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RTÉ - Nob Nation

  1. Nob Nation - Election Moratorium2011/10/26
    The traditional media black out on all things presidential is taking its toll on all of the Nobs in the RTE canteen.
  2. Nob Nation - The Final Debate2011/10/25
    As floods hit Dublin, the candidates face Pat Kenny for the final fling in the race for the Áras.
  3. Nob Nation - Michael Twee's Fury2011/10/18
    The Labour candidate is furious with his party colleagues after he's found to be trailing Sean Gallagher in the polls.
  4. Nob Nation - Joint Presidential Election Broadcast2011/10/14
    Featuring Alan Shatter's attempt to explain the vote on judges' pay.
  5. Nob Nation - Dunphy's Voicemails2011/10/12
    Eamon's phone is crammed with messages after he says the Rep. of Ireland won't qualify for Euro 2012.
  6. Nob Nation - Liveline Positive Vibes2011/10/06
    Joe does his best to keep positive vibes on the Liveline.
  7. Nob Nation - Joint Presidential Broadcast2011/10/04
    The seven candidates make a joint broadcast in the race for the Aras.
  8. Nob Nation - Tánaiste Eamon Gilbore2011/10/03
    Nob Nation - Whatever happened to Tánaiste Eamon Gilbore?
  9. Nob Nation Podcast 29th Sept 20112011/09/29
    Aras Candidates talk to Joe on the Liveline.......
  10. Nob Nation - News at One Aras 20112011/09/28
    Sean O'Rourke looks at the final field for the Presidential Election.
  11. Nob Nation Presidential Election2011/09/27
    David Norris is so near and yet so far from making it onto the ballot paper
  12. Nob Nation - Enda roasts Gay Mitchell2011/09/26
    Furious Enda confronts the FG Aras candidate as he languishes in the polls.
  13. Nob Nation - Jeducation Happiness2011/09/23
    Jedward remind us all of the simple things that make us feel cuddly inside.
  14. Nob Nation - Galvin's Post-Match Diary2011/09/19
    Kerry's Paul Galvin expresses his feelings as Dublin win Sam.
  15. Nob Nation - Liveline Bad Phone Lines2011/09/14
    Joe has enough of poor phone lines and listeners with the radio on in the background.
  16. Nob Nation - Norris Returns2011/09/12
    Séan Gallagher, Sinn Féin and David Norris make their political broadcasts as Áras 2011 heats up.
  17. Nob Nation - Friday2011/09/09
    It's time now to head for the Nob Nation newsroom with the latest on the presidential election and other matters of importance...
  18. Nob Nation - Liveline Russia, Namaland2011/09/07
    The Euro 2012 Russian draw and Prime Time's Namaland are the subject of the Nobs' calls to Joe.
  19. Nob Nation - Rep. of Ireland V Russia2011/09/06
    Bill, Eamon and Jonny Giles prepare for the Euro 2012 showdown in Moscow.
  20. Nob Nation - The Sunday Game Winners' Hotel2011/09/05
    Des Cahill reports from the noisy Kilkenny hurlers' celebrations on The Sunday Game.
  21. Nob Nation - Michael Noonan Fright Night2011/09/02
    Grim Noonan warns of no debt forgiveness, no chink of hope, no glimmer of happiness on the horizon..
  22. Nob Nation - Liveline Fianna Fáil2011/09/01
    The fallout from Fianna Fáil's botched efforts to run for the Áras reaches boiling point.
  23. Nob Nation - Sport at Seven2011/08/30
    Arsene Wenger and Pat Spillane are guests with Des Cahill on the latest sports round-up.
  24. Nob Nation - Dublin V Donegal Up For the Match2011/08/26
    Des Cahill hangs out with the fans in a Dublin nightclub ahead of the Croke Park thriller.
  25. Nob Nation - The Fianna Fáil Áras Candidate2011/08/25
    Micheál Martin holds a lonely meeting to decide what to do in the race for the Áras.
  26. Nob Nation - Liveline Gaddafi2011/08/24
    Joe is back with a special Liveline discussion on the whereabouts of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi.
  27. Nob Nation - The X Factor is back2011/08/19
    Louis Walsh looks ahead to a new judging panel in X Factor Season EIGHT. Eek.
  28. Nob Nation - Micheál for the Aras2011/08/18
    The official campaign clip from supporters of the Ó'Muircheartaigh Presidential bid.
  29. Nob Nation - Vincent Browne on Gaybo2011/08/15
    A fed-up Vincent Browne looks at the thinning field of presidential candidates.
RTÉ - Nob Nation
Nob Nation is a topical comedy sketch series broadcast weekdays on RTÉ Radio.

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