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  1. Marvel Noise Episode 394 – The End of Conan & Kang-Fu 2!2022/07/16
    Our host sails West with King Conan (2022) before the guys join in to cover Kang’s first 4 appearances in the Avengers. It’s Kang-Fu 2! #MN394
  2. Marvel Noise Episode 393 – Conan MGN’s & New Warriors XVII2022/07/01
    Steve runs through the Conan Marvel Graphic Novels before being joined by Andrew & Kevin to cover the Time and TIme Again arc culminating in New Warriors #50! #MN393 @marvelnoise
  3. Marvel Noise Episode 392 – Round Robin: Sidekick’s Revenge2022/06/15
    The road to episode 400 continues with an epilogue to our coverage of writer Chuck Dixon’s run on Marc Spector: Moon Knight, as Midnight and the Secret Empire make their move in the Bi-Weekly Round Robin: Sidekick’s Revenge arc from Amazing Spider-Man #353-358! All this and the 2022 AlbanyComicCon! @marvelnoise #MN392
  4. Marvel Noise Episode 391 – Recent Reads & New #1’s Overflow2022/05/31
    Our stack of Recent Reads and New Number 1’s was so massive, we couldn’t cover them all over the last 2 episodes, bringing us to this King-Size Recent Reads Roundtable that includes the 2022 Free Comic Book Day offerings, Amazing Spider-Man, Hulk: Grand Design, Savage Avengers, a bunch of X-Books, and many more! #MN391 @marvelnoise
  5. Marvel Noise Episode 390 – Marc Spector: Moon Knight IV2022/05/18
    We run through a bunch of new Issue #1’s (including Immortal X-Men, Spider-Punk, Iron Fist, Captain Carter, Strange, Ghost Rider and plenty more) and then finish up our examination of writer Chuck Dixon’s run on Marc Spector: Moon Knight with our 4th installment, this time covering issues 22-24 & 34. Enjoy! @marvelnoise #MN390
  6. Marvel Noise Episode 389 – Recent Reads Roundtable2022/05/01
    It’s a Recent Reads Roundtable featuring the Devil’s Reign event, The Thing, Venom – Lethal Protector, The Marvel Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt, The Marvels, Elektra – Black, White & Red, Star Wars – The High Republic, & Sabretooth! @marvelnoise #MN389
  7. Marvel Noise Episode 388 – Marc Spector: Moon Knight III2022/04/19
    Steve begins a path through the Conan Marvel Graphic Novels with Conan the Reaver from 1987, then is joined by Andrew to tell Kevin about the Beyond Amazing: 60 Years of Spider-Man Web Event from March. This episode’s Marvel Tales Feature is the 3rd installment of our Marc Spector: Moon Knight coverage with issues #15-21, […]
  8. Marvel Noise Episode 387 – New Warriors XVI (Child’s Play)2022/04/01
    Our host accepts the power cosmic back into his life with Silver Surfer-Rebirth, then the guys join in for our 16th installment of Classic New Warriors coverage with issues #43-46, including the ‘Child’s Play’ crossover with X-Force #32-33! @marvelnoise #MN387
  9. Marvel Noise Episode 386 – Marc Spector: Moon Knight II2022/03/19
    Kevin & Steve catch up on recent issues of The Avengers and Avengers Forever (2nd Series), then Andrew joins in for our 2nd installment covering Chuck Dixon’s run writing Marc Spector – Moon Knight with issues #8-14! #MN386 @marvelnoise
  10. Marvel Noise Episode 385 – New Warriors XV2022/02/28
    Steve, Andrew & Kevin look back on the Tales of the Watcher back-up stories from Tales of Suspense #49-58 and how they relate to the Fantastic Four’s Reckoning War. Then it’s the 15th installment of our New Warriors coverage with issues #39-42! @marvelnoise #MN385
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