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  1. SFP 163: Presidential Ponderings2015/05/20
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  2. SFP 162: Easier Without God?2015/01/25
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  3. SFP 161: A Married Man Part 22015/01/13
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  4. SFP 160: The Good Fight2015/01/05

    Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about spiritual warfare, a battle that rages all around us every single moment of every single day. Many in the world would deny the war is happening, even as the din from the battle threatens to drown out their very words. We are going to be looking at who our enemy is in this fight, and how we can prepare ourselves for the battle.
  5. SFP 159 A Married Man Part 12014/09/28
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  6. SFP 158: The Ultimate Superhero2014/08/30
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  7. SFP 157: In God We Trust?2014/05/18

    Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about God, and our nation. We are going to touch on the controversy surrounding the official nation motto of our nation and that of the state of Florida. Why is this such a big deal?
  8. SFP 156: Who Cares, Man?2014/05/08
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  9. SFP 155: Sword Practice2014/04/27

    Welcome. Today we're going to be talking about Biblical illiteracy and the sad state the world is in when it comes to religious education. Read the Word, practice with your sword!
  10. SFP 154: Praise the Lord!2014/04/20

    Welcome. Today Joe mutters and mumbles his way through praising God for all His tender mercies, and likely misspeaks several times in a vain attempt to sing out with all the joy in his heart for Jesus. Praise God it's raining!
  11. SFP 153a: Problem/Issue Resolved2014/04/14

    The bandwidth issue should now be properly resolved and you guys should be able to download any available episode with no problems. I apologize for any inconvenience this problem might have caused. God bless.
  12. SFP 153: Between the Sheets [Mature Content]2014/04/12

    Welcome. Today we are going to be addressing a serious issue that faces the Christian community as a whole, and more specifically the community of Christian singles. So yes, we are going to be talking about the issue of sex once again, as it is a prominent problem for us, and we just cannot seem to get it right.
  13. SFP 152: Let's Talk About Porn2013/03/10
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  14. SFP 151: Unique Bible2013/01/15

    Welcome. Today we discuss the various ways the Bible is a unique book.
  15. SFP 150: Love God!2012/11/29
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  16. SFP 149: 100 Ways We Fail Christ P12012/10/12

    Welcome. Today I want to share an article that I found online about ways we deny or fail Christ in our lives. In this episode we tackle the first 50 things we do, or fail to do, for God in our lives. Email me at smartfaithpodcast (at) yahoo (dot) com
  17. SFP 148: Christian Job Description2012/09/26
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  18. SFP 147: A Rocky Situation2012/09/04
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  19. SFP 146: Christians Only?2012/08/08
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  20. SFP 145: Health, Shooting, and Gun Control2012/07/24

    Welcome. Today Joe rambles on about his health, the recent tragic shooting in Colorado, and about the ensuing question regarding gun control. Life is a fragile thing, and we would all do well to remember that. Serve God first with your life! Email Joe at smartfaithpodcast (at) yahoo (dot) com!
  21. SFP 144: Path To Destruction2012/06/27
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  22. SFP 143: Gnosticism 2012/05/02

    Welcome. Today we are going to be discussing the views of some Gnostics, more specifically Christian Gnostics. Are they on to something with this 'secret knowledge' talk or is it all smoke an mirrors? Warning: rants ahead!
  23. SFP 142: Securing the Heart2012/04/21
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  24. SFP 141: Living It Up2012/04/08
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  25. SFP 140 Parables 2: The Sower2012/04/01
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The Smart Faith Podcast is dedicated to keeping faith alive in the face of modern intellectualism.

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