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SNEP Live Radio

  1. EPISODE23 - SNEP Live Radio, Gene Lafferty2007/12/17
    Gene Lafferty Buckeye State Paranormal and Haunting Investigators... Last show for the year!!!
  2. EPISODE22 - SNEP Live Radio, Ware Expert, Linda Godfrey2007/12/10
    Linda Godfrey has studied the mythical beings we know as Ware animals, Were wolves, all of them.. We will open phone lines to those who wish to ask her questions regarding things that you may have seen, and would like more insight on!
  3. EPISODE21 - SNEP Live Radio WISP guest speaker Angelic Ross2007/12/03
    Join Marie and The Elemental as we welcome Angelic Ross. Host of Fleeting Souls Radio, and Spiritual Medium. Angelic is also a scheduled Guest Speaker at the Women's International Study of the Paranormal Conference.
    AND... A HUGE Life Changing announcement for SNEP Live Hosts, Kristy and Marie...
  4. EPISODE20 - SNEP Live Radio Haritage Paranormal's Heidi2007/11/26
    We will be discussing Paranormal Topics, investigations, and equipment with Heidi from Heritage Paranormal.
  5. EPISODE19 - SNEP Live Radio, The Booth Brothers2007/11/19
    The Booth Brothers, producers of Spooked, and Children of the Grave will be joining us... We are excited to talk with them about their new ventures with Sci-Fi, and what they have upcoming in the future
  6. EPISODE18 - SNEP Live Radio. Deborah,NAPS Founder2007/11/12
    Founder of North-Eastern Alabamba Paranormal Society.
  7. EPISODE17 - SNEP Live Radio. With Rosemary Ellen Guiley2007/11/05
    Celebrated author, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, also a cast member on the new Horro Documentary Children of the Grave. By the Booth Brothers, and Keith Age
  8. EPISODE16 - SNEP Live Radio, Halloween special2007/10/31
    Halloween special.. We have with us, Robbie Thomas, in the first hour, and in the second hour.. The league of Extraordinary Paranormal Women
  9. EPISODE15 - SNEP Live Radio; Surprise guest.2007/10/29
    This guest will be announced on the 22nd
  10. EPISODE14 - SNEP Live Radio, Jeff Belanger re-schedule2007/10/22
    We have Rescheduled Author Jeff Belanger!
  11. EPISODE12 - SNEP Live Radio with Rose Pressey2007/10/08
    Author Rose Pressey will be joining SNEP Live. She is a guest speaker at the Women's International Study of the Paranormal Conference
  12. EPISODE11 - SNEP Live Radio with Dave Schrader2007/10/01
    We are welcoming Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio this Monday. We will talk to him about his favorite stuff in the paranormal world. This is a call in show..
  13. EPISODE10 - SNEP Live Radio-Jeff Belanger2007/09/24
    Join us in Welcoming Jeff Belanger, Paranormal Author and lecturer, and We will be taking calls
  14. EPISODE9 - SNEP Live Radio- Mary Ellen Hammack ( Mellen )2007/09/17
    Mary Ellen Hammack Speaks to us first. She is the star of Sci Fi's new original movie Children from the Grave. She has been out of the public eye for a while, and has decided to make this show her come back!
  15. EPISODE8 - SNEP Live Radio- Free Talk2007/09/10
    We are having free talk.. Call in show.. we will answer all questions
  16. EPISODE7 - SNEP Live Radio- Patrick Hall2007/09/03
    Patrick Hall from SpookScape
  17. EPISODE6 - SNEP Live Radio-Donna From TAPS2007/08/27
    Donna LaCroix From Ghost Hunters, (TAPS) and DBA The Project, will be joining us on our show, at 7pm.. We will be taking calls.
  18. EPISODE5 - SNEP Live Radio- Jacqui Carpenter2007/08/20
    Psychic Jacqui will be joining us.. It's a call in show, after the first half an hour.. get your phones ready!!! get your questions answered!
  19. EPISODE4 - SNEP Live Radio- Patrick Burns2007/08/13
    Join us in welcoming, The star of Court TV's Haunting Evidence.. Patrick Burns...
  20. EPISODE3 - SNEP Live Radio- Rod Shelton2007/08/06
    We are welcoming Rod, from Hauntings Radio, and Crossroads Paranormal Radio, to come and talk to us about his son. Brandon Shelton. Who is currently incarserated for being a good semaritan..
  21. EPISODE2 - SNEP Live Radio-Joey from WGPRS2007/07/30
    Joey from WGPRS
  22. EPISODE1 - SNEP Live Radio- Kris Baker-Rod Shelton2007/07/23
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SNEP Live Radio
We will discuss paranormal topics, news, upcoming investigations, equipment, evidence review. We will also have guests from time to time so feel free to call in.
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