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RTÉ - The Colm and Jim Jim Breakfast Show

  1. Tuesday 14th September 2010/09/14
    Today we discussed the important issue of bullying....And spoke to two people about POTS disease
  2. Friday 13th August 2010/08/13
    Jim-Jim rules the basketball!....Tell us about your pain....And what three words sum up your county?
  3. Thursday 12th August 2010/08/12
    What's the worst rhymning in songs?....What does your trolley say about you?....And where is Fair City's Wayne from?.....
  4. Wednesday 11th August 2010/08/11
    Who do you fancy?....The Basketball gets competitive....And what's Dublin Airport's potential new name?
  5. Tuesday - 10th August 2010/08/10
    Are seaguls talking to Paddy?!.....What are your biggets regrets?...And Jim-Jim rules the basketball!
  6. Monday 9th August 2010/08/09
    Big Money Giveaways....Some serious problem solving!....And Kate Moss's jam
  7. Friday 30th July 2010/07/30
    A wedding in Thomond Park...Family Remedies...Duggy on his dream....And a final Rowntrees winner
  8. Duggy Highlife - 30th July 2010/07/30
    Duggy told us about a very unusual dream
  9. Thursday - 29th July 2010/07/29
    Out and about at Stephen's Green
  10. Wednesday 28th July 2010/07/28
    Sweets Nostalgia.....Jim-Jim has some issues with certain car-drivers...And Donal Laffey breaks-in to studio
  11. Monday 26th July 2010/07/26
    BOD to be made a Leitrim man?.....Has Paddy got a special gift?.....And Jim-Jim's got a prediction for Ladies Day
  12. Friday - 23rd July 2010/07/23
    How did Jim-Jim get on?....And Duggy Highlife has some suggestions for television
  13. Thursday - 22nd July 2010/07/22
    On the day of his big stand-up Jim-Jim gets some advice from Dara O'Briain...And Paddy gets his very own hurley!
  14. Tuesday - 20th July 2010/07/20
    Jim-Jim talks to Andrew Stanley.....And mispronunciations that get on your nerves
  15. Monday 19th July 2010/07/19
    What's your number?....Jim-Jim's dream expertise.....And Paddy claims his dice is rigged!
  16. Friday - 16th July 2010/07/16
    Cat Names....Duggy gets personal....And movie moments you wish you were in
  17. Duggy Highlife - 16th July 2010/07/16
    Duggy does the RTE Guide Questionaire
  18. Thursday - 15th July 2010/07/15
    Jim-Jim talk to Phil Jupitus....Who should play Bob?....And Paddy gets competitive!
  19. Comedy Masterclass - 15th July 2010/07/15
    Jim-Jim talks to Phil Jupitus
  20. Wednesday 14th July 2010/07/14
    Jim-Jim tries his best Leitrim....What's Donal Laffey been up to?.....Can you believe it - Paddy had a mullet?!.....And Colin 'Yes I Am' Farrell is back
  21. Tuesday 13th July 2010/07/13
    Quo or No?......Shocking texts...And the future of Sandwiches
  22. Tubridy Back on 2fm? 2010/07/13
    Jim-Jim over-heard preparations for the new show!
  23. Monday 12th July 2010/07/12
    Your Best Put-Downs....What a weekend!...Guess the Accent...And Estate Agents translated
  24. Friday 9th July 2010/07/09
    Guess the Accent?...Hair or Bare?...Duggy's going to Oxegen...And meet 'Paddy the Octopus'
  25. Thursday 8th July 2010/07/08
    Viva Espana....Can you guess the accent?.....Watch your language!....And another comedy Master-class
  26. Wednesday 7th July 2010/07/07
    Mad Wedding stories...Donal Laffey calls in....Martin Shanahan has a recipe for Spain....And should you ask your Ex to help you find a new man?
  27. Tuesday 7th July 2010/07/06
    Some shocking Bridezilla behaviour....The new mid-life crisis....And don't be checking out other girls while holding your girlfriends hand!
  28. Monday - 5th July 2010/07/05
    Jim-Jim and Paddy have a musical disagreement....And we've a brand new game
  29. Friday 2nd July 2010/07/02
    Ted Categorising!.....Do's and Don'ts for a first date....And Duggy Highlife has a speech for BOD and Amy
RTÉ - The Colm and Jim Jim Breakfast Show
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