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  1. Bay Area Podcast – May 20102010/05/28
    Wow.. It’s not even the end of May and we have the Podcast ready to go.. So what the heck give’s. We got back on the road. Yep, a small trip to two very different places. Yosemite & Vegas.. Yes, the polar opposites and we had a blast-o-rama.. The HTC Incredible Phone.. ( I broke […]
  2. Bay Area Podcast – April 20102010/05/02
    It’s time for the next video podcast..Ok we’re still working out the kinks..like my hands & head showing up in the shots.. It was late at night and we just kind-of went for it!! Oooo we get the trailer back Got to keep the economy going Shiba Update Technorati Tags: Airstream, Mantecca, Shiba, Video
  3. Bay Area Podcast – March 20102010/04/01
    It's time for the next video podcast..Yes we are attempt to keep them around 15 minutes, we're getting there!!
  4. Bay Area Podcast – June 20092009/07/01
    June swoon.. Yes we are testing stuff out and I must say things are really coming together. As we slowly get our ducks in a row, we have come to the realization that heck, we may know what we’re doing! Shiba, the Great Escape ( I think she’s been scheming for years) A play date […]
  5. Bay Area Podcast – May 20092009/05/31
    Okie Dokie.. It’s time to feed the economy and we’re just the people to do it!! Heck.. when the times are tough the tough get the heck out of Dodge. Ok.. not really out of Dodge (unless you’re a car dealership), but just a couple of tiny trips and of course some other stuff Ooooo […]
  6. Bay Area Podcast – April 20092009/05/01
    We’re “baaaack” from the Florida trip! Seven weeks in a trailer and we’re still alive.. Amazingly enough, no-one got on the other nerves.. Shiba did try to smother me in my sleep once, but I’m sure it was just a random act..not a conspiracy. So now we have a benchmark of sort for other trips.. […]
  7. Bay Area Podcast – March 20092009/04/01
    Eeek.. it's a road trip.. and not just a regular one.. So we had to get our act together which is a good thing.. So here's one from the road
  8. Bay Area Podcast February 20092009/03/01
    Oooo nooo it's February and we believe that everything is going to be OK.. Hey, that's not my 401K Plan is it.. holy moley!
  9. Bay Area Podcast – October 20082008/10/30
    The maiden voyage of the Escape.. I think we averaged around 15.5mpg from Yakima Wa to Brisbane Ca..around 720mi.. that includes climbing all the different elevations through the Cascades.. so our best guess is we got around 13mpg pulling the trailer up hills (7000 ft) and around 16-17 on the flats.. all in all quite […]
  10. Bay Area Podcast – September 20082008/10/01
    What the heck it’s a quick little podcast.. Can We Build it.. Yes we can.. The PAD Shopping for RV stuff.. oops! its a Travel Trailer Who’s not working Bike Me! She’s too cute to have another B-Day 2k run.. well it’s Kadin & Kaiya BBQ A quick day in SF w/Chuck & Steph Call […]
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