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The Other Side Speaks

  1. EPISODE78 - Who Is She...?2010/10/06
    This person has had readings before, and each time a woman with long hair, pulled back comes through. A hair ribbon also comes through with her... but we can't figure out who she is! Strange....
  2. EPISODE76 - Sometimes They Speak In Images2010/07/07
    Each reading was very different from the others. Interesting to hear how people perceive life and the other side so differently with no right or wrong way
  3. EPISODE75 - A Pine Tree On The Left2010/06/02
    Although the first reading appeared a little confusing, the readings that followed seemed to flow more easily letting family members from the other side came through clearly.
  4. EPISODE74 - The Fabric Show2010/05/05
    I saw lots of fabric during this show. Also heard two voices in one, or more voices than one for just one person, and turns out she was pregnant. It was a learning experience for me.
  5. EPISODE73 - Let Your Hair Down, Baby2010/04/07
    This show had some new people getting readings, as usual, including a woman who has someone on the other side playing constantly with her hair. There was also the return of someone who hadn't had a reading in a year and half. It was interesting to be able to remember him based on the image I used for him on the show where he got his first reading...
  6. EPISODE72 - Put Your Teeth Back In2010/03/03
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  7. EPISODE71 - Changing Names2010/02/03
    Amazingly, 3 of the readings this night involved people from the other side who might have, or had actually, changed their names. There was also some health readings that turned out to be, according the recipient, right on the money.
  8. EPISODE70 - Laundry Night2010/01/06
    People got to connect with a few relatives in this show, and got some guidance as to future outcomes. It's called Laundry Night because it was just about the only thing people could talk about that wasn't distracting. Go figure.
  9. EPISODE69 - Therapists Are Like Shoes....2009/12/02
    ....Just because they're on the rack doesn't mean they'll fit or that you can walk in them.
  10. EPISODE68 - A Compass Without North2009/11/04
    This show started with the reading of an email that I received from someone who had a reading on a previous show. It's amazing how things you'd never expect can work out....
    There were also a lot of great and interesting readings on this show.
  11. EPISODE67 - Lot's Of Hugs2009/10/07
    And that's the truth. This show had people hugging people in the first reading, and in the last quick reading. And, the last reading, after the show she emailed me to say she had indeed been leaning forward when I described her getting her hug while in that position.
  12. EPISODE66 - Your Skin Feels So Soft2009/09/02
    People came through with some interesting facts for family members on this side... including phrases like "That's how it will roll"... go figure. One woman had someone in her kitchen reach out and touch her arm.
  13. EPISODE64 - Aunt Betty And A Cat Named Teddy2009/07/01
    Aunt Betty showed up during the reading, quite without me knowing it. But she was there. There were some very raw, emotional readings this night, too.
  14. EPISODE63 - Was That A Gunshot Or Fireworks?2009/06/03
    That was my question at the end of the show. Interesting show, with a very strange, yet interesting end to the show. Email, or Tweet me for the answer.
  15. EPISODE62 - A Side Of Mashed Potatoes2009/05/06
    A slow start to the show, but the longer it went, the faster it went, and the more that came through. As for the mashed potatoes, it's one of those things you have to hear, because it's hard to explain. Enjoy the show!
  16. EPISODE61 - On Demand2009/04/01
    I happened to say I don't get the other side 'on demand', so, of course, I immediately got the other side 'on demand'. Go figure.
  17. EPISODE60 - Abert Schweitzer Shows Up2009/03/04
    This was interesting, because it seems that Albert Schweitzer actually did show up.
  18. EPISODE59 - Looking To The Left2009/02/04
    We spent some time trying to figure out why an Aunt was bent over and looking to the left.
  19. EPISODE57 - The Sports Car And The Hummer2008/12/03
    Quite a few readings on this show, with one that couldn't recognize anything, and another that couldn't recognize stuff until he realized what I was describing was sitting right in front of him! Yes, psychic amnesia is alive and well in many who get readings, lol.
  20. EPISODE56 - They Are Not Together, But Not Alone2008/11/05
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  21. EPISODE55 - The Chair2008/10/01
    I did quite a few readings on this show. The chair, which was not at a table, but against the wall, came up in a reading I was doing for a woman, however, it was a message for her sister who was not on the show. You can read a bit more about it in my new blog at TheOtherSideSpeakswithlasal.blogspot.com.
  22. EPISODE54 - Children, Parents, And Grandparents2008/09/03
    The readings on this show included someone from each of the generations. Success and growth played a big part in the readings, as did signs from the other side.
  23. EPISODE53 - Season 22008/08/06
    Well, I'm back from vacation, did a few readings tonight, and have made a pretty big scheduling change. For now the show will be airing the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM Eastern time.
    Shout out to Matt (AKA TVSeriesFinaleFan) for calling it 'Season 2'! Thanks Matt!
    Enjoy the show everyone!
    Peace, love and light to all!
  24. EPISODE52 - The Other Side Speaks Goes on Hiatus2008/06/25
    This episode marked the one year anniversary for the show. It's been a wonderful, exciting and enlightening journey, and I would like to thank everybody, each and every one you, for the great ride! Peace, love and light, all.
  25. EPISODE51 - Tarot Cards, Lovers, and Readings, Oh, My!2008/06/18
    This show started off with talking about Tarot cards, then moved into doing readings for a few people, giving some interesting insights into what's going on in their lives, including a woman who, I believe, can psychically connect with animals!
  26. EPISODE50 - High Priestess2008/06/11
    With a slow start to this show, I decided to talk about the tarot cards that I use for private readings. In this show I covered 4 of the Major Arcana cards. There was also a reading for a woman considering a move.
  27. EPISODE49 - Later I Figured Out What You Meant2008/06/04
    First up this night was a young man who I felt would do well in something like, or related to, marine biology. He also connects with someone on the other side. A woman called back after a few months, and during the reading she let me know that something I said to her during her first reading, which hadn't made sense at the time, turned out to make sense and was actually significant.
  28. EPISODE48 - The Spirit Guide2008/05/28
    On this night during the very first reading I had a woman come through with some advice for the person getting the reading. As it turned out, she claimed to be this womans spirit guide. After seeing mittens and snow for another person, she tells of her living for many years in Alaska.
  29. EPISODE47 - The Inventor2008/05/21
    There were two readings on this show. One for a woman who hoped to contact her parents but had other people show up instead. The second reading was for a young man who has a bright, interesting, and fulfilling future ahead of him!
  30. EPISODE46 - Mother And Child2008/05/14
    Here a mother connected with her very young child, something she'd been hoping to do when coming onto the show. I'm glad it happened for her. Another woman connects with a bunch of family members, and then another woman hears some advice.
  31. EPISODE45 - Put Yourself First2008/05/07
    A woman needs to learn to put herself first in order to become the person she was meant to be, enabling her to share her gifts. A man hears from two important people in his life. I'm hoping another woman, with whom I was unable to hang up, learned some healing information.
  32. EPISODE44 - You're Serving And Taking Care Of People.2008/04/30
    It was what I said to a woman regarding her profession during the reading. It turns out she's a police officer - 'To Serve And Protect' the motto. It was a very interesting reading filled with a lot of advice for her from the other side. This show had quite a few very interesting readings.
  33. EPISODE43 - Serial Killer2008/04/23
    Here I give a reading to a woman who claims that she has found serial killers through her dreams. There were two interesting readings in this show, basically answering specific questions for both people.
  34. EPISODE42 - She Reminds Me Of Jackie Onassis.2008/04/16
    A woman connects with a few family members, including her grandmother who looked a bit like Jackie Onassis. She connects with her father as well. One of the shows regulars also learns that there's some good news coming his way very soon.
  35. EPISODE41 - She Came Back To Say Thank You.2008/04/09
    There was a lot of advice coming through in the readings tonight. Husbands, grandparents, aunts all came in to connect with loved ones still here. One woman told her family member it was OK to go when she was so very ill, and that family member came back tonight to say thank you.
  36. EPISODE40 - Snuggle Hugs2008/04/02
    This show was chock full of readings, including another psychic. Each was just as interesting as the other.
  37. EPISODE39 - The Chair2008/03/26
    This was a short show, but during the reading a man came through to tell the woman to sit in a certain chair to connect with him, and even get some messages, or ideas, for herself.
  38. EPISODE38 - A Cemetery Sends Too Much Info2008/03/19
    I did a reading for a woman during this show, who, I found out during the most confusing part of the show, lives across from a cemetery, and she's psychic. No wonder I was confused... it was like being bombarded with too many pictures and too much information! This was a very strange reading for me, indeed.
  39. EPISODE37 - What's That Over By The Window?2008/03/12
    While doing the first reading I spotted something on the floor in front of some windows, and he confirmed it. I also did a few other readings with some interesting information.
  40. EPISODE36 - A Kiss From The Other Side2008/03/05
    A young woman who passed sends a kiss through her son, to her mother on this side. She also answers some questions that had worried her mother. Another woman hears from her father.
  41. EPISODE35 - Put the Afghan at the Foot of the Bed2008/02/27
    Interestingly, when a woman who trained seeing eye dogs came through, I was only able to see things in white, as though I was blinded in a way, color-blinded. Among a number of other readings was a woman who lost a family member that asks she leave a certain afghan at the foot of the bed.
  42. EPISODE34 - She Got Her Faith Back2008/02/20
    A woman explains how she's felt closer to the one she lost, and how connecting to him has given her back her faith. A very uplifting message.
    Another person connects with her friend who's passed, and we talk about the children.
  43. EPISODE33 - Just Call His Name and He'll Be There2008/02/13
    This show starts out calmly, but then a visit from a guy on the other side who was VERY energetic spices things up. A woman also hears from the one who can still give her strength. I did quite a few readings on this show, but then things turn around I get a reading directed at me!
  44. EPISODE32 - J's Toy Box2008/02/06
    A man connects through his son's toy box, and hopes to see the end of arguing in his family. Another young man learns that he, like me, can talk to the other side.
  45. EPISODE31 - Marshmallows, Hunting, and Migraines2008/01/30
    A woman comes through on the word 'marshmallows', and a man says he was a hunter in life. Meanwhile the woman getting the reading had a migraine and sinus infection that I was able to help soothe a bit.
  46. EPISODE30 - The Rebel2008/01/23
    Before the show, while doing my normal preparations, I was visited by a rebel who kept trying to get me to stop my normal routine. Find out what happened to this person from the other side during the show.
  47. EPISODE29 - He winked at me.2008/01/16
    A regular visitor connects with his recently departed friend, a boy connects with his grandfather, and more. At the end of the show there is a bit more on Palm Reading.
  48. EPISODE28 - She hated when they cut her hair.2008/01/09
    A woman from Cuba has her hair back long and in a bun again. A son visits his mother, and another man hears about his spiritual growth.
  49. EPISODE27 - Palm Reading 1012008/01/02
    Being the day after New Year's Day, not a lot of people were around, so we had some palm reading lessons. Hope you learn something interesting!
  50. EPISODE26 - A son for his mother and a mother for her son.2007/12/26
    There were quite a few readings on this show, including a woman who's son came through with a detailed description of the Christmas dinner scene proving he was there with her. A man also had his mother come visit him, and another man received some info about his future.
  51. EPISODE25 - She didn't know, but the other side did.2007/12/19
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  52. EPISODE24 - A Reiki Healer Makes Me Feel Good!2007/12/12
    While doing the first reading, for a reiki healer, I couldn't help noticing, comment, and enjoying the lovely calm, clear feeling of health she constantly brought to me. Thank you Wendy!
  53. EPISODE23 - Discovery Of An EVP!2007/12/05
    Hello paranormal investigators! Although I did a reading on this show, it was also about some EVP's that were discovered on episode 15! Clear as a bell there is a voice saying his name! If you're listening to ALL the episodes, please pay attention and email us if you hear any more EVP's! Thanks guys!
  54. EPISODE22 - Murder2007/11/28
    Here a man who was murdered comes through and says that the one alleged murderer would be ratting out his partner in crime.
    An accident victim also comes through, bringing a child with her.
  55. EPISODE21 - Thanksgiving2007/11/21
    This show was on Thanksgiving Eve.... and had a couple of interesting readings.
  56. EPISODE20 - Riding Shotgun2007/11/14
    I had to call this show 'Riding Shotgun' because those exact words that came through, and were the exact words that loved one had always used in certain situations. I did a few interesting readings on this show.
  57. EPISODE19 - New relatives for some old regulars.2007/11/07
    New relatives from the other side showed up for some of the show's regular followers. I also did a quick segment on Tarot Cards; this was about the first of the Major Arcana cards, one called The Fool.
  58. EPISODE18 - The Halloween Show!2007/10/31
    There were a few interesting readings, including one that was quite intense, as well as some lighthearted chat.
  59. EPISODE17 - Once an actor, always an actor.2007/10/24
    Among other things from the other side, an actor reminds loved ones here of his role as an actor on a TV show.
  60. EPISODE16 - Johnathan2007/10/17
    In this episode, someone called in about their friend, and it turned out to be connected to me. His name was Johnathan, and he'd been desperate to contact his mother, starting with episode 10 where I was choking on the air.
  61. EPISODE15 - Listen for the EVP!!!2007/10/10
    This is the famous episode with the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) for which we can find no other explanation!
  62. EPISODE14 - Transplant donor asks the recipient to pray for their family.2007/10/03
    It was a very quiet night last night, mostly just chit-chat, but one person did get a reading. Interestingly, she is a transplant recipient, and it seems the donor was showing me things, and giving messages.
  63. EPISODE13 - Now that I give you an address, you know who it is.2007/09/26
    Here I came up with an address that finally identified who I was seeing. I also heard a woman from the other side talking so loudly that I couldn't understand the person I was talking to on this side. She confirmed that her mother always did that.
  64. EPISODE12 - So that's why giant music notes where floating out of the barn.2007/09/19
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  65. EPISODE11 - Please, stay out of that speeding car...2007/09/12
    Loved ones were connected on this show, and I also saw different places and locations. I also saw a possible future for one person that involved a speeding car, and told them they could and should do something to change it.
  66. EPISODE10 - Tell it to me, don't do it to me!2007/09/05
    On this show I had someone who passed from a heart condition very recently, and he let me know by bothering my heart ALL DAY LONG! Luckily he's let up.
  67. EPISODE9 - Who's cooking now?2007/08/29
    I connect a couple of people, including someone who was taking over the kitchen from the other side!
  68. EPISODE8 - Gail Lionetti - special guest2007/08/22
    On this show I had a special guest, Gail Lionetti. It turned out to be perfect timing as I wasn't feeling all that great and she did a wonderful show.
  69. EPISODE6 - Discussing how I contact the other side.2007/08/08
    Chatting with one of the people I did a reading for on a previous show, where I saw a trumpet and a harp, we talk about how I contact those who've passed on.
  70. EPISODE5 - You ask for him and she shows up.2007/08/01
    Many people hope to hear from a loved one, and many times have a specific loved one in mind, and yet someone else will come through. Well, this talkcast proves (yet again) that you never know who's going to show up!!
  71. EPISODE4 - "Shhh...shhhh...Sharon" shows up! (Listen to episode 3)2007/07/25
    I had someone from the other side saying "shhhh...shhhhh....shhhh....Sharon", but couldn't figure it out. This show answered that.
  72. EPISODE3 - A harp, a trumpet, and Tony the Tiger.2007/07/18
    In this show I connect a man with his Uncle T (for Tony). I also connect a woman with someone who played the harp.
  73. EPISODE2 - She didn't know he'd passed on.2007/07/14
    On this show the person couldn't figure out who had come through for her until 3 hours after the show. That's when she discovered her friend had died in July 4, 2007.
  74. EPISODE1 - Does anyone know this Greek man?2007/07/07
    We connected a few people, but I really hope someone knows this Greek gentleman. If he sounds familiar to you, please, let me know. Contact me at lasl@psychiceyes.com.
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