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Top Tech Initiatives Podcast

  1. Episode 17 - Combating IT Security Threats2011/03/02
    IT security threats are constantly evolving, so an organization’s response must also evolve and stay ahead of the game. In this interview, David Cieslak, CPA/CITP, principal at Arxis Technology, explores current security threats and discusses how the latest products and technologies can be applied to practically and effectively combat them.
  2. Episode 16 - 2010 Top Technology Initiatives Survey2010/09/20
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  3. Episode 15 - Highlighting the IT Audit School Program2010/07/09
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  4. Effective Management of your Records and Data2010/01/14
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  5. CPAs' Primer on Enterprise Business Intelligence2009/09/09
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  6. Teaser - CPAs' Primer on Enterprise Business Intelligence Overview2009/08/18
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  7. Disaster Recovery - CPAs' Five Key Steps toward effective advisement of a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Management2009/08/18
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  8. Learning and Competency2009/04/29
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  9. AICPA 2009 Top Technology Initiatives List Run Down2009/04/29
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  10. Privacy [Part 3]: Privacy for CPAs in Public Practice2008/07/21
    In Episode 8, AICPA/CICA Privacy Taskforce members, Ev Johnson, CPA (Chair) and Sagi Leizerov continue a 4-part podcast on privacy, by discussing the changing privacy landscape and the opportunities it affords CPAs in Public Practice to offer Privacy Advisory Services as a way of complementing their existing portfolio of services.
  11. Privacy [Part 2]: A Privacy Compliance Framework2008/06/04
    In Episode 7, AICPA/CICA Privacy Taskforce Chair, Ev Johnson, CPA and Vice-Chair Ken Askelson, CPA.CITP, CISA, CIA continue a 4-part discussion about privacy, and provide an overview of the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP) framework; what it is, how it is constructed, and the rationale behind it.
  12. Privacy [Part 1]: Why Should You Care?2008/05/08
    In Episode 6, Ev Johnson, CPA and Ken Askelson, CPA.CITP, CIA discuss the shifting business and regulatory landscape with respect to Privacy, and why businesses and CPAs need to be concerned about how they collect, use, and maintain personal information.

  13. Episode 5 - CAATTs2008/03/26
    In Episode 5, Mark Mayberry, CPA.CITP, CISA, and Rich Lanza, CPA.CITP,
    CFE, provide an introduction to Computer Assisted Auditing Tools and
    Techniques (CAATTs) and discuss how auditors and forensic accountants
    can use CAATTs to achieve a more thorough and efficient review of client
  14. Episode 4 - Data Protection2008/02/22
    Welcome to the Top Technology Initiatives Podcast. Here in Episode 4 Barry MacQuarrie, CPA.CITP and Nancy Cohen, CPA.CITP discuss Privacy, the growing concern over the security of personal information, and steps that businesses, CPA firms and other organizations can take to ensure that their sensitive customer/client data is protected.
  15. Episode 3 - Risk-Based Auditing2007/09/26
    Welcome to the Top Technology Initiatives Podcast. Here in Episode 3,
    Mark Mayberry, CPA, CITP, CISA provides an overview of Risk-Based
    Auditing, including what will change under the new standards (SAS Nos.
    104-111), how auditors can identify and address risks, and why IT has
    become so important to the audit.
  16. Episode 2 - Mobile and Remote Computing2007/08/21
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  17. Top Technology Initiatives: Episode 1 - Top Tech Overview2007/06/25

  18. Episode 1 - 2007 Top Technology Initiatives Overview2007/06/25
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Top Technology Initiatives Podcast

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