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  1. Tom Friess broadcasts Live from Texarkana during DHS Inquisition2009/01/16

    Judge decided fate of children before hearings.
  2. Live from the court house in Texarkana2009/01/14

    Tom Friess broadcasts live from in front of the Texarkana court house during the DHS custody hearings.
  3. Daddy I want to come home; it is where we belong!2008/12/19
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  4. Greg Szymanski interview2008/12/02
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  5. Pastor Tony Alamo program #6342008/05/28
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  6. Pastor Tony Alamo program #6332008/04/27
    Baptists and other people that call yourselves Christians you marry and divorce, you marry and divorce. This is polygamy and so you're judging me, people that actually are polygamist they take care of their wives and children. Not like you serial polygamists where you marry them and then you divorce and get yourself another wife because your first wife was a little bit old.
  7. Tony Alamo program #6322008/04/27
    People keep insisting they have the right to murder any human being. That's why children are so confused today they want to kill everybody because they figure if my mother could have killed me then I'll just go out and kill whoever I will. If it's alright for her it's alright for me.
  8. Tony Alamo program #6312008/04/27
    Who practices polygamy? It seems like everybody according to serial polygamy and all the other different polygamies that there are in the world. But, the one that practices polygamy correctly is; they support their wives and their children. They don't leave them destitute like the men in western society.
  9. Tony Alamo program #6082008/04/17
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  10. Tony Alamo program 5762008/04/17
    Satan shed his venomous seed into the heart of Eve and she believed him. Satan is saying the same thing today.
  11. Tony Alamo program 5752008/04/17
    God is the Law. Do you think your going to break God and get away with it? The law, if I keep it, is my shield. The law is the Word of God.
  12. Tony Alamo program #574 World Pastor Tony Alamo2008/04/14
    If you eat from the tree of good and evil you will die.
    God promises you can be forgiven of sins of ignorance so don't let your conscience convict you.
  13. Tony Alamo program 5732008/04/14
    The man that was in hell, the old man that was very rich and he wouldn't give any food or water to Lazarus, just the crumbs off his table. Hell made an evangelist out of him, he said, go and tell my 5 brothers, so he must have known there was a plan of salvation.
  14. Tony Alamo program 5722008/04/14
    A lot of people are sick in their body and they don't have much strength and this antichrist government will come in and take their houses away from them, take all their possessions and take their children away from them. We've already seen evidence that these things that they've been doing are horrible.
  15. Tony Alamo program #5712008/04/11
    There is a commandment to pray and you pray not.
    You don't keep that commandment, so your disobedient and when you are disobedient you are a witch. The Bible says that disobedience is the same as witchcraft.
    Yes, there is a commandment to pray. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.
  16. Tony Alamo program #5702008/04/11
    Some people listen to the Gospel just like the're listening to a novel or something.
    And when you say the word hell they still have a smile on their face. Because, they are so far gone that they don't really meditate on what hell is.
  17. Tony Alamo program #5692008/04/11
    Lev. 26:3-4 If you walk in my decrees and keep my commandments and put them to work. If you do that. Then, I will give you rain in it's season and the land will bring forth it's products.
    What happens if you don't do that, there is no blessing, whatsoever
  18. World Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5682008/04/07
    We have to put the Word of God to work. The Bible also says in John 9:4, we have to do the preaching that we are doing now because the night is coming. There will be a time when they won't allow the Light of the World, the Bible to be preached.
  19. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5672008/04/05
    Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the living God which is the bible. Some of these heretics say polygamy is the same sin as homosexuality, people that are saying that are not loving every word that comes out of the mouth of God.
    I am going to preach the Bible whether the stinkin' government likes it or not!
  20. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5662008/04/05
    All those that will enter the kingdom of heaven will have a father.
    There is nothing impossible to those that believe. Everything that Jesus did those that believe they can do it as well. A lot of people make sport of that but this is what the Bible tells us. Your not supposed to worship the host of heaven your not to pray to Mary. God killed people in the Old Testament for doing that.
  21. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5652008/04/05
    So many people make the house of the Lord a house of merchandise. They go off on the deep end and throw peoples souls right into hell by telling them there is eternal security and you can continue sinning.
    Do you think the Lord came into this world to suffer all that he did so you can continue sinning? If you think such a thing your crazy.
  22. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5632008/04/04
    There are scriptures that tell the people He is a God of love but the scriptures also say He is a God of wrath to those who refuse to keep His commandments.
    Because He's very willing to give them His Spirit to baptize them in the Holy Spirit to give them the strength to continue on.
  23. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5622008/04/04
    Catholic cult... The Lord calls it the Great Whore. If you liked someone would you call them the Great Whore? That's what God calls the Vatican, it sits in the city of the seven hills or mountains and that's Satan's seat. The great red dragon sweeps 1/3 of the angels out of heaven, it's the devil. The devil gives power unto the nations but God's children have the Victory.
  24. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5612008/04/04
    You have to work-out and eat a proper diet to control sugar diabetes, if you don't it will certainly take you over.
    If you don't do what the Lord says then gangrene sets in, because anybody that is disobedient to the Word catches gangrene in the spirit, and spirit dries up, it putrefies and you fall away.
  25. Tony Alamo's program #5602008/03/27
    Endure until the end and never be discouraged. The prize which is the kingdom of heaven is far more important to have and we have it if we continue on until the end.
  26. Tony Alamo's program #5572008/03/25
    Blessed are those that fear God and keep his commandments.
    We are warned about the antichrist church in the book of Revelation.
    The catholic cult has been known for years for burning the prophets and kills the people that are really of the Lord. The catholic cult preaches a doctrine that is false, your not to pray to Mary.
  27. Tony Alamo's program #5562008/03/23
    You have to be rugged individuals to be able to make it into the kingdom of heaven. It's narrow and you have to squeeze yourself in, you have to have patience and go through the rough times.
    Jesuit oath.
  28. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5552008/03/19
    Satan would be given a mouth in the last days. Satan can't tell the truth.
    John Hagee says polygamists are a sinful as homosexuals. That man needs to repent for saying that God's Word is a sin. Is John Hagee a greater man than Moses.
  29. Tony Alamo's program #5542008/03/17
    We are not to pray to any saint or to Mary. The first commandment is to have no other god before you, and don't pray to anyone other than God through Jesus. When people are praying or chanting to Mary they are sinning. It's like they are into witchcraft.
  30. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5532008/03/16
    Don't jump off the ship or you will perish. The Bible likens the Lord to the ship. When you fall away from the Lord, He will blot your name out of the Lamb's book of life.
  31. Tony Alamo's program #5522008/03/14
    By choosing their own judgment the entire world is getting worse.
    People that are void of the holy spirit, if they would realize the condition they are in and humble themselves and become contrite before the Lord and get your soul saved.
  32. Tony Alamo's program #5512008/03/11
    The Lord loves a broken spirit and a contrite heart. He lets the devil do things to you because you don't want to serve the Lord.
    You can become born again of the Spirit and the Lord will save your house and heal you.
  33. Tony Alamo's program #5502008/03/10
    Mary isn't the church, Jesus called her women.
    Christ died to do away with sin. Some people say God forgave your sins past present and future. Well then God would be getting married to a hag, a slut, someone with all kinds of spots and blemishes. The Church, His bride has to be Holy, without any sin.
  34. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5492008/03/09
    God is infuriated with people that worship Mary. There is no such place as purgatory, a catholic priest made that up so the catholic church could use it to make money.
    Communion - Luke 22:19-20 (36:30 min. into message)
  35. Pastor Tony Alamo's program 5482008/03/07
    Catholics are not Christians. The catholic cult has incantations.
    Websters dictionary: Incantation- the use of spells or verbal charms spoken or sung as part of the ritual of magic.
    The catholic cult doesn't want you to know the bible so they tell you to keep reciting the rosary. Your being deceived by the whore of revelation.
  36. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5472008/03/06
    the prayer that the catholics do, hail mary full of grace...
    Hail Mary means Hi Mary.
    The angel came unto to her and said Hail (Hi) thou art highly favored the Lord is with thee. (The Lord is with every saint) But that doesn't mean were supposed to worship(pray) to saints. The deity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. NOT Mary.
  37. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5462008/03/05
    John 6:66 Tells us who the antichrist is.
    When people do not walk any longer with Christ. They say, we're going to do what we want to do.
    They leave Christ and walk with Him no more. They become antichrist.
  38. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5452008/03/03
    We've all heard what the Vatican has done with little children and homosexual priests. see http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/panorama/5389684.stm

    The news media and satan's government comes up with Anti-Alamo propaganda. They don't want to hear that Pastor Alamo's serving the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  39. Greg Szymanski interviews Tony Gambino2008/03/03
    After spending 20 years in jail Tony Gambino is talking because people need to know the US government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt than the Mafia ever was.
    Bush, the Pope, top Vatican and US Government leaders had prior knowledge and helped organize 911.
  40. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5442008/03/02
    Catholics are not Christians. They are the exact opposite. It's the most deceptive organization on the face of the earth. The bible says they are powered by that great red dragon.
  41. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5432008/03/01
    How did Jesus walk thru the wall when he appeared to the disciples?

    You gotta listen to this one, Pineapple Row .
  42. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5412008/02/27
    Let's pray that God will show us flying saucers, if there is such a thing.
    Fleets of them came down and right up to the window, the Lord just kept sending them in squadrons. They are not aliens from another planet. They are Angels sent down to survey the earth.
  43. Pastor Tony Alamo's program #5642008/02/24
    The mass media is the mouth of satan. A lot of people are catching on to that now.
    Testimonies to answer some of the lies of the media.

    Pastor's preach their messages from Tony Alamo's literature.
  44. Tony Alamo's program #5362008/02/16
    There are over 333 prophecy's of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Messiah, in the Bible.
    He gives us the power to walk by faith, the power to not sin. He gives us a second chance.
  45. Tony Alamo's program #5252008/02/01
    Praising the Lord, Praise and Thank the Lord because you have the victory.
    David was praising the Lord to Goliath. Look at your Goliath in the same way and Praise the Lord.
    Satan has been thrown out of heaven and is here in earth, going forth like a roaring lion because he knows his time is short.

  46. Tony Alamo's program #5192008/01/26
    The disciples never would have died upside down with their heads chopped off if they saw any larceny in Jesus.
    The History Channel is lying about Jesus.
  47. Tony Alamo's program #5182008/01/24
    Listen to learn how to become a strong warrior in the Lord.
    The Word of God is powerful, sharper than any two edge sword.
    Go through the tribulations, God is not against you.
    He's trying to put you through some fire so you'll have some strength in you so that you'll know your saved!
  48. Tony Alamo's program #5102008/01/11
    Government deceptions and cons.
    When Pearl Harbor was bombed, they rationed out butter and cheese and there was no such thing as beef, and this was in the dairy belt of Montana. They said it was for the boys overseas. The government dumped all the things they took away from the people in the ocean, so people would feel there was a war going on.
  49. Tony Alamo program # 5092008/01/09
    This country was based on the Republic form of government. The Republic for which we stand one nation under God with liberty and justice forever.
    This country was based on the Bible. The founding fathers all agreed that we should have a country based on the Word of God because it makes sense.
  50. Greg Szymanski interviews Pastor Tony Alamo pt 12007/11/08
    Vatican, Jesuits, Catholic institution, International Law.
    Buster White persecuted by the government for attending services at Tony Alamo Christian Church.
    Pastor Alamo warned the government officials to back off. But they didn't and God poured out his wrath upon them.
  51. Tony Alamo warned by former government agent he's still on the government hit list.2007/11/08
    Listen to the letter from John Peeler a former government agent warning Pastor Tony Alamo the government has him on their hit list.
    John Peeler was hired by the government to assassinate Pastor Tony Alamo years ago. He refused and the government went after his son.
  52. Pastor Tony Alamo's bus sabotaged - part 22007/11/08
    Part 2.
    Tony Alamo was warned by former government agent John Peeler to be careful, the government will try to make it look like an accident.
    Tony Alamo's bus wrecks, the brakes were sabotaged.
    check it out at http://www.alamoministries.com/audiomessages/interviews.htm

  53. The enemy within our country - The Vatican2007/10/22
    The Vatican had the Branch Davidians murdered. The government used buffalo airlines to run drugs, guns, etc. in and out of WACO, Texas.
    hear more at:
    program #449
  54. Former federal government agent confesses2007/09/17
    Hear a former federal government agent confess to his involvement in the attempted assassination of Pastor Tony Alamo.
    hear more at:
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