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  1. Looking Beyond Marches: The Feminist Movement In 20172017/10/16
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  2. NC News Roundup: NCAA Rules On UNC And Judges Weigh In On Legislative Maps2017/10/13
    The NCAA infractions committee issued a verdict today and concluded it could not find evidence the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill violated academic rules with the use of fake classes.
  3. Calling For a Revolution In Higher Education2017/10/13
    In 1869, Charles Eliot wrote a compelling article entitled “The New Education” in The Atlantic Monthly, calling for American universities to shift away from the classics-based curriculum and towards a more utilitarian system that would prepare young men for economic and political leadership.
  4. Tift Merritt Talks Toddlers And Touring2017/10/13
    Seventeen months after the birth of her daughter, singer-songwriter Tift Merritt is gearing up for an international tour through Europe later this month with her baby by her side.
  5. A Rise In Retractions Reveals Holes In The Scientific System2017/10/12
    Scientific journals are periodically forced to issue retractions of scientific papers. It is a decision no scientist or publisher wants to make, but in some cases studies with major inaccuracies, or even fraud, manage to find their way into scientific publications.
  6. How One Man Fought For Equal Education In Northeastern NC2017/10/12
    James H. Jones made a living as a farmer in Northampton County and cemented a legacy as a community leader for equal education. His efforts pushed the school board to give African-American students more resources after the county failed to comply with standards set by the Brown v. Board of Education ruling.
  7. The Incredible Silent Success Of The Man Who Made Mime2017/10/12
    Marcel Marceau lived a life of surprising extremes. He lost his father in the Holocaust and became a member of the French resistance in his youth. He then turned on a heel and forged himself into the most famous mime the world has ever known before dying penniless.
  8. Absences Add Up, Is North Carolina Counting?2017/10/11
    Two-thirds of states used chronic absenteeism as a metric for school evaluation in recently submitted federal plans.
  9. Big Macs and Bigger Checks: The Surprising Life Of Joan Kroc2017/10/11
    Ray Kroc is the man who transformed McDonald’s from a family restaurant in San Bernardino, California to one of the biggest corporations in the world.
  10. How The Cold War Boosted Conservation2017/10/11
    Today the European Green Belt is a stretch of rich and flourishing land in Western Europe that extends north to south for thousands of miles. However, during the Cold War the strip was a no-man’s land that separated the Soviet Union from non-Soviet countries.
  11. NC Teen Pregnancies At Decades Low, Thanks In Part To Contraception2017/10/10
    Teen birth rates in North Carolina are at a historic low, according to a statistical brief from the State Center for Health Statistics.
  12. Does Fixing America’s Schools Mean Scrapping The Public Model?2017/10/10
    The charter school experiment is in many ways still in its infancy. In the past 25 years thousands of schools across the country have turned to the model to tackle low performance and to give administrators more freedom to play with school structure. There are some glowing success stories, but studies show inconsistency in charter school performance even within particular states.
  13. ‘The Stolen Marriage’ Reimagines The 1944 Polio Outbreak in Hickory2017/10/10
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  14. Negotiations Between Healthcare Giants Fail In Western North Carolina2017/10/09
    Negotiations between the largest healthcare provider in Western North Carolina and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina have failed after a months-long standoff.
  15. Is Change In America Possible? A 12,000 Mile Journey To Find Out2017/10/09
    Sarah van Gelder developed a sharp sense for injustice as a little girl when she moved to India with her family for a year and witnessed the poverty all around her. She decided that the only way she could make sense of her unearned privilege was to commit her life to making the world a more just place.
  16. Magnolia Collective Introduces ‘Psychefolk Twang Rock’2017/10/06
    Magnolia Collective is made up of local musicians who describe their sound as psychedelic rock fused with Southern Gothic.
  17. Political Junkie: SCOTUS Looks At Political Gerrymandering And Gun Control After Las Vegas2017/10/06
    This week the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about a case from Wisconsin regarding the constitutionality of political gerrymandering.
  18. How Unaffiliated Voters Are Shaping NC Politics2017/10/06
    In North Carolina more people are registered as unaffiliated than Republican, according to recent data from the North Carolina State Board of Elections.
  19. Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case Holds Major Implications for North Carolina2017/10/05
    A groundbreaking case over how voting maps are drawn is playing out in the Supreme Court.
  20. The Journalist Who Revealed The Rage Behind American Politics2017/10/05
    Jared Yates Sexton’s life changed completely in June 2016. He went to a Trump rally in Greensboro, and while he walked amongst people who reminded him of his own family back in Indiana, he also witnessed the kind of anger and rage that mainstream news outlets were missing from their designated press areas.
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