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The Underworld Podcast

  1. Three more hours with A Simple Complex!2009/01/16

    The last show I did with A Simple Complex was so much fun, we did again. Will and Mark joined me for this special, year-ending, three hour show. It was a fun show, with lots of music and conversation over a WIDE range of topics.

    Download the podcast or Will's going to kill off your character.

  2. A Simple Complex is filled with twisted people!2008/12/24
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  3. Ruin enters The Underworld2008/12/13
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  4. New England's most brutal music.2008/11/27

    Just a quick post to get this podcast syndicated.

    This show has a LOT of new music in it! Pure concentrated evil from Dead Season , Loki , Tear Down the Sun , Soundbender , Fastburn , and more!

    Keep listening to The Underworld to hear the best music New England has to offer.

    You'll enjoy the podcast linked below. . . 'cuz you kick ass like that.
The Underworld Podcast
The Underworld is the radio show devoted to the amazing bands of northern New England. We're broadcast every week on WSCA 106.1 FM. Hosted by the hardest-rocking father/daughter team in radio, The Underworld tells you not only what rocks, we'll tell you WHY it rocks!

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