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Chess Killer Tips Video Podcast with Alexandra Kosteniuk

  1. CKT 063: Kramnik in Top Form2009/08/02
    Intermediate - Middle Game: From the game Arkady Naiditsch - Vladimir Kramnik, Dortmund 2009. Black plays and wins.
  2. CKT 062: Remember Saavedra?2009/07/21
    Difficult - Study: A very beautiful 1924 chess study by Troitsky. In this short video, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk shows you how to solve it to the end, you will enjoy it for sure.
  3. CKT 061: The weak link.2009/05/28
    Difficult - Middle Game: From the game Alexandra Kosteniuk - Shen Yang, Beijing 2008. White plays and wins. True strategical thinking required.
  4. CKT 060: Female Diversion.2009/05/27
    Easy - Middle Game: From the game Jakob Rosanes vs. Adolf Anderssen, 1863. Black plays and wins.
  5. CKT 059: Go home early2009/05/26
    Intermediate - Opening: From the game Sangla - Karpov, 1968. Black plays and wins.
  6. CKT 058: Don't hurry. Think!2009/05/25
    Difficult - Study: A difficult study by Kubbel from 1925. White plays and wins. The goal is simple: mate the Black King or win the Black Queen. It's forced.
  7. CKT 057: Unavoidable.2009/05/24
    Easy - Middle Game: From the Book of Stamma, 1737.

    White plays and wins.
  8. CKT 056: Close the Door.2008/08/21
    Easy - Middle Game: Black plays and wins. From the game Romieux - Kosteniuk, Paris 2008.
  9. CKT 055: Miracles almost happen.2008/07/19
    Intermediate - Middle Game: A position from the game GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave against GM Alexandra Kosteniuk. What would have happened, had Maxime played 1. h8 = Q?
  10. CKT 054: Two rooks vs one.2008/07/08
    Intermediate - Study: A 1948 Study by WOTAWA, white plays and wins.
  11. CKT 053: Energetic Teamwork2008/03/16
    Intermediate - Middle Game: A key position from the game Aronian - Van Wely, Corus Wijk aan Zee 2008. White plays and wins.
  12. CKT 052: Caught from all Sides2008/03/16
    Intermediate - Middle Game: From the game Klinger - Blatny, 1988, white plays and wins.
  13. CKT 051: A Lesson in Geometry2008/01/22
    Difficult - Study: Solution of Christmas Competition Position 3. Study by Troitzky, 1910. White plays and wins.
  14. CKT 050: No Hesitation at all2008/01/22
    Easy - Middle Game: Solution of Christmas Competition Position 2. Taken from a game Paulsen - Morphy, New York 1857. Find Black's next move.
  15. CKT 049: Invincible Rook2008/01/21
    Intermediate - Middle Game: Solution of Christmas Competition Position 1. End of game Steinitz - Van Bardeleben, Hastings 1895. White plays and wins.
  16. CKT 048: How to Solve a Difficult Study2008/01/16
    Difficult - Study: Grandmaster Kosteniuk tells you precisely her thinking process while solving a difficult chess study by Ryabinin. White plays and draws.
  17. CKT 047: Only precision wins2007/12/01
    Intermediate - Middle Game: A fragment of the World Blitz Championship Qualifyers GM Kosteniuk - GM Amonatov, Moscow 2007. White plays and wins.
  18. CKT 046: Take the initiative2007/11/26
    Intermediate - Middle Game: From the game Danielian - Kosteniuk, European Team Championships, Crete 2007. Black plays and wins.
  19. CKT 045: Philidor in the R+B vs. R2007/10/26
    Very Difficult - Endgame: The Philidor position is one of the key positions in which the stronger side wins in Rook + Bishop vs. Rook. It's useful to know about it in case you get that endgame in your tournament practice.
  20. CKT 044: Try to go home early2007/10/25
    Intermediate - Endgame: From the game Fressinet - Kosteniuk, Villandry 2007. Black to play and win. Variation missed during the game.
  21. CKT 043: A Magnificent Royal Tango2007/10/17
    Intermediate - Study: A 1926 Chess Study by Rinck, white plays and wins.
  22. CKT 042: Surrealistic Cavalry2007/10/04
    Very Difficult - Study: An amazing 1937 study by Korolkov, with an incredible final mating position. Watch and listen to Alexandra run you through the solution.
  23. CKT 041: High Level of Preparation Required2007/09/30
    Intermediate - Middle Game: From the game Radjabov - Anand of the 2006 Blitz World Championship, white wins in the Poisoned Pawn Sicilian Defence.
  24. CKT 040: Give him a move2007/09/29
    Easy - Problem: Mate in 3 chess problem by Galitsky. Prove to Black that he'd be better off without his pawns.
  25. CKT 039: B + N vs. K2007/09/25
    Difficult - Endgame: It's necessary for you to know how to mate with Bishop and Knight versus King, since that endgame will likely show up in your tournament practice. Alexandra shows you how.
  26. CKT 038: Pure Pawn Masterpiece2007/09/15
    Difficult - Study: Train your concentration skills by finding the forced 14-move line that wins for white. Chess Study by Grigoriev.
  27. CKT 037: How does a Queen beat a Rook?2007/09/14
    Easy - Endgame: Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk explains the way to win endgames with Queen versus Rook.
  28. CKT 036: A Tough Nut to Crack2007/09/13
    Very Difficult - Problem: A tough to solve mate in three chess problem. If you solve it in less than an hour, you're on your way to becoming a Grandmaster!

    Composed by Jiri Chocholous, 4th Prize, Cesky Spolek Sachovni, 1895.
  29. CKT 035: Solve this Miniature2007/09/12
    Intermediate - Study: You'll feel good after you solve this 1898 miniature chess study by Troitzky.
  30. CKT 034: The Prodigal Son2007/09/10
    Difficult - Problem: A mate in 6 chess problem delightful in its purity. Composed in 1910 by Nissl.

    Correction: Composed by Thomas Davidson (horizontal mirror) in Montreal Daily Witness, 1899.
Chess Killer Tips Video Podcast with Alexandra Kosteniuk
Chess Killer Tips will help you improve your chess, by training your mind and showing you new chess techniques and tricks. Presented by Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, in a free short daily video podcast format, they are instructive and fun at the same time.

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