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3 guys and a podcast

  1. 'Tis the season to PODCAST!2007/12/07
    It's the holiday season and we talk about Christmas and buying gifts for the extended family, real or fake tree and much more!

    Click me!

    Happy Holidays!

    3 GUYS!!!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving with a new podcast!2007/11/21
    It's been hectic for the 3 GUYS. We've been busy recording a demo to send out to radio stations and with other stuff we all do! But tune in to our latest podcast for some fun!

    Hilarity insues, click me!

    Till we meet again!

    3 GUYS!
  3. No so long a wait this time!2007/10/24
    In this rousing episode one of the Guys talks about his 20 year high school reunion. We also share a list of some of the "best" pick-up lines you can use. You be the judge! And we chat about a few other things but I don't want to spoil the surprise, you'll just have to listen!


    3 GUYS!!!
  4. Sorry for the delay,...here is a new one!2007/10/14
    This time it's a surprise...you'll have to just click and listen you won't be let down!


    3 GUYS!
  5. Extra long for your pleasure!2007/09/30
    Sit back this one is 45 minutes long, we just couldn't shut up!

    Satan! What more is there to say about the master of all things evil....well we have a one on one interview with the demon himself...kind of...wondering what I'm talking about well you'll just have to listen. That and a lot more of stuff we're chatting about!

    click it!

    3 GUYS!!!
  6. Where does the time go....IT'S TIME FOR A NEW PODCAST!!!2007/09/27
    Join the 3 GUYS this week as they hear a fun story about Jared's recent emceeing gig at a Comedy Zone, listener e-mail is answered, some of our drinking habits, sex before marriage, and wife and husband issues....intrigued...give it a listen!

    Click HERE!!!!

    3 GUYS!!!
  7. Middle of the week fun!!!2007/09/19
    In this thrilling episode the 3 GUYS talk about jobs, our first ones, our current ones, and our dream jobs! Listen in and find out what we want to do with our lives! Also on the show what were the shortest jobs we each had, tune in and find out! Also five tips for a healthier you and much more!

    click here for the new one!

    3 GUYS!
  8. End of the week Podcast fun!2007/09/13
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  9. Hey Hey!!! The wait is over!2007/09/10
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  10. Happy Labor! New Podcast is up!!!2007/09/03
    In this week's episode join the guys as they interview special guest the Godfather of Comedy in Charlotte, NC. Johnny Millwater. Johnny is a stand-up comedian/magician that has been performing for over a decade! Oh yeah, we also talk about other fun stuff too!


    Until next time, keep it real!

    3 GUYS!
  11. IT's Monday and you know what that means!!! A NEW PODCAST!2007/08/27
    In this rousing episode we have a special guest joining us in studio! The one and only Johnny Millwater ! Johnny is a stand-up comedian and entertainer. Listen in as Johnny adds his wit to the various topics we cover. I'd tell you what they are but I want to keep you in suspense!

    Podcast 8-27-07

    3 GUYS!
  12. 2007/08/23

    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-0d636e8f3b3daa9b32c55a9f8db49d3b}
  13. Times up and time for another PODCAST!!!2007/08/23
    In this hilarious episode the guys talk about such things as songs that get stuck in your head, Michael Vick's pending plea deal, do you have to be a sport fanatic to be a man, talking to women compared to talking to men and much more!


    3 GUYS!
  14. No more waiting a new one is here!2007/08/19
    In this episode of comedic genius the 3 guys discuss such topics as different places we'd like to live and why, NASCAR, dating preferences, and much more!


    3 GUYS!
  15. 3 Guys Strike Again2007/08/13
    We tackled the travesty of the other woman, we were informed by winslo our "homeless" movie reviewer, and performed a scene in improv theatre for the listeners at home.


    3 guysandapodcast 8-13-2007
  16. What another one!?2007/08/06
    That's right here is another fun filled half hour of hanging with us! Take a listen and enjoy!


    3 Guys!
  17. Yet another podcast goes up!2007/08/06
    I know what you're thinking..."guys it hasn't been a week yet and you're posting another podcast."

    Yes we are..why because we just can't help ourselves and want to share the fun we have with you the listener!


    3 Guys!
  18. Podcast subscription information!2007/08/22
    To subscribe to the "3 guys and a podcast" just use address:


    you can subscribe to it through Itunes by clicking on the advanced tab and then the subscribe to podcasts and pasting in the link above.

    3 guys!
  19. We're feeling so giddy we posted up another podcast!2007/08/05
  20. Our first podcast is up!!!2007/08/05
    Grab a tall cold one and sit back and listen to our first podcast! We'll be posting a new podcast once a week!

    Please send e-mails with comments and stuff to threeguysandapodcast@yahoo.com


    3 Guys!
3 guys and a podcast
Where sanity ends and hilarity begins you'll find us. Whether it's musing on current events, disecting magazine quizzes, or divulging personal (read:Hilarious) stories of childhood woes; we'll leave you begging for more. Who are 3 guys and a podcast? Three men cursed with the gift of gab and a love of microphones. Tune it, Sit back, Check out. See for yourself whats got half of Charlotte laughing, and the other half clamouring to see whats so damn funny.

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