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  1. Head Trauma: The Worst Kept Secret On The Gridiron2018/07/03
    Football has remained one of America’s favorite forms of entertainment for years. Even as its ratings fall, the National Football League is estimated to have made $14 billion in 2017 alone. But science is finally catching up to the sport, and it suggests the big hits that delight fans do not come without a price.
  2. 'Stone By Stone’: The Story Behind Who Built Duke University2018/07/02
    Last August, Duke University removed a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the entrance to the Duke University Chapel . The removal came amidst country-wide protests over Confederate symbols, and soon after the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since then, Duke has embarked on a project to interrogate its history and identify some of the unsung heroes of the school.
  3. Meet Butterfly Biologist Frederik Nijhout2018/07/02
    Frederik Nijhout grew up in post-World War II Holland, and his childhood was full of stories from the war, including his father's imprisonment by the Germans and his daring escape with forged travel documents. As a child, he moved to Guatemala and later to Curaçao where he was captivated by the diverse and colorful nature.
  4. The Immigration Saga: Reunification Is Not Easy And Due Process Has Become Hard 2018/06/29
    Public outrage shamed the Trump administration into agreeing not to separate families at the border. Now a federal judge has put an end to most family separations and is calling for the families to be reunified. Since May, an estimated 2300 children have been taken away from their parents while trying to enter the country.
  5. Valerie June Brings Her Enchanting Spirit To Durham2018/06/29
    Valerie June is known for her eclectic voice, energetic on-stage performance and soulful lyrics. She was born in Tennessee, raised in the church and got her start in the music biz by helping out her dad who promoted artists like Prince and Bobby Womack.
  6. #BackChannel: NFL Players Respond To Trump, Nina Simone’s Childhood Home, And ‘Everything Is Love'2018/06/28
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  7. Ouch! What Is Pain, And What Is It Good For?2018/06/27
    Researchers have developed a new part for a prosthetic hand: a synthetic skin that can feel pain. The electronic dermis, or “e-dermis,” fits over the fingertips of a prosthetic hand and helps amputees differentiate between something sharp and something round.
  8. Supreme Court Refuses NC Gerrymandering Case, What’s The Fallout?2018/06/26
    The U.S. Supreme Court announced yesterday that it refuses to hear a political gerrymandering case that would have decided whether Republican legislators in North Carolina violated the Constitution when they redrew voting maps.
  9. NC Paleontologists Uncover 97 Million-Year-Old Eggs From Gigantic Chicken-Like Dino2018/06/26
    A group of scientists led by a North Carolina paleontologist have uncovered a rare trove of dinosaur eggs from a species that does not even have a name yet. The dinosaur belonged to the oviraptorosaur group: bird-like dinosaurs that looked a little like parrots or chickens and walked on two legs.
  10. From Football To The Farm Field: Meet Jason Brown2018/06/25
    When he first started playing football, Jason Brown saw it as a business decision. He wanted to get a scholarship to college so that he would not be a financial burden for his parents.
  11. More Than 100,000 Fish Die Off In Massive White Lake Fish Kill2018/06/22
    There is plenty of debate over whether an algae bloom, or chemicals, or a combination of the two led to the devastating fish kill on White Lake in Bladen County, NC. What is clear, is more than 100,000 fish of various species, including hearty largemouth bass, floated up to the surface and washed ashore starting in May.
  12. The Bottom To The Top: The Story Of Ernie Barnes2018/06/22
    He was raised in “the bottoms” section of Durham, but Ernie Barnes would leave the Triangle to become one of the most recognizable black artists of the time. Anyone who has ever seen the opening credits of the sitcom “ Good Times ,” has seen the art of Ernie Barnes.
  13. Movies On The Radio: The Cult Classics That Never Die2018/06/21
    Tommy Wiseau’s film “ The Room ” is a textbook example of a cult movie. It made less than $2000 when it first opened in Los Angeles in 2003, got terrible reviews, and is dubbed by some the “Citizen Kane of bad movies.” Yet years later it became a huge hit.
  14. How Sexual Harassment Affects Women in STEM2018/06/20
    The number of women in STEM is growing, but large barriers remain. A new study shows that experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace have a long-term, negative impact on women faculty in sciences, engineering and medicine and diminish both their scientific productivity and opportunities for advancement.
  15. ‘She Says’ Podcast Sheds Light On Sexual Assault Victim2018/06/20
    During the summer of 2015, a Charlotte woman was sexually assaulted by a stranger. She believes she knows who her attacker is, but for the past three years she has struggled to find justice. A year ago, she took her story to WFAE , the NPR affiliate in Charlotte, and they decided to turn her journey into a podcast.
  16. Canadian Musician Creates Audiovisual Project Inspired By Wilmington2018/06/20
    Canadian multi-instrumentalist Rozalind MacPhail fell in love with Wilmington when she was stationed there for an artist residency as part of the Cucalorus Festival . She was inspired to create an audiovisual project featuring short films about why people feel connected to the city.
  17. Synthetic Weed Overdose Hits Durham County And Beyond2018/06/19
    Late last month more than 50 people in Brooklyn were hospitalized after what law enforcement believes was exposure to synthetic marijuana. The issue hit closer to home this month after a story broke that a Durham County resident experienced severe bleeding presumably from the same thing.
  18. Local Filmmaker Documents Epic Hunt For Hidden Treasure2018/06/19
    When Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decided to give away some of his wealth in an unconventional way. Fenn is a collector, and he buried his gold, rare coins, and gems in a treasure chest and left a riddle leading to its location.
  19. First Black Brigadier General In NC National Guard Credits Sharecropper Father For Success2018/06/19
    For James Roy Gorham , growing up in the small farming community of Falkland, NC was full of tough lessons, and he learned many of them from his father.
  20. A Monk Turned Moonshiner: Meet Vann McCoy2018/06/18
    Vann McCoy grew up in Mount Airy, North Carolina, and like the fictional town it inspired, some folks who lived there were happy learning what they needed to know to make a living. But from a young age, McCoy was on a search for something different.
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