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QBC Podcast on The Customer Experience

  1. Customer Experience #17: Core Competence – Partners in Your Customers’ Preferred Direction2008/06/19
    This is the concluding part of Michael Byrne’s series of 8 podcasts on the Core Competencies for Sales. In this episode, we discuss what it means to be at the pinnacle of Sales Competence: Partners, with your Customers, in their Preferred Directon. The key to this relationship is Trust. Trust which has been built up [...]
  2. Customer Experience #16: Core Competence – Solve Your Customer’s Problem2008/06/09
    You may be an expert on the product or service you are selling. You may know all about the problems it can solve. But the only problem that matters is the one which is blocking your customer’s path along his preferred direction. Some serious skill is called for here. You see: the customer may not [...]
  3. Customer Experience #15: Core Competence – Creating & Nurturing Connections between Stakeholders2008/05/22
    In the last episode, we learned the importance of being able to have relevant conversations with very different types of stakeholders in your customer’s organisation. In this episode, Michael takes the idea further. How can you help reconcile these different interests (Production, Finance, HR, Logistics, etc), creating and nurturing connections which will help your customer [...]
  4. Customer Experience #14: Core Competence – Having Relevant Conversations2008/05/15
    Having relevant conversations with your customers is vital to making the sale. In this week’s podcast Michael talks about the importance of relevant conversations. He explains that while there may be one user of your product or service in your customer’s organisation, there can be many other people who have a stake – and a [...]
  5. Customer Experience #13: Core Competence – Knowing What You Need to Know2008/05/06
    Trust between the sales person and the customer is key to unearthing the customer’s specific needs. Do you, as a sales person, know what you need to know in order for your customer to trust you? In today’s podcast, Michael explains the importance of trust between the sales person and the customer. Only when a [...]
  6. Customer Experience #12: Core Competence – Being Familiar with the Customer’s Standard Operating Procedures2008/04/17
    Familiarity with a customer’s Standard Operating Procedures is essential when trying to address that specific customer’s product needs. In today’s podcast, Michael explains that it’s not enough to know about your product – you must understand your customers business. He provides two examples where the salesperson suceeds, not by talking about his product, but by [...]
  7. Customer Experience #11: Core Competence – Product Knowledge2008/04/03
    In today’s podcast, Michael Byrne looks at the first of the seven defined core competencies for sales people: Product Knowledge. “The key to producing a great customer experience is taking product knowledge, knowing who you’re going to have a chat with and finding out what that person is interested in.” The challenge for a sales [...]
  8. Customer Experience #10: An Introduction to Core Competencies2008/03/13
    Today, QBC introduces a new series of podcasts in the Customer Experience track, focusing on the theme of building core competencies in sales teams. In this introductory episode, Michael Byrne explains the rationale for a competence-based approach to strategic management of sales teams, and outlines a model for developing competence, based on Customer Experience. The [...]
  9. Customer Experience Podcast #9: General Mood2007/12/10
    We conclude this series of podcasts on the subject of Emotional Intelligence with a look at the area of General Mood, as it relates to the Customer Experience. Michael reminds us of the importance of courtesy and congeniality in customer relations, and stresses that failure to observe this is “the one thing we won’t be [...]
  10. Customer Experience Podcast #8: Adaptability2007/10/23
    Emotional Intelligence is defined as the power to respond appropriately, no matter what! When we say “no matter what” we are talking about Adaptibility. In the Emotional Intelligence model, Adaptability is considered in terms of Reality Testing, Flexibility & Problem Solving. Reality Testing is a measure of ability to see things as they really are. [...]
QBC Podcast on The Customer Experience
QBC Ltd is an executive coaching firm which specialises in motivating an engaged workforce to create great customer experiences. In this blog and podcast series, company founder Michael Byrne addresses The Customer Experience. For more information on this and other QBC newsfeeds, visit http://www.qbc.ie

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