been the greatest innovator of all time in the world of dance music. He not only "invented" the 12" single and the extended "disco" break, he was the one who came up with the very idea of a remix in the first place. This is the first of two podcasts devoted to the mixes and the innovations of Tom Moulton.
  10. Tuned In To Music 008: 1960's San Francisco (Part 2)2007/08/06
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  11. Tuned In To Music 007: 1960's San Francisco (Part 1)2007/07/31
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  12. Tuned In To Music 006, Jingo: Listening with Open Ears2007/07/22
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  13. Tuned In To Music 005, Playlist 12007/07/17
    Tuned In to Music's Playlists are freeform collections of some of the good music we have been listening to recently. Tune in and hear some tunes you like or get turned on to something new. This Playlist features music by Paul McCartney, The Earlies, Arctic Monkeys, The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs and Ojos de Brujo.
  14. Tuned In To Music 004 Live, In Concert2007/07/10
    When the magic happens there's nothing in the world like live music. Podcasts can't put you at the venue but they can bring you an uninterrupted stream of music recorded live without the delays involved when one band tears down and the next sets up. Tuned In To Music brings you a mini-festival of live recordings. Get off.
  15. Tuned In To Music 003, What's Up With Scotland?2007/07/07
    Scotland isn't that big as countries go but it has produced an extraordinarily wide and deep range of music. We listen to some Scottish music and musicians from the '60s to today in this edition of Tuned In To Music.
  16. Tuned In To Music 002 The Paradise Garage (Part 2) Larry Levan2007/07/01
    Our second visit to the Paradise Garage spotlights remixes created by the Garage's revered DJ, Larry Levan. Find out a bit about Levan and hear some of the remixes that brought the New York nightworld to its knees. All of the tracks in the show are Levan's full extended remixes.
  17. Tuned In To Music 001, The Paradise Garage (Part 1)2007/06/27
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Tuned In To Music
Tuned In To Music is both a blog and a series of podcasts that reflect a lifetime interest in many different kinds of music.

The blog contains many reviews of CDs, DVDs, and books
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The podcasts are like radio shows that present both music and talk focused on topics of musical interest.

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