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The Asia Business Investor Podcast

  1. #22 Klaus Rauter, Thailand Hospitality Consultant and Entrepreneur2010/03/30
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  2. #21 Cairn Wu, Shanghai Fashion Entrepreneur2009/11/27
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  3. #20 Tushar Bhagat, Mumbai IT Web Design and Software Entrepreneur2009/10/26

    Tushar Bhagat is an IT entrepreneur from Mumbai, India working with clients across the globe in the web design business.

    We discuss life as an IT entrepreneur, business in India and the lessons learned along the way.

    Tushar's company G5 Web's website is http://www.g5web.com.

    You can also follow Tushar on Twitter at http://twitter.com/g5web and Facebook.
  4. #19 Douglas Foo, Franchise Entrepreneur and Chairman of Franchise & Licensing Association of Singapore2009/10/14
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  5. #18 Patrick Martin, Pacific Islands Investment Opportunities2009/10/07
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  6. #17 Bellamy Budiman, Indonesian Design Entrepreneur2009/09/24
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  7. #16, Cris Lim - MyWobile2009/09/02
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  8. #15 Nicholas Chan, Singapore Venture Capitalist2009/08/24
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  9. #14 Ravi Shankar, Dubai Recruitment & HR Agency Entrepreneur2009/05/29
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  10. #13 Ben Kepes, Entrepreneur & Small Business Evangelist2009/05/27

    We interview Ben Kepes from BizChat, a new start-up from New Zealand. Ben has co-founded an on-line community for small and medium-sized businesses in New Zealand.
    Ben shares his views on starting a business, entrepreneurship and financing start-ups in New Zealand.

    Details of BizChat can be found at www.BizChat.co.nz and you can also follow Ben on Twitter at twitter.com/benkepes.
  11. #12 Fadzuli Wahab, A Young Singaporean Entrepreneur2009/05/14

    An interview with Fadzuli Wahab, a young Singaporean entrepreneur. Fadzuli soap business and web ventures have a focus on meeting the needs of Singapore's Islamic community.

    Details on Fadzuli's ventures can be found at www.islamicevents.sg and www.sabunsertu.com.

    Visit www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for business opportunities in Asia today.
  12. #11 Anilesh Kumar, An Integrated Marketing Agency Entrepreneur from Dubai2009/05/09

    An interview with Anilesh Kumar, an integrated marketing agency entreprenuer from Dubai. Anilesh's company works with many of Dubai's leading IT companies.

    Visit Anilesh's agency website at www.frequencyme.com.
  13. #10 Illka Gobius, Public Relations Entrepreneur in Singapore 2009/04/20

    An interview with Illka Gobius, an Australian public relations agency enterpreneur based in Singapore.

    We discuss the challenges of the PR business in Asia, digital PR and making a success in Singapore.

    Visit Illka's agency website at www.verve.com.sg. You can also follow Illka on Twitter at www.twitter.com/illkagobius.

  14. #9 Vikram Gandhi, A Fashion Industry Entrepreneur from India2009/04/13
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  15. #8 Ahmed Baharoon, An Entrepreneur from Yemen2009/02/13

    We talk to Ahmed Baharoon an entrepreneur based in Yemen.

    Ahmed's businesses include Ecommerce Yemen, www.ecommerce-ye.com an award winning ecommerce company, and Night Camel Trading www.nightcamel.com a trading business.

    The podcast covers potential business opportunities, entrepreneurship and advice for business and investment in Yemen.
  16. #7 Shraddha Barot, Dubai Real Estate Entrepreneur2009/02/08

    We interview Shraddha Barot, one of Dubai's emerging real estate entrepreneurs about doing business in the UAE. We discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship what makes Dubai a great place for real estate.

    Details on Shraddha's company, Cashmore Estates, can be found at www.cashmoredubai.com.
  17. #6 Nhan Nguyen, Vietnam Business and Investment opportunities2008/09/29
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  18. #5 Dr Alireza Azimzadeh, Iran business and investment opportunities2008/09/23
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  19. #4 Rebecca Chow, China Market Entry Approaches 2008/09/14

    Interview with Rebecca Chow, a lawyer from Suzhou China. We cover various market entry approaches to enter the Chinese market. There is particular focus on WOFEs (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises) and key recommendations for success.

    Visit www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for Rebecca's contact details and a list of business and investment opportunities in Asia today.
  20. #2 Kishore Dharmarajan, Dubai Entrepreneur & Author2008/02/25

    Interview with Kishore Dharmarajan, Dubai entrepreneur and author of Eightstorm. We cover the current business environment for entrepreneurs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and also his approach to innovation.
  21. #1 - Jesse Ting, IConnecte.com, Singapore2008/02/13

    An interview with Jesse Ting, founder of Singaporean web start-up IConnectE.com. The Asia Business Investor podcast interviews Jesse about the key challenges of being an internet start-up in Singapore...
The Asia Business Investor Podcast
We are interviewing many of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs in small and medium sized business,

People at the front end of Asia’s economic rise about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the vibrant markets of Asia.

From Shanghai through to Singapore, Saigon through to Dubai. Visit www.asiabusinessinvestor.com to see more business and investment opportunities in the region.

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