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Good Housekeeping: What's for Dinner?

  1. Asparagus Tart2008/05/15
    Susan shows the technique of blind-baking a pie crust
  2. Spicy Roast Beef Salad2008/05/14
    Susan explains how to select, store, and cook with jicama
  3. Summer Phyllo Pizza2008/05/13
    Susan displays the easiest methods for working with phyllo dough
  4. Tofu Stir Fry2008/05/12
    Susan demonstrates how to select, prepare, and store tofu
  5. Thai-Style Coconut Chicken with Snow Peas2008/05/09
    Susan shows how to work with the basic flavors of Thai cooking, fish sauce and coconut milk
  6. Fennel Grilled Fish Dinner2008/05/08
    Susan shares her easy technique for making savory compound butters
  7. Crab Cakes with Indian Flavors2008/05/08
    Susan demonstrates how to strip and crack fresh crabs
  8. Turkey Cutlets with Melon Salsa2008/05/06
    Susan shows the easiest way to make melon boats
  9. Thai Snapper2008/05/05
    Susan demonstrates how to make a foil packet for steam-grilling with spices and herbs
  10. Rhubarb-Strawberry Cobbler2008/05/02
    Susan explains how to select, store, and cook with rhubarb
  11. Turkey Meatball Pitas2008/05/02
    Susan talks about the tenets of cooking with ground turkey
  12. Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper Salsa2008/05/01
    Susan explains the differences between fresh and pickled jalapenos
  13. Best BBQ Ribs2008/05/01
    Susan offers buyer's tips for succulent baby back ribs
  14. Porterhouse Steak with Grilled Salad2008/04/28
    Susan recommends using a mortar and pestle to grind spices
  15. Charbroiled Portobello Mushrooms2008/04/28
    Susan demonstrates how to clean and grill portobello mushrooms
  16. Soba Noodles with Shrimp, Snow Peas and Carrots2008/04/24
    Cleaning the Kitchen: Susan mixes an all-natural surface scrub solution
  17. Lemon Turkey2008/04/23
    Cleaning the Kitchen: Susan demos the amazing cleaning properties of lemons
  18. Spinach and Flounder Bake2008/04/22
    Cleaning the Kitchen: Susan shows how to make microwave stains evaporate
  19. Boneless Chicken with Potato-Pepper Hash2008/04/22
    Cleaning the Kitchen: Susan demonstrates potatoes' rust-removing abilities
  20. Skillet Vegetables and Cheese2008/04/22
    Cleaning the Kitchen: Susan shares an effortless way to remove baked-on gunk from skillets and pans
  21. Chremslach2008/04/22
    Susan welcomes Passover with Arthur Schwartz's Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisted
  22. Orange Pork and Asparagus Stir Fry2008/04/22
    Susan explains how to buy, store, and eat kumquats
  23. Spinach Souffle2008/04/22
    Susan demonstrates how to retain airiness when folding into egg whites
  24. Glazed Sweet and Sour Chicken2008/04/22
    Susan recommends entering Ocean Spray's Ultimate Cranberry Recipe contest
  25. Spicy Beef in Lettuce Cups2008/04/22
    Susan shows surefire ways to sharpen chef's knives
  26. Quick Asparagus Crepes2008/04/22
    Susan demonstrates how to make perfect crepes
  27. Strawberry Spinach Salad2008/04/22
    Susan demonstrates how to remove the core from your favorite berries.
  28. Sage and Rosemary Pork2008/04/18
    Susan shows how to trim the unwanted fat from your meat.
  29. Mango Tart2008/04/17
    Susan reveals the art of tempering egg yolks.
  30. Sauteed Turkey Cutlets with Tomato-Olive Sauce2008/04/16
    Susan teaches how to hone your deglazing skills.
  31. Korean Steak2008/04/15
    Susan reveals tricks to keeping your steak perfectly moist.
  32. Pumpkin-pie with Bourbon Whipped Cream2008/04/15
    Susan shows how to make the ultimate homemade dessert topping.
  33. New Orleans Green Gumbo2008/04/11
    Susan gives easy tips on how to make a tastey roux.
  34. Chicken with Buttermilk Gravy2008/04/11
    Susan recommends a time-saving alternative to using buttermilk.
  35. Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes2008/04/09
    Susan shares a nifty way to recycle your leftover mashed potatoes.
  36. Oatmeal Batter Bread2008/04/08
    Susan demonstrates how to make instant homemade oatmeal.
  37. Vegetable Cobbler2008/04/07
    Susan shows how to avoid clumps when cooking with dry ingredients.
  38. Salmon Provencal with Zucchini2008/04/03
    Susan shares a tip on how to make cooking with fish fast and easy.
  39. Spring Ramen Chicken Soup2008/04/02
    Susan explains how to choose the best chicken for your broth.
  40. Broiled Cubed Steak with Barbecue Sauce2008/04/02
    Susan teaches the surefire way to ensure your steaks are juicy.
  41. Farrow Risotto with Butternut Squash2008/04/02
    Whole Grain Week, Day 5: Susan reveals unexpected sources for whole grains
  42. Black Bean, Red Pepper, Corn and Quinoa Salad2008/03/31
    Whole Grain Week, Day 4: Susan explains the benefits of quinoa
  43. Bulgur and Beef Stuffed Peppers2008/03/27
    Whole Grain Week, Day 3: Susan explains the benefits of bulgur
  44. Jamaican Jerk Cod with Brown Rice2008/03/26
    Whole Grain Week, Day 2: Susan explains the benefits of brown rice
  45. Beef and Barley with Mushrooms2008/03/25
    Whole Grain Week, Day 1: Susan explains the benefits of barley
  46. Eggs Florentine2008/03/24
    Susan gives tips on how to dye Easter eggs naturally
  47. Pierogi with Carmelized Onions and Red Peppers2008/03/21
    Susan recommends a way to deodorize plastic storage containers
  48. Lemon Chicken with Mushrooms2008/03/20
    Susan demonstrates how to clean mushrooms
  49. No-Cook Thai Beef Salad2008/03/19
    Susan shares a tip on how to keep vegetables crisp
  50. Skillet Stuffed Cabbage2008/03/18
    Susan shows easy ways to wilt cabbage for stuffing
  51. Country Chicken Cobbler2008/03/17
    Susan gives new uses for leftover biscuits
  52. Spicy Beef with Couscous2008/03/14
    Susan explains when to use fatty versus lean ground beef
  53. Stir Fried Tofu with Vegetables2008/03/13
    Susan shares a fun trick for testing the hotness of frying oil
  54. Whole Wheat Pasta with Garlicky Greens2008/03/12
    Susan explains how to expedite boiling water
  55. Steak with Yellow Pepper Chutney2008/03/11
    Susan shows a simple trick to eliminate smoking fat in a broiler
  56. Red Flannel Hash2008/03/10
    Susan shares a natural way to remove food stains
  57. Flank Steak with Corn and Red Pepper Quesadillas2008/03/07
    Susan recommends an easy trick for bringing out corn's sweetness
  58. Buttermilk Pancakes2008/03/06
    Susan demonstrates a simple way to get perfectly round pancakes
  59. Beef Stew with Red Wine2008/03/05
    Susan shares an unusual way to tenderize stew meat
  60. Pasta Primavera2008/03/04
    Susan explains the benefits of fresh versus dried pasta
  61. Warm Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds2008/03/03
    Susan shows the simplest way to blanch and sliver almonds
  62. Grilled Pizza Margarita2008/02/28
    Susan recommends a new way to slice pizza
  63. Spinach and Rice Frittata2008/02/27
    Susan gives a freshness tip for sour cream, yogurt, and cottage cheese
  64. Country Spice Cake2008/02/26
    Susan demonstrates the easiest way to remove a stubborn cake from the pan
  65. Cheese and Pepperoni Calzone2008/02/25
    Susan explains how to shred cheese in a cinch
  66. Swedish Meat Loaves with Mushrooms and Dill2008/02/21
    Susan demonstrates her time-saving solution for meatloaf
  67. Dilly Meatballs2008/02/20
    Susan demonstrates the quickest way to measure meatballs
  68. Pan-Grilled Pork Cutlets2008/02/19
    Susan gives her efficient tip for greasing pans
  69. Chicken with Onions and Garlic2008/02/19
    Susan explains what to do with half an onion
  70. Florentine Frittata2008/02/15
    Susan separates eggs with an unexpected tool
  71. Macaroni and Cheese2008/02/14
    Susan shares a simple tip to prevent cheese from hardening
  72. Flank Steak with Red Wine and Oven Frites2008/02/13
    Susan suggests what to do with leftover wine
  73. Garlic Pork Roast with Root Vegetables2008/02/12
    Susan explains how to expedite cooking a roast
  74. Healthy Makeover Meatloaf2008/02/11
    Susan celebrates Women's Healthy Weight Day by giving meatloaf a low-fat makeover
  75. Sunday Night Vegetable Hash2008/02/08
    Susan gives her tips for perfectly poached eggs
  76. Macaroni Cabbage Bean Soup2008/02/07
    Susan shares her favorite trick for thickening up any soup
  77. Chicken, Caribbean Style2008/02/06
    Susan demonstrates the easiest way to keep chicken moist
  78. Ginger Beef Stir-Fry2008/02/05
    Susan shares her tip for preventing chiles from burning your skin
  79. Harvest Casserole2008/02/04
    Susan explains the difference between a rutabaga and a turnip
  80. Penne with Salmon and Asparagus2008/02/01
    Susan shows how to properly select, peel, and trim asparagus
  81. Vegetable Stock2008/01/30
    Susan gives ticks for making an easy, hearty stock
  82. Braised Baby Artichoke with Olives2008/01/29
    Susan demonstrates how to pick, clean, and pare fresh artichokes
  83. Lucio's Pork Tenderloin2008/01/28
    Susan recommends cranberries for savory cooking
  84. Sausage and Eggplant Pasta2008/01/25
    Susan explains how to prevent sausage from bursting
  85. Tomato and Ricotta Salata Bruschetta2008/01/24
    Susan teaches how to salvage burnt toast
  86. Moroccan Vegetable Stew2008/01/23
    Susan explains how to make a soup or stew less salty
  87. Orzo Paella2008/01/22
    Susan demonstrates how to debeard mussels
  88. Rosemary Chicken and Vegetables2008/01/21
    Susan offers advice on using dried versus fresh herbs
  89. Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork2008/01/18
    Susan explains the benefits of a slow-cooker
  90. Tortellini with Bacon and Peas2008/01/17
    Susan shares her tip to keep bacon from spattering
  91. Orange Beef and Barley Stew2008/01/16
    Susan advises the best way to prepare stew meat
  92. Grilled Salmon with Herb-Caper Cream2008/01/15
    Susan shows how to easily deskin salmon
  93. Basil, Mozzarella and Tomato Pizzas2008/01/11
    Susan shows off one of her favorite kitchen tools - the mozzarella slicer
  94. Sesame Salmon with Bok Choy2008/01/10
    Susan gives her tip for keeping fish fresh overnight.
  95. Spaghetti Carbonara Pie2008/01/09
    Susan offers delicious suggestions for leftover pie dough
  96. Pork Chops with Glazed Peaches2008/01/08
    Susan shares some useful ingredient substitutions
  97. Sesame Shrimp and Asparagus2008/01/07
    Susan offers an alternative to dumping frying oil
  98. Lemon Soy Steak2008/01/04
    Susan shares her favorite tips for marinating.
  99. Smoked Turkey and Arugula Lahvash Sandwich with Chutney Mayonnaise2008/01/03
    Susan shares her secret to prevent sandwiches from turning soggy
  100. Chicken Apple Burgers2008/01/02
    Susan explains how to prevent apples from browning
  101. Honey-Lime Salmon2008/01/01
    Susan gives her tip for decrystalizing honey
  102. Tenderloin of Beef and Raisin-Pepper Sauce with Rice2007/12/31
    Susan demonstrates how to recover raisins that have hardened
  103. Unstuffed Cabbage2007/12/28
    Susan explains the benefits of using Pyrex glassware
  104. Italian Sausage with Potatoes2007/12/27
    Susan demos her magic tip for cleaning darkened aluminum pans
  105. Spinach Souffle2007/12/26
    Susan shows the easiest way to clean a broken egg
  106. Couscous with Garbanzo Beans2007/12/25
    Susan demonstrates how to make clarified butter
  107. Open-Faced Smoked Salmon Sandwiches2007/12/24
    Susan celebrates National Cookie Cutter Week with decorative sandwiches
  108. Spicy Ginger Chicken in Lettuce Cups2007/12/21
    Susan shares her favorite chestnut tricks
  109. Meatloaf with Gremolata Crumbs2007/12/20
    Susan demonstrates the quickest, easiest way to make breadcrumbs
  110. Chiles Rellenos Pie2007/12/19
    Susan shows what you can do with bottom-of-the-bag crumbs
  111. Salsa Beef Stew2007/12/18
  112. Red Beans and Rice2007/12/17
  113. Easy Eggnogg Pumpkin Pie2007/12/14
  114. Sweet and Sour Chicken2007/12/14
  115. Snapper Livornese2007/12/13
  116. Ricotta Spinach Calzone2007/12/11
  117. Pan-Grilled Catfish with Tomato-Chipotle Salsa over Polenta2007/12/10
  118. Salmon with Ginger and Green Onions2007/12/07
  119. Bacon, Cheddar and Pea Frittata2007/12/06
  120. Spinach and Cheddar Whole Wheat Strata2007/12/05
  121. Shredded Beets with Celery and Dates2007/12/04
  122. Salmon Fillets with Tomato Jam2007/12/03
  123. Cajun Chicken Salad2007/11/30
  124. Chicken Marianne2007/11/29
  125. Spiced Pumpkin Soup2007/11/28
  126. Chicken Apple Curry2007/11/27
  127. Southwestern Chili Pasta2007/11/26
  128. Turkey Cutlets A L'Orange2007/11/21
  129. Falafel Sandwiches2007/11/21
  130. Kielbasa with Apples2007/11/21
  131. Fast Fried Rice2007/11/20
  132. Red Cabbage Spaghetti with Golden Raisins2007/11/19
  133. Jerk Chicken Kabobs2007/11/16
  134. Oven-Roasted Meatballs with Spaghetti2007/11/15
  135. Lemony Shrimp Risotto2007/11/14
  136. Flank Steak with Red Onion Marmalade2007/11/13
  137. Fusilli with Swiss Chard, Garbanzo Beans and Bacon2007/11/12
  138. Pork Cutlets with Sweet Potatoes2007/11/09
  139. Stovetop Chili2007/11/08
  140. Shortcut Nicoise Salad2007/11/07
  141. Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo2007/11/06
  142. Garden Vegetable Omelet2007/11/05
  143. Parmesan-Coated Pork Chops2007/11/02
  144. Basic Chicken Soup2007/11/01
  145. Flatbread with Salad2007/10/31
  146. Peanut Chicken Stir-Fry2007/10/30
  147. Bacon, Cheddar and Pea Fritatta2007/10/29
  148. Skillet Lemon Chicken2007/10/26
  149. Waldorf Salad Deluxe2007/10/25
  150. Fettucini with Mushrooms and Cream2007/10/24
  151. Cauliflower Mash2007/10/23
  152. Salmon Burgers with Caper and Dill2007/10/22
  153. Cheese and Sausage Quesadillas2007/10/19
  154. Polenta Bake with Butternut Squash2007/10/18
  155. Taco Salad2007/10/18
  156. Chicken with Lemony Egg Noodle and Peas2007/10/18
  157. Veal and Mushroom Stew2007/10/18
  158. Chicken Breasts with Tomato and Olive Sauce2007/10/18
  159. Mustard-Dill Salmon with Herbed Potatoes2007/10/10
  160. Pork with Apple Pan Chutney2007/10/09
  161. Steak with Mushroom Sauce2007/10/08
  162. Southern Peach Pork Chops2007/10/05
  163. Turkey Cutlets with Pear and Terragon2007/10/04
  164. Spaghetti Squash with Brown Butter and Walnuts2007/10/03
  165. Lemon Oregano Chicken2007/10/02
  166. Spaghetti with Beets and Greens2007/10/01
  167. Rice Salad with Black Beans2007/09/28
  168. Skillet Chicken with Orange Rosemary Sauce2007/09/27
  169. Salmon with Olives and Lemon2007/09/26
  170. Tomatoes Stuffed with Spinach and Ham2007/09/25
  171. Chipotle Pork Chops with Corn Salad2007/09/24
  172. Polenta with Spicy Eggplant Sauce2007/09/21
  173. Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper Salsa2007/09/20
  174. Cobb Salad2007/09/19
  175. Turkey Cutlets with Melon Salsa2007/09/18
  176. Strawberry Spinach Salad2007/09/17
  177. Quick Sausage and Okra Gumbo2007/09/14
  178. Greek Chicken Burgers2007/09/13
  179. Chili-spiced Cod2007/09/12
  180. Ham and Gorgonzola Sandwiches2007/09/11
  181. Layered Chopped Salad2007/09/10
  182. Chicken Quesadillas with Pineapple Slaw2007/09/07
  183. Backyard BLTs2007/09/06
  184. Smoky Almond Chicken2007/09/05
  185. Scallops, Scampi-Style2007/09/04
  186. Grilled Pepper and Onion Salad2007/08/31
  187. Thai Salad2007/08/30
  188. Smoked Turkey Salad with Blueberries2007/08/29
  189. Toasted-Sesame Salmon2007/08/28
  190. Cajun Shrimp with Remoulade Sauce2007/08/27
  191. Thai Chicken with Basil2007/08/24
  192. Rigatoni with Sausage Sauce2007/08/23
  193. Couscous Paella2007/08/22
  194. Glazed Salmon with Watermelon Salsa2007/08/21
  195. Black Bean and Chicken Chili2007/08/20
  196. Mushroom-Chicken Stir Fry2007/08/17
  197. Scrod with Lemon-Garlic Bread Crumbs2007/08/16
  198. Spaghetti with Clam Sauce2007/08/15
  199. Tuna Burgers with Tomato-Basil Salsa2007/08/14
  200. Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin2007/08/13
  201. Best Tuna Salad2007/08/10
  202. Steakhouse Burgers with Horseradish Sour Cream2007/08/09
  203. Jambalaya Sausage Kebabs2007/08/08
  204. Sauteed Turkey Cutlets With Tomato-Olive Sauce2007/08/07
  205. Steak and Pepper Fajitas2007/08/06
  206. Classic Caesar Salad2007/08/03
  207. Balsamic Chicken and Pears2007/08/02
  208. Corn and Pepper Jack Quesadillas2007/08/01
  209. Baked Salmon Filets with Ginger-Cilantro Butter2007/07/31
  210. Grilled Chicken and Pepper Salad2007/07/30
  211. Peachy Chicken with Basil2007/07/27
  212. Shrimp and Scallop Kabobs2007/07/27
  213. Florentine Frittata2007/07/27
  214. Chicken Breasts with Tarragon2007/07/24
  215. Sesame Noodles2007/07/23
  216. Hollandaise Sauce over Salmon2007/07/20
  217. Peking Chicken Roll-ups2007/07/19
  218. Pork Tenderloins with Plum Glaze2007/07/18
  219. Tuna Melt with Carrot Raisin Salad2007/07/17
  220. Shrimp and Tomato Summer Salad2007/07/16
  221. Lasagna Toss with Spinach and Ricotta2007/07/13
  222. Pressure Cooker Salmon Risotto with Peas2007/07/12
  223. Beef Kabobs Over Rice2007/07/11
  224. BBQ Pork Sandwiches2007/07/10
  225. Pesto Ravioli and Peas2007/07/09
  226. Orange Rosemary Chicken2007/07/06
  227. Lemon Thyme Cod2007/07/05
  228. Good Housekeeping Best Burgers2007/07/05
  229. National Fish Week2007/07/03
  230. Vegetable Fritters2007/07/02
  231. Shells with Tuna and Capers2007/06/29
  232. Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa2007/06/28
  233. Pasta with Eggplant Sauce2007/06/27
  234. Warm Chicken and Apple Salad2007/06/26
  235. Gnocchi with Asparagus and Mushrooms2007/06/25
  236. Turkey Cutlet Salad2007/06/22
  237. Pesto Mozarella Pizza2007/06/21
  238. Skillet Lemon Chicken2007/06/20
  239. Texas Chicken Burgers2007/06/19
  240. Ginger Pork with Vegetable Stir Fry2007/06/18
  241. Handy Handheld Blender2007/06/15
Good Housekeeping: What's for Dinner?
Short, daily video tips from Susan Westmoreland, Good Housekeeping magazine’s Food Editor. Every day, Susan chooses a quick and easy recipe that you can make for dinner that night. In the video, she offers you tips and tricks to make that recipe even easier. Shot in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchens, these also give a behind-the-scenes look at where GH tests each and every recipe in the magazine.

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