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  1. Cherokee County Children Illegally Removed From Homes, AP Reports2018/03/23
    According to a report by The Associated Press , the Cherokee Department of Social Services has been systematically and illegally removing children from their homes for years. The actions may have started more than a decade ago and affect at least 100 families.
  2. Valvano, Jordan And The Moments That Define The Madness2018/03/23
    When Mark Mehler and Charles Paikert first met to watch their favorite college basketball teams duke it out, they had no idea it would become a tradition. But year after year the two continued to meet at the same local bar, often times cheering for opposing teams. Journalism was their trade, but college hoops was their passion.
  3. Cosmic Punk Brings Teen Angst To The Stage2018/03/23
    Many of the songs Cosmic Punk performs are rooted in angsty, teenage feelings. Elayna Jean, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, says that is because she wrote a lot of those songs while she was still in high school.
  4. North Carolina Voters Ensnared in Cambridge Analytica Scandal2018/03/22
    Facebook’s stock plummeted at the news that 50 million user accounts had been breached and used to create profiles of prospective voters. Since then the company behind the breach, Cambridge Analytica, has been suspended from Facebook. The damage in North Carolina has already been done.
  5. Project Connects Civil Rights Activists To Young Organizers Of Today2018/03/22
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  6. Making Asheville ‘Climate City’2018/03/22
    This month Asheville hosted the first ClimateCon , a conference to explore innovations and business solutions to combat the effects of climate change. The nine-day conference included a business of climate forum, a summit for emerging climate leaders, and community-wide events.
  7. Through The NC Restart Program, Public Schools Can Make And Break The Rules2018/03/21
    More than 100 public schools in North Carolina have applied and been granted approval to participate in a scholastic experiment called Restart . The Restart program allows low-performing schools to operate like charter programs without having charter status.
  8. As Her Family Grapples With OCD, Author Tackles Stereotypes Through Writing2018/03/21
    Barbara Claypole White always wanted to be a writer. But she put her passion aside when her young son was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  9. The Bullcity Black Theater Festival Celebrates Black Art And Black Joy2018/03/21
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  10. The Fight For School Safety: Students Rebel2018/03/20
    Since the mass school shooting in Columbine, America has seemed almost powerless against rogue gunmen attacking defenseless suburban schools. After the tragic killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, many declared that if America did not make changes after Newtown it never would.
  11. The Government Burned Down His Home, He Committed To Human Rights: Meet Tutu Alicante2018/03/19
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  12. The Political Junkie: Lessons From The Pennsylvania Election And Continued White House Drama2018/03/16
    The special election in Pennsylvania this week turned a reliably red district blue. Democratic candidate Conor Lamb beat Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. Is this a wake-up call for the Republican party?
  13. The Funny Thing About Mental Health2018/03/16
    Krish Mohan has been a comedian since his teenage years when he won a talent contest at high school. Looking for a way to finetune his craft, he wound up at a local club practicing his jokes between sets for rock bands. His early humor revolved around being from an immigrant family who moved from India to Pittsburgh when he was just 8 years old.
  14. Ned Ferm, The Jazzy Country Boy2018/03/16
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  15. Duke University’s Divine Divide2018/03/15
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  16. Decades Later, The Story Of ‘Angels In America’ Lives On2018/03/15
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  17. Mending A Shattered Mind And Body With Writing2018/03/15
    North Carolina writer Sebastian Matthews was almost killed by a dead man. He and his family had a head-on collision on a North Carolina highway in 2011 when a driver in the oncoming lane passed away from a sudden heart attack. Matthews and his wife were left in wheelchairs with countless broken bones, bruised spirits and a healthy 8-year-old to manage.
  18. Movies On The Radio: Ladies Who Lead2018/03/14
    For years, critics have contended that Hollywood films leave a lot to be desired when it comes to female representation. Analyses such as the Bechdel test suggest that too often the male-dominated screenwriting world puts women in passive, one-dimensional roles.
  19. Shining A Light On Our Government2018/03/13
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  20. From Purple Sashes To Pink Pussy Hats: The Evolution of The 'Women's March'2018/03/13
    When people gathered for the women’s marches of 2017 and 2018, they were joining a tradition that dates back more than a century. In 1913, thousands of women marched on Washington wearing purple and gold sashes instead of pink hats, and Rebecca Roberts says they were a lot more radical than today’s activists.
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