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Stargate Fancasts

  1. Episode 122007/01/14
    In this episode Bastion discuss Stargate SG1 Season 10 Episode 11: the quest part 2. He has his own crazy theories and an explanation and he adds an apology into the comments for being absent for so long. So enjoy and as always any comments email to: sgfancast@gmail.com
  2. Episode 11: SPOILER ALERT!!!2006/12/19

    Leon gives the news for SG1/A and disscusses the second part of SGA Season 3. At the end there is an interview with Kate Hewlett, sister of David Hewlett and plays the sister of McKay.

    Leon's Email: zb1991@gmail.com
    Voice Mail: 206-888-4561
  3. Episode 10: Back2006/11/12
    Hey, we are back and better than ever!!!

    Sorry about the beginning, my computer crapped up on me and it sounds a little funky but afterwards it's great.


  4. SGFC Atlantis 132006/08/20
    This week i discuss last weeks progeny, it sounds like prodigy when i say but thats because my nose is stuffy and i discuss some other things as well. Enjoy and don't forget to submit your fan fiction stories.
  5. Episode 9 "Your invited!"2006/08/12
    Leon reviews episode 5 of this season of SG1. Rants about Progeny, Replicators and other stuff. And generally is in need of getting into caffine addicts annonomous.
  6. Episode 8: SG-1 1004 Insiders2006/08/08
    Leon summaries the episode and gives an interview off of gateworld.net that is with Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran).

    The Fan Fiction contest is still on so send it in:

    Leon: zb1991@gmail.com
    Bastian Zee: sgfancast@gmail.com
  7. Stargate Fancast Episode 62006/08/03
    Leon discussing Morpheus and the Pegasus Project

    For more contest info email us at: zb1991@gmail.com or sgfancast@gmail.com

    For more FSF Info: email Leon at zb1991@gmail.com or visit sb254.com
  8. Episode 5 Atlantis Edition2006/07/27

    A new episode with host Bastion talking about the latest Atlantis information
  9. Episode 42006/07/22
    This is a long discussion on everything atlantis with host Bastion
  10. Stargate Fancast Episode 32006/07/18
    The first episode featuring the new co-host Leon Kensington, review of the premier of SG-1

    (sorry about the beginning music, I mess it up a little)
  11. Stargate Fancast Episode 22006/07/17
    Another SG1 Disscussion
  12. Stargate Fancast 0012006/07/17
    The first episode, an SG1 disscussion
Stargate Fancasts
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