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  1. FWRTV038 – Walking Across Cork2018/09/02
  2. FWR148 – Ceiling Fans and Swiss Chocolate 347.746.43972015/07/06
    Tybee Island Shifting away from testing video games Switzerland Ed passes RPM album and music update Building pedal boards and rack enclosures Louisiana Distillery Send good thoughts to Doc as he goes through chemotherapy outro: …Puddin’by Van Hunt http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 347-Ring-FWR (347-746-4397)
  3. FWR147 – I Smell Gas 347.746.43972014/11/16
    Smelling gas surgery recovery Biospy Game shipped The Kingsford Kittens Myrtle gets fixed Fleas… why did it have to be fleas? The power of Synthroid The miraculous surgery recovery Couch 2 5K Fancy camera Cabin weekend – Weber smoker Good Riddance 45! No garden Truck outro: “I’m Sorry That I Stole Your Man” by Jessica […]
  4. FWR146 – Phone Support Ribs 347.746.43972014/07/06
    * End of season seven! 7/7/7 -> 7/6/14 * surgery recovery * $100 worth of parking – Starbucks * Myrtle is back * helping Redboy make ribs over the phone * new guitar (Martin DSR-GC) * running update * Rice cooker pancake outro: “Really Wanna See You” by Lydia Loveless from the album “Somewhere Else” […]
  5. FWR145 – The Porch Family 347.746.43972014/06/15
    Saving kittens Game is shipping in August – early access on Steam Surgery – rearranging the house, etc. The shower curtain Foot surgery and running California travels, meeting Jen&Dave, JeffInLA, Chuck and Beth, and Darrin Whooping cough Another RPM album CDs stolen from the cabin Cable access show (Artgrease) Thinking about Sam outro: Costa Rica […]
  6. FWRTV037 – Tire Tracks2013/08/26
    Something strange happened while we were away at work….
  7. FWR144 – Progressive Smears/Manporium 347.746.43972013/04/28
    City Proclamation Lotsa traveling Prepping for yarn bombing Blue trees Game night Paying off the house Small-scale trains White squirrel Progressive glasses How The Story Goes – recording and releasing the album, working with Red again, Lauren and the dirty feet Buying a car Car repair and a cracked windshield Lots of mulch Meeting Smidge […]
  8. FWR143 – Cruisin’ 347.746.43972012/12/13
    We’re back after a 4 1/2 month layoff with the tale of our latest vacation – a cruise! outro: Coconut by Harry Nilsson http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 347-Ring-FWR (347-746-4397)
  9. FWRTV036 – Churchkey2012/09/05
    Tim is joined by Randy of 2 Guys, 1 Brain as they try Churchkey pilsner.
  10. FWR142 – Cape Disappointment 347.746.43972012/07/29
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  11. FWR141 – Middle-Aged Hybrid Brains 347.746.43972012/06/03
    * New car * Middle Aged Brain * Cabin * Heading to PNW * Juicer failure and thick lime juice * Yarn gang * Big Green Egg disaster * Reading glasses and progressives * Lawn mower maintenance * Dad has a goatee and a Camry * 5K course * Help me with a song * […]
  12. Nanette’s video and News Appearances2012/04/17
    As mentioned in FWR140, here are the two news appearances and the yarn bombing video Nanette created.  
  13. FWR140 – Yarn Bomb 347.746.43972012/04/15
    Yarn bombing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTIfo3AjMcE Local fiber artist and television personality Costa Rica – TWICE Big winner Vacation Planning – going to see Randy and Andy! iPad3 Le Creuset and the purple pot RPM Challenge Collaboration and dropbox (Red) Portsmouth – meeting Kentie and Gianni Single Malt Scotch Keeping deer away with Irish Spring outro: The Year […]
  14. FWR139 – Anigurumi (347.746.4397)2012/01/21
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  15. FWRTV035 – Gift Box2011/12/16
    Something came in the mail today.
  16. FWR138 – Bahama Mama 347.746.43972011/11/17
    Our first show in a while. Chaos ensues. Bahamas Zipline mis-adventure Edge pan http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 347-Ring-FWR (347-746-4397)
  17. FWR137 – Scout’s Sabatical 347.746.43972011/09/18
    Scouty is gone Myron Scouty is back Knitting Hat with pom poms Zip line at Ocoee Zipz Meal at Henry’s Art Fest Craziness! I-Volunteeronline.com Release Your Passenger Rescuing Robbie Black Pearl Bourbon Peach Fizz Tequila Grapefuit thingy Ribs – pressure cooker vs BGE DIY Rice-a-roni Mac and cheese Yong Spaghetti Brownies from scratch Aged Beef […]
  18. FWRTV034 – Ocoee Zipz2011/09/11
    It’s another zipline adventure!
  19. FWRTV033 – Gamer Scouty2011/08/21
    Scout and an iPad.
  20. FWRTV032 – Strange Brew2011/08/16
    Oddly bubbly beer.
  21. FWR136 – There Were Bears 347.746.43972011/08/14
    Art Fest and volunteers Bear in the neighborhood? Friends With Recipes? 50th Anniversary vacation Crawfish pizza with a rooster Gulf Coast Casino Hopping Scout’s big night out Scout and the soap dispenser Dad gets Rick-rolled. “Oh! You drive the pork and beans car!” Hanging guitars Network expansion and the new airport extreme Whiskey sour variations […]
  22. FWR135 – Appliance Anniversary 347.746.43972011/07/04
    BBQ classes Swamp People Watching chickcoms on an iPad Attempted dog theft Family reunion – trip to Louisiana Vacation home rental Mustang Cozy Year five Kressley moves out Blackjack with dad New bass Musical project – working with others Running update – overcoming PF with more frequent, shorter runs Lemon Parmesan Vinaigrette – on quinoa […]
  23. FWR134 – Booty Work 347.746.43972011/06/05
    T-Pain films a video Bunny the kitty Very small hats A laptop cozy A hat for Tim Sitting under the tree and planning a deck Red ring of death Banjo Boomerang mixer Recording a song on an iPad, sort of Collection letter update Building a wall It’s A Thing Hummus Cuisinart food processor Innis & […]
  24. FWR133 – Collection Letter 347.746.43972011/05/08
    Crazy people at Boudreaux’s Solar Bluetooth Electric bike Crocheting gloves Fashionable sunglasses Afghan pronunciation? The month-long car saga New car Collection letter First eye appointment in 9 years – reading glasses Better running Risotto = Rice; Rachel Ray is not making risotto Quinoa – we forgot to mention that you need to rinse it Hummus […]
  25. FWR132 – ChickMag 347.746.43972011/04/07
    Crocheting an afghan Baby booties and a hat Kressley moves out, and back in Gidget ear infection Chickmag iPad Letter Seventeen call On the radio RPM listening party and the big fan Letter Seventeen Podcast Risotto Quinoa Rum Rogers The Kraken Tilling and prepping Sharecropping Asparagus outro: Radio, Radio by Elvis Costello Sharing The Love: […]
  26. FWR131 – Runaway Kitty 347.746.43972011/03/06
    Stolen iPod Nano Nightly boyfriend call checkin notes for a code change Kittens enjoy outside time Gidget runs away Crochet – a – palooza iPad Birthday wishes and a thank you RPM update Chester Arthur on MotherJones.com Shopping for an iPad2 Dad’s knee surgery Mom in the hospital Pork Chops – cooked with apple juice instead […]
  27. FWR130 – Saving Private Redcorn 347.746.43972011/01/23
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  28. FWR129 – 99 Bottles 347.746.43972011/01/09
    Stroke Snowpocalypse Nano Nano Mad Hungry Cookbook Compost bin LSU Snuggy Ninety-nine bottles of beer to review Milwaukee drill/driver Mini guitar Album progress Car blowed up again LSU 41 – Texas A&M 24 America’s Test Kitchen carnitas Spaghetti Carbonara Punch review Dogfish Head Pangea Samuel Adams Infinium New Belgium Lips Of Faith Sahti outro: The […]
  29. FWR128 – Constipated Car 347.746.43972010/12/21
    Gumbo weather HMDWL contest winner! Baked Bubble wrap on windows Pumpkin cat The Christmas tree is outside Claritin or beta blocker. Wait… it’s xanax?!?! Constipated catalytic converter Don’t drop the ipod in the sink Cotton Bowl vs Tx A&M 1/7/11 Sirloin Roast -> sandwiches Ommegang Adoration Dogfish Head Jiahu Lindemann’s Cuvee Rene Gueze outro: Gotta Get […]
  30. FWR127 – Naked Pat 347.746.43972010/11/28
    Drury deal Easy drive Insignificast evening Turkey pies Teddy the kitty Plate lunch Citrus trees and the tour Breaux Bridge is closed on Mondays Tire repair and naked Pat Tree trimming Dinner with Cody Meche’s donuts Lots of chicken “Heavy” drinks from miss Jackie A 6 pound duck, a 10 pound turkey, and a pork […]
  31. FWRTV031 – Framboise Boon 347.746.43972010/11/09
    Tim and Nanette try a new framboise.
  32. Recipe Update!2010/11/08
    Nanette has updated all of the ingredient lists on the wiki to make things more readable. Go search for your favorite recipe at http://forwhateverreason.net/wiki/index.php?title=Recipes
  33. FWR126 – Screaming Trees 347.746.43972010/11/07
    New Dishwasher Vacation planning Screaming Trees Gidget gets fixed Cat lancing A Christmas song? Back in California LSU 24 – Alabama 21 Chipotle Pork Stew With Rice Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout New Belgium Frambozen outro: Paper Dolls by Corrine Bailey Ray from the album The Sea Sharing The Love: Shelly’s Podcast The Redboy Podcast […]
  34. FWR125 – Angry Birds 347.746.43972010/10/21
    Angry Birds Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde G.I. Joe Kressley losing collars Birthday approaching Finally touched an iPad. Oops. Auburn game coming Spaghetti squash Pioneer Woman “Sloppy Joe’s” BGE Ham Steak Dogfish Head Theobroma St. Louis Kriek Things are growing slowly. Chasing deer out. Saw what a brussel sprout plant looks like. Cool! Penelope false […]
  35. FWR124 – Illegal Participation 347.746.43972010/10/03
    Cooler weather and walking Arts Fest Peonys Kyle’s hockey escapade Broke 500 miles Taco Veloz Prepping for RPM 2011 Bad football Cheese-cutting technique Gumbo weather Dogfish Head Sah’tea Kressley kill count update Gidget gets fixed… not Lysine outro: Digging For Something by Superchunk from the album Majesty Shredding Sharing The Love: Shelly’s Podcast The Life […]
  36. FWR123 – Flin Flon Bombers 347.746.43972010/09/19
    Flin Flon Bombers heart tests The return of football talk BGE Pizzas Pizza with potatoes? Pioneer Woman pot roast Bridgeport India Pale Ale Bridgeport Hop Czar Stiegl Bier Winter garden going in outro: Unsure Hands by Janus 4-14 Sharing The Love: Me & The Bean Sha-Pink Oddcast The Life Of Spaguy’s Wife http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 347-Ring-FWR […]
  37. FWR122 – Jerky Gun 347.746.43972010/08/30
    Gidget Smush Roku Paul Blart, Mall Cop My Bodyguard The IT Crowd Cakeboss – not so much… Heart follow-up – 1% chance of sudden death Dr. Robbie Williams Water line, car A/C, and the blanket chest Burger prep Jerky gun Tap Room #21 Moe’s Backroom Pale Ale outro: Jesus In A Camper Van by Robbie […]
  38. FWRTV030 – Scout Watches Cats 347.746.43972010/08/19
    Like the title says. Scout. Watching cats.
  39. FWR121 – Sushi Resurrection 347.746.43972010/08/14
    Ginger Good news/Bad news Scout Kitty jail Meeting Kressley Sushi resurrection iPhone 4 Singin’ In The Rain Mayo Clinic Netfix streaming Closing the window Changing the kitchen light Beef jerky Raisins Dried cherries Dumplings Tamarind glaze Pasta with leeks and pancetta The K7 line is gone Dave Novak’s test results came back clean. Scans are […]
  40. FWRTV029 – Kitten Therapy 347.RING.FWR2010/08/02
    It’s been a rough few days searching for Ginger. We took a break for a little kitten therapy.
  41. FWRTV028 – Ginger Wants In 347.Ring.FWR2010/07/31
  42. FWRTV027 – Yogurt2010/07/24
    Nanette shows you how to make homemade yogurt. Call our comment line at 347.Ring.FWR
  43. FWR120 – Ring Of Fire 347.746.43972010/07/18
    New iPhones? Helicopter accident Despicable Me Bieber! Hot Tub Time Machine Louie Jambalaya in a Rice Cooker Maque Choux 21st Amendment Brewery Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat Beer Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA and Summer Odd Notion Figs are coming Small tomatoes The deer What’s a nunchuck? First caller plus zip line madness! $7.38 New […]
  44. FWR119 – Zip Line 206.888.29722010/07/05
    Off the cuff Three years Gambling win Dollywood Zip line You WILL get wet Throwing the fan 107 Facebook fans outro: Jump by Aztec Camera Sharing The Love: The Jen and DAVe Show Shelly’s Podcast The Redboy Podcast http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 206.888.2972
  45. FWRTV026 – Zipping Above Dollywood 206.888.29722010/07/04
    A zipline adventure.
  46. FWR118 – Special Guest 206.888.29722010/06/20
    Game designer Spikey hot yogurt Night terrors Pizza party Greek yogurt Tzatziki Sauce Gyros Baba Ghanoush outro: The Ills by Mayer Hawthorne from the album A Strange Arrangment Sharing The Love: The Jet-Black Project Shelly’s Podcast http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 206.888.2972
  47. FWR117 – Altitude Attitude 206.888.29722010/06/06
    Mountain cabin Aero Press – perfecting the brew The Blind Side and Up In The Air New earbuds – Yuin PK3 Guitar update BBQ Spare Ribs New spaghetti sauce Cole slaw Roscoe’s Hop House Pale Ale and Amber Ale 7 cukes on the first picking day Deer eating the sunflowers The gourd fence Nico wrote […]
  48. FWR116 – Foley Artist 206.888.29722010/05/23
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  49. FWR115 – Resignation Letter 206.888.29722010/05/09
    Branson vacation (maybe) Childhood travels I quit Wet Willy Kitty Cooking sausage for gumbo Baked Potatoes Baked chicken James likes gumbo We relocated the wiki AsparagusRevolving doors Cointreau, Triple Sec, and Grand Marnier Nil Desperandum Charlie White has offered to have Penelope accompany him on a marathon – Seattle, June 26 outro: Summer Job by […]
  50. FWR114 – Hobo Chicken 206.888.29722010/04/24
    Liquor on clearance The Palace – Biloxi Doc’s hair is soft Women don’t hold doors Chicken by the side of the road Atlanta RPM Challenge listening party Simple tomato sauce Raised beds and small clusters Listener email theme explanation Is everything okay? For What It’s Worth flashback Kill count update Searching for a replacement Penelope […]
  51. FWRTV025 – Cafe Des Amis 206.888.29722010/04/18
    Our trip to Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA.
  52. FWR113 – Zydeco Breakfast 206.888.29722010/04/13
    Suite upgrade Crawfish adventure Breakfast cover charge Cafe Des Amis What’s Sam cooking? outro: Sweet Louisiana Sound by Billy Pilgrim Sharing The Love: Insignificast The Redboy Podcast http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 206.888.2972
  53. FWR112 – Scared Straight 206.888.29722010/03/21
    Nanette’s audio drama Tim’s affectation Minute To Win It Keith Landry covers Day To Day How did you hurt your chest? Doctor Robert Listener medical stories Going to Louisiana outro: How You Like Me Now by The Heavy Sharing The Love: The Dark Forest The Flatus Show Insignificast Keith Landry Recreation With Charlie The Redboy […]
  54. FWRTV024 – Curl Power 206.888.29722010/03/12
    Behold- the power of the curls!
  55. FWR111 – Crazy Heart 206.888.29722010/03/07
    Info (Show/Hide)
  56. FWR110 – How I Met Your Cat Daddy 206.888.29722010/02/14
    Tour guide Washington Huaraya killed by mudslide City committee chairperson Water heater leaking again RPM Challenge Kressley loses his collar How we met Penelope update outro: Valentine Day by Paul McCartney from the album McCartney Sharing The Love: Shelly’s Podcast http://forwhateverreason.net forwhateverreason[at]gmail.com 206.888.2972
  57. FWR109 – Medically Necessary 206.888.29722010/01/31
    Exercise The cardiologist thinks I’m 90 We think we saw Phil Fridge fix Fixing the car with zip ties. Sorta. High tech socks? The ones Tim has and the ones they sell now Chicken and dumplings Bread disaster Little pork butts Black-eyed peas Penn State beat LSU. We forgot to talk about it. Jenn is […]
  58. FWR108 – Badump Badump 206.888.29722010/01/16
    Randy and big ball problems Randy and Andy coming to GA? Fixing the freezer with a magnet We watched The Hangover – $1 rentals! Bob corrects Tim for being “snooty” Stress test and other medical news Thin Ice running challenge New blackeyed peas Crockpot lentils with honey outro: I Can Feel Your Hartbeat by The […]
  59. FWR107 – Big Balls 206.888.29722009/12/31
    Punching holes in gifts on the porch Christmas Eve – 8 gallons of gumbo and lots of punch SleepPhones Big balls Words with friends – crack on the couch The guitar Left leg diagnosis – Curt Schilling RoadID The Thin Ice Running Challenge Changing the gasket on the freezer Pork Rib Jambalaya The return of […]
  60. FWRTV023 – Insignifigift 206.888.29722009/12/19
    Best. Podcast. Listener. Gift. Ever. I’m stunned, humbled, and amazed. Thank you, guys.
  61. FWR106 – The $400 Jacket 206.888.29722009/12/13
    Christmas party and Josh Blue Home tour The $400 jacket Gearing up for Christmas Eve Champagne Sangria Punch Hot tamales iTunes sharing Lala Running progress and another doctor’s appointment Considering a 10K Lessons learned from Thanksgiving Corn pudding Compote Gravy lessons Cranberries in the stuffing Heating the ham on the grill Apple butter pumpkin pie […]
  62. FWR105 – Happy Thanksgiving! 206.888.29722009/11/25
    Traveling to Austin for Frank’s 50th Meeting up with old friends Brunch with GeekFit Steve Lyle Lovett Preparing for Thanksgiving Meeting up with Redboy and seeing his “moustache” Ginger figured out the cat door! Radio transmitters and an Airport Express Running, recovery, and kinesio tap Ole Miss 25 – LSU 23 – Possibly some of […]
  63. FWRTV022 – Dancing With Emma 206.888.29722009/11/14
    Nanette gets down with Shelly’s mom at Frank’s fiftieth birthday party. Some Windows users are getting audio-only on this file. It appears to be a problem with the latest version of the quicktime plugin. The file plays fine if you either download it it or click on the “video m4v” link at the bottom of […]
  64. FWR104 – Dinosaurs IN SPACE! 206.888.29722009/11/08
    Champagne, strawberries, and a gift basket Eating pets Stanley the cow Wii Sports Resort Making it to 41 Ginger and the cat door Recovering from the needling Two Gomers Run A Half Marathon Alabama 24 – LSU 15 St Bernadus Prior 8 Running as a beer offset Redboy on his way Going to see Shelly, […]
  65. FWR103 – Human Pincushion 206.888.29722009/10/25
    Visitors from Cananadia Birthday cake Redboy’s coming to visit Wii Sports Resort for $20 Locally-raised beef and pork Dry needling Raccoons back twice in a day Solo Pet Doors Cate Mate Elite Three deer in the back yard and a bbgun Losing to Florida (13-3), beating Auburn (31-10) Crock Pot Pot Roast Malheur 12 outro: […]
  66. FWRTV021 – Moving The RV 206.888.29722009/10/19
    You’ve heard the story of the RV being stuck in the back yard. Now watch the video.
  67. FWR102 – Excessive Celebration 206.888.29722009/10/10
    I’m just here to talk about football Analyzing the Cajun girl Raccoons Traffic control lights Bummed about the tow truck Trying to run again, new exercises, and lack of balance LSU 20 – UGA 13 Cheesecake Cajun stew Steve’s rules for cheese Red Hook Belgian Tripel How do you keep the beer at the right […]
  68. FWRTV020 – Plum Jelly 206.888.29722009/09/28
    Watch us open a box!
  69. FWR101 – Time To Build An Ark 206.888.29722009/09/27
    Rain rain rain Roads closed Sinking RV Extracting the RV Raccoon in the basement? Kill count update – 4 chipmunks and a rat since the last podcast. Artfest approaches Watching renegade TV Abita Andygator Bell’s Cherry Stout Sangria options Left Hand Milk Stout Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale Brunost Birthday calls Penelope is on her way […]
  70. FWR100 – ONE HUNDRED! 206.888.29722009/09/11
    Tomato paste Beating the I.R.S. Nike Free shoes? Dry Brine? Charlie sent me a RoadID discount! New Belgium Hoptoberfest Liquor taxes in Illinois Sangria Three foods Gianni doesn’t like and a quiet “go tigers” Do you like other pickled items? Steve hates cheese. Jeff wins outro: Favourite Shirts by Haircut 100 Sharing The Love: Bearcrawling […]
  71. FWR099 – Goo! 206.888.29722009/08/30
    World of Goo! Dave thinks Nanette is an elf EA Sports Active Deer eating figs versus deer-eating figs Colorado Kool-Aid Chainsaw The CBS curse… is it real? Go Tigers! People talking about pickles The terror of the TP Rose Secretly Canadian? outro: Eyes On The Horizon by Brendan Benson from the album My Old, Familiar […]
  72. FWRTV019 – Kressley Doesn’t Like Rain 206.888.29722009/08/22
    Kressley doesn’t like rain, and he let Tim know about it.
  73. FWRTV018 – Aquarium 206.888.29722009/08/16
    Dale, Julie, Charlie, Nanette, and Tim visited the Georgia Aquarium.
  74. FWR098 – Keep Your Pickle Off My Plate, PLEASE! 206.888.29722009/08/10
    Pickles are EVIL Fig jam Peach jam Broderick Aquarium and visitors Deer eating figs Locking ourselves out – the back door was open! Touching up paint 3G phones seem to work Eggtoberfest! RoadID Butternuts Farmhouse Ale Sampler Snapperhead IPA Porkslap Pale Ale Heinnieweisse Weissebier Moo Thunder Stout Thin Ice Podcast Doc outro: In My Dreams […]
  75. FWRTV017 – Chocolate Bottle 206.888.29722009/08/08
    Dale, Julie, and Charlie visited us Friday night and shared one of World Traveler Jim’s gifts. Go check out all of their sites at: http://badgercast.com http://cewtwo.com http://smallplaces.org
  76. FWR097 – It’s Figgy Time 206.888.29722009/07/27
    Carpet Bay leaf trees A potential crawfish boil Dryer repair Pork roast Fig preserves Peach cobbler Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale Allagash Dubbel Ale Peak Organic Amber Ale Penelope is NOT going to Israel Gifts from Hong Kong and Alaska Cleancasts.com outro: A Common Disaster by Cowboy Junkies from their 1996 album Lay It Down Sharing […]
  77. FWRTV016 – Meet Penelope 206.888.29722009/07/26
    We were bedeviled with a series of technical problems the other night when we tried to record the latest FWR, so there’s not new show for a few days. Hopefully this video will suffice until we return.
  78. FWR096 – There’s Squash In My Dessert 206.888.29722009/07/11
    Info (Show/Hide)
  79. FWR095 – Ooma, Oprah…. 206.888.29722009/06/30
    Party planning Knob Creek T-shirt Ooma “Meet The Redcorns” – why do you tent? LSU – 2009 Baseball National Champions Cuke count: 13 Tomato count: 3 – lost count….sorry guys Drying tomatoes in the dehydrator 95 degrees is burning things up Pork Tenderloin – Pork Medallions with Apricot Glaze Georgia Peach Trifle Quesadillas from leftover […]
  80. FWRTV015 – Meet The Redcorns 206.888.29722009/06/27
    Another travel video from the Chicago trip. In this installment you get to meet Matt, Amy, and family.
  81. FWR094 – Palmer Versus Daley 206.888.29722009/06/16
    AT&T debacle Dad in Peru and having to walk three blocks to talk to him U-Verse Travels Of Penelope The Cat 8 chickens and 60 pounds of pork The letter The titty bear Building a bean fence Cuke count: 13 Tomato count: 3 Mulberry Tree Muscadines Arnold Palmer becomes John Daley Brad’s recovery Random Tweet […]
  82. FWRTV014 – Heading To The Cornfields 206.888.29722009/06/07
    The next installment of the FWR vacation video saga.
  83. FWR093 – Chicago In May 206.888.29722009/06/05
    Swapping seats every 2 hours Lunch with Croncast Meeting Lisa and going to the wrong door Tapas at La Tosca Emma finds out what Nanette does for a living Jelly Belly, the Brat Stop, rainy Milwaukee, and Mars’ Cheese Castle Gino’s East Chicago-style pizza Don lives a mile away Riding the Metra – Terri and […]
  84. FWR092 – Looking Out On The Boulevard 206.888.29722009/05/25
    Driving to Bloomington, Illinois Taking pictures in front of The Copy Shop, the State Farm HQ building, and with Abe Lincoln Mani-pedi Saw some commercials, then a movie The DOMO video Formerly rich guy at the convenience store Ankle twist English Muffins – part II Balsamic Steak Salad Fat Tire in Durham Fat Tire 1554 […]
  85. FWRTV013 – The Adventure Begins 206.888.29722009/05/21
    The adventure begins on Saturday….
  86. FWR091 – Electric Lemonade 206.888.29722009/05/15
    Planning the Chicago trip Playing video games is tiring Lemonade w/Creme de menthe Lemonade w/strawberries & limoncello Mom found us Fixing Ed’s computer and seeing the scrapbook A touching television moment Building tomato cages Changing guitar pickups Spreading mulch and planting berry plants English Muffins Fat Tire Amber Ale Fat Tire Mothership Wit Major Tom’s […]
  87. FWRTV012 – Fat Tire Beer 206.888.29722009/05/12
    At long last, Fat Tire Beer has arrived in Atlanta. Tim and Nanette give it a try.
  88. FWR090 – Chipmunk Sleepover 206.888.29722009/05/01
    Working in an office LSU Alumni Association Crawfish Boil Gwinnett Braves Chasing chipmunks Wario Land: Shake It! You’re in the Movies Planting cucumbers and tomatoes Starting from seed Magic Hat Wacko We have a Facebook Fan Page For those of you on Twitter, you can follow us: cajunnan and FWRTim outro: Can’t Hardly Wait by […]
  89. FWRTV011 – No-Knead Bread 206.888.29722009/04/25
    At long last, a video showing you one of the many variations of the (almost) no-knead bread recipe. For those of you who keep count of such things, we have now produced 89 regular podcast episodes (including the short Christmas show, but not counting the FWRSE shows) plus 11 FWRTV episodes. That’s 100, folks!
  90. FWR089 – Where’s My Coaster? 206.888.29722009/04/17
    The tree came down 1970 Southern Living cookbook from Ken – a dramatic reading Hair soap Fixing the networking on the mini with a coaster Killing a snake Boom Blox arm Trivial Pursuit on the XBox360 Orange honey glazed chicken Thelma sent in a migas recipe Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Blue Lagoon The Heaven’s Gate […]
  91. FWR088 – You Gonna Catch That? 206.888.29722009/04/05
    Back from vacation Ballpark nachos sucked Expensive candy Eating on vacation – BJ’s Brewhouse, Landry’s, Outback, Banana Bread George H.W. Bush at Houston game Chicken on a stick Kennedy Space Center World Traveler Jim visited za’atar spice mix Huckleberry lemonade 44 Degrees North vodka Coffee tasted like soap Don’t ever take a seven-day vacation New […]
  92. FWRTV010 – Gumbo 206.888.29722009/03/30
    Another video adventure! This time Nanette shows you how she makes her gumbo. View the recipe.
  93. FWR087 – Is That Man A Lady? 206.888.29722009/03/20
    Mom survived surgery Visiting Dave and Holly – Dave’s successful surgery Vacation planning and no meet-up The excitement about running 5 miles has now been tempered Disabled airbag People can sense an impending vacation Upgrading Kazoo The tranitor What are we growing in the garden? Lemon chicken and Israeli cous cous What kind of beer […]
  94. FWRTV009 – Garlic Zoom 206.888.29722009/03/11
    A birthday gift and a product review!
  95. FWR086 – I Got Prezzies 206.888.29722009/03/08
    It snowed , it melted, and we were wearing t-shirts within a week Charles sent presents Gianni has an apology Finalized Orlando plans Organizing a meetup? Five miles! Working on the gumbo video Manly task of the week – plugging a tire Muttley Creepy laughs Tape on the mixer Smuttynose IPA Holly Novak outro: This […]
  96. FWR085 – Burbish, It’s What’s For Dinner 206.888.29722009/03/01
    Waiting for snow What the heck is burbish? Tooth filled…no novocaine Andy has an idea for a superhero name Jenn from MD offered to make a cape for Tim The gumbo video Taking Nanette shopping for her birthday and dodging twitter bombs for doing so Kazoo the mini How did Kressley get his name The […]
  97. FWR084 – Flashy Lights And Sirens 206.888.29722009/02/15
    Coughing update “Crush the pill and rim a margarita glass with it. This treats whatever it is the pill is for, and scurvy, too. – Dr. Elvis” Speaking of Elvis, he called…. Hand surgery and pencil lead Low blood sugar and car against a tree Replacing the pickups in the bass ATK Pork chops and […]
  98. FWR083 – NarcoNan 206.888.29722009/02/08
    Doctor’s appointments and narcotics Dad going to Peru There are dogs on kitty cam! Ginger and the box Jen didn’t kill Tim. Yet. Pushup challenge? Ballast Tuning all of the guitars wrong Considering the latest Coverville Idol – songs from Breakfast In America I’m not getting sucked into the Facebook traps Sierra Nevada Torpedo Beer […]
  99. FWR082 – Kitty Cam 206.888.29722009/02/01
    Costa Rica More mouth fun Wii Fit thinks Nanette is Tim, but she met her goal! Kitteh cam Trivial Pursuit Old people fall down in the shower $238 data charge? How about no? Bichon Frise Chili again Coffee cake Soak the cake Unibroue Maudite Magic Hat Feast Of Fools sampler Jason learned something! Ginger Wine […]
  100. FWR081 – Hello 2009 KTHXBAI 206.888.29722009/01/16
    A filling and a root canal – maybe Costa Rica Dryer balls Broken Wilma glass – Sarah “Does Fred get arrested for spousal abuse?” Running update Jen and Dave Finding old friends on Facebook Home roasting and brewing Rum glaze GumbeauxGal is HOT and embarrassed Beth in Cape Cod wrote a nice review Matt fears […]
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A married couple living just outside Atlanta share their lives, laughs, and perspectives on the world around them.

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