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Book Discussion "Dying Well"

  1. SODW Ch 10 Pt 5 - Terry Matthews2008/06/12
  2. SODW Ch 10 Pt 4 - Terry Matthews2008/03/28
  3. SODW Ch 10 Pt 3 - Terry Matthews2008/03/21
  4. SODW Ch 10 Pt 2 - Terry Matthews2008/03/14
  5. SODW Ch 10 Pt 1 - Terry Matthews2008/03/09
    The story of a 31 year old mother with kidney cancer who fought death and was ripped from life. This chapter reaches your soul and your heart to help you begin to understand the meaning of unbearable and uncontrollable pain and the conflict that arises in trying to reach comfort.
  6. SODW Ch 9 Pt 5 of 5 - Michael Merseal2008/02/29
  7. SODW Ch 9 Pt 4 - Michael Merseal2008/02/22
  8. Growing Within Tragedy; Michael Merseal Ch 9, Pt 32008/02/15
  9. Growing Within Tragedy; Michael Merseal Ch 9, Pt 22008/02/07
  10. Growing Within Tragedy; Michael Merseal Ch 9, Pt 12008/02/07
    ...A little boy with no childhood or future was suffering and dying from something totally beyond anyone's control. But his own and his family's suffering and devastation shrank compared with the joy and growth he engendered. While Michael's illness and dying were tragic, they were not only tragic. What we experienced was far greater and far richer than sorrow alone.
  11. SODW Ch 8 Pt 3 of 3 - Jake Edwards2008/02/01
  12. SODW Ch 8 Pt 2 - Jake Edwards2008/01/25
  13. SODW Ch 8 Pt 1 - Jake Edwards2008/01/18
  14. SODW Ch 7, Pt 3 - Steve Morris2008/01/11
  15. SODW Ch 7, Pt 2 - Steve Morris2008/01/04
  16. SODW Ch 7, Pt 1 - Steve Morris2007/12/28
    Writing A Personal Script for Dying
  17. SODW Ch 6, Pt 3 - Janelle Haldeman2007/12/21
    The Hardest Decisions and the Greatest Opportunities
  18. SODW Ch 6, Pt 2 - Janelle Haldeman2007/12/14
    The Hardest Decisions and the Greatest Opportunities
  19. SODW Ch 6, Pt 1 - Janelle Haldeman2007/12/07
    The Hardest Decisions and the Greatest Opportunities
  20. SODW Ch5 Pt 5 - Hap Visscher2007/12/02
    Finding treasures and value in the dementia patient
  21. Chapter 5 Pt 4 - Julia Rosauer2007/11/23
    Dr. Byock counsels Julia on thinking on herself as being loved, learning to love and forgive, and the hospice staff teach family to contribute to a peaceful end.
  22. Chapter 5, Pt 3 - Julia Rosauer2007/11/17
    Julia is in the nursing home, recounting days of sacrifice is not done by her but by the people she helped along the way. Will she be able to go within and find "herself"?
  23. "Dying Well" Ch 5 Pt 22007/11/09
    Mayor Burke finds dignity
  24. "Dying Well" Ch 5 Pt 12007/11/02
    The Mayor
  25. Dying Well - Ch 4 Pt 3 of 32007/10/27
    The journey of Douglas Kearney continues as he goes from rage to a different king of understanding.

    Join me on spiritualityofdyingwell.blogspot.com to comment on this chapter.
  26. "Dying Well" Ch 4 pt 22007/10/19
    The Kearneys journey intensifies
  27. "Dying Well" Ch 4 Pt 12007/10/12
    The story of man dealing with anger
  28. "Dying Well" Ch 3 Pt 3 of 32007/10/05
  29. "Dying Well" Ch 3, Pt 22007/09/29
  30. "Dying Well" - Ch 3, Pt 12007/09/20
    Dying well: The story of Anne Marie Wilson as she is diagnosed with cancer and the beginning of the relationship that had ended years ago with her sister.
  31. "Dying Well" - Ch 22007/09/14
    Info (Show/Hide)
  32. Chapter 1 Part 22007/09/07
    The continuation of the chapter "Teaching About Living - Teaching About Dying". This chapter addresses the events involving the author and his father.
  33. Dying Well Chapter 12007/08/31
    Teaching about living; Teaching about dying - Seymour Byock

    This is one of the most heartfelt chapters to review because it revolves around the father of the author. Depending on discussions, this chapter may take more than one episode.
  34. "Dying Well" Introduction2007/08/25
    Introduction to the "Dying Well" series of talkcasts. Comments made be made on my blog at http://spiritualityofdyingwell.blogspot.com/
Book Discussion "Dying Well"
Discussion group: "Dying Well - Peace and Possibilities at the End of Life" by Dr. Ira Byock. Join the blog at http://spiritualityofdyingwell.blogspot.com/, get your copy of the book at http://dyingwell.org, download the discussion guide at http://dyingwell.org/discguide.htm
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